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I know you can't DIRECTLY poison Steel-type Pokemon, but what about INDIRECTLY?? How about through Trick with Toxic orb or Fling (since Fling is Dark-Type). If these work, please tell me and can anyone tell me any other ways.


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i'm pretty sure it's impossible to poison a steel type but don't pay attention to me i haven't ever tried to poison a steel type so again i'm not much help to you
You can also poison steel types with the ability Corrosion that Salazzle and Salandit have.

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There is only one way to do it with one Pokemon: Kecleon.

An example of doing it is in this scene:

Lucario used Toxic!
Kecleon was badly poisoned!
Kecleon used Thunderbolt!
Kecleon is hurt by poison!
Lucario used Iron Tail!
Kecleon's Color change made it the steel type!

.....Other than a battle somewhat like this, it's impossible to poison a Steel type.

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Now you're showing off that Upvote xD Good Answer.
Hmm, I'm pretty sure Twineedle could also do that in the older games.
.....Gen 2? Because there were no Steel types in Gen 1. I'm no expert there, because I don't play Gen 2.
It works with Arceus too, you know.
toojosh is right I think effect spore can poison too
Can't you also have the pokemon hold ring target??
That is flippin genius. RING TARGET!!! I forgot about that item since i dont use it very much.
kewl that rocs
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Well there is other ways too. 1. Have a steel type pokemon use toxic on gardevoir. One of its abilties makes it so that if its poisoned then the opponents also poisoned. I know this works cause i once did it on a geodude. 2. Have the opponent hold the ring target. It lets moves that don't effect it hurt the pokemon. 3. have a golduck on your team and read the following:

A wild klink appeared!

golduck used soak! Klink is now a water type!

With this strategy you can change the opponents steel type into a water type, making it able to take poison type moves. Hope this helps!

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Well, Yeah, but then it wouldn't be a steel type. It'd be Water. I've poisoned my Dustox too, Cascoon got poisoned before it grew to Lvl. 10 xD
bro, geodude isnt a steel type.