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i was just wondering which would work the best for pokemon black
i am having trouble and i would be grateful for your opinion

in my opinion...FTW DARMA!!! :D
Darmantian would, will, and can defeat simisear anyday. GO DARMANTIAN!
DARMANITAN..... that thing kicks serious butt XD

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Darminatan. Simisear is a decent sweeper, but nothing compared to Darmanitan's prowess as a physical sweeper. With its ability, Sheer Force, paired with a Life Orb, it can rip holes in lots of things.

For movesets, see here.

Lol, I like that pic. ^.^
Where did you find that pic :)
I want it!!(that pic).
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Darmanian is way better than Simisear. Darmanian has a lot more HP and Attack, not to mention a highish Speed. Simisear low on all those attributes, but is highish on everything else. Darmanian has a better moveset than Simisear, and plus, Simisear does not look cool.

'plus, Simisear does not even look cool'. LOL.
Lol, its so true though
That it is.
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Now, on all of my answers on questions like this, LETZ COMPARE DEM!!!
D-Man aka Darmanitan:
The reason I call this guy D-Man, is because he is D-Man! He makes one of the greatest sweepers, to be honest, ever! With that amazing 140 base attack, plus the 95 base speed, he is capable of launching some extremely powerful hits, with devastating effects. He can relate to pokemon like Rhypherior, who have 3 great stats, and 3 not so good ones. His defence, special attack and special defence are very low, so you would have to be careful while using him as a sweeper and he doesn't K.O.
The Fire type of the three elemental monkeys. Compared to Darmanitan, his stats are well rounded. But that can also be his biggest downfall. He will easily be OHKO'd by the simplest of water type moves. However, this thing packs a punch with Nasty Plot, and as that being one of Smogon's best sets for it, he definitely makes a great sweeper. My only worry is that he could be taken out before he even starts sweeping. Same for Darmanitan.

Both good fire types, but I would go for Simisear. He may not have as much attack or overall power as Darmanitan, but he can provide good sweeping too, with more speed, and access to special and physical moves he can use effectively. For all out power though, D-Man is your man.

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