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I heard somewhere that Mewtwo is the hardest Pokemon to catch. Is this true or was it just something from the anime?

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No, it has a catch rate of 3 which it shares with other Pokemon. So technically they are all the hardest to catch.


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This is true ...i have catch it many times but only with low hp and ultra ball
You could also say the ones that flee instantly are even harder to catch.
ive played heartgold and soulsilver and every time i went to catch him i just threw an ultra ball after i lowered his hp and caught right away....just luck i suppose
I once caught it with the first luxury ball with half hp but my father took my 3DS so i couldn't save FAIL
I lowered his life till I could barely see it and threw 18 Ultra Balls consecutively...All failed, then (out of desperation) I threw a fast ball and caught him.
I caught mewtwo in a quick ball on the first turn! *victory dance*
Zygarde is harder to catch now
I caught Zygarde in a dusk ball and it didn't take long
I caught zygarde with a great ball.
I caught kyurem in a pokeball after 70ish thrown.
For me, Heatran was hard, and I caught Mewtwo in a regular Pokeball!
I did too and I didn't even battle it I just throw a poke ball at mewtwo on first turn and I catch it.
@dacidsauce lol that is a big lie