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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Platinum on this thread! Teams should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Please follow these guidelines regarding detail in your post:

  1. For every Pokemon on the team, give recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Ideally, comment on more than just the four moves you'll finish with post-game.
  2. You can include items, abilities, etc. but they are not necessary.
  3. Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy, and coverage for key battles.

Please also follow these guidelines regarding the contents of your team:

  1. If you recommend a Pokemon that is restricted by version exclusivity, trade evolution or events, please mention alternatives for people who cannot get the Pokemon. Do the same if you recommend moves, etc. that are only available by breeding or grinding.
  2. There are some unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team and avoid legendaries. It's kind to give other options if you break these rules.
  3. Do not recommend Pokemon, moves, etc. that are only available through glitches and cheats. Please also avoid Pokemon etc. that are only available through trade or transfer.
  4. Original content only. You may use ideas you found elsewhere, but do not steal written content.

Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

Please be sparing with images and formatting.

Please use the Diamond and Pearl thread to share teams for Diamond and Pearl.

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Pokemon Platinum

Torterra: Torterra, Luxray, Floatzel, Lucario, Rapidash, Gengar/Alakazam

Torterra: Wood-hammer, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock-climb

Wood-hammer for STAB as you can not get Seed-bomb until after the E-4 (Note you need a heart scale to remember Wood-hammer). Earthquake he learns by level up as soon as he becomes a Torterra(lvl.32), this provides excellent STAB. Crunch gives very important coverage against Lucian, who is the hardest of the E-4, which will prove very useful. Rock-climb is an HM but it can also confuse the target.

Luxray: Crunch, Thunder-fang/Thunderbolt, Iron-tail, Strength

You get Shinx very early in the game so a Luxray is easy to get. He has a very limited move pool, however he is still a valuable asset to the team thanks to his huge Attack stat. Crunch is for Lucian. Thunder-fang is his BEST PHYSICAL STAB(remember this is before Wild-charge), so Thunderbolt is an option but if you choose to get Gengar then it is better on him. Iron-tail is for some coverage. Strength is HM and neutral coverage. (Note: If you actually are willing to take the time to breed him then Fire/Ice-fang are options).

Floatzel: Surf, Ice-beam/Punch, Waterfall, Focus-blast/Brick break

Buizel comes in fast so this will be easy. I know TWO WATER MOVES but this is ingame and two HMs is more than worth it. Ice-beam/Ice-punch is IMPORTANT this is the guy who is going to take out your worst enemy CYTHIA'S GARCHOMP Floatzel should outspeed him if you level it up enough and then POW dead Dragon..Shark...Thing... Ice-beam is easier to get as you do not need to collect shards for a while to get it. Surf and Waterfall are STAB Hms. Focus-blast for power, Brick-break for Coverage.

Lucario: Aura-sphere, Dragon-pulse, Dark-pulse/Psychic, Extreme-speed

He takes a bit longer to get as you do not get him until Iron-island, however; he is very useful. Aura-sphere is STAB and very useful for getting the occasional Double team Pokemon. Dragon-pulse is coverage(NOTE: I do not expect Lucario to outspeed Garchomp to use this unless you level him up a lot and with EVs or trade a choice-scarf to him). Dark-pulse or Psychic, Psychic if you choose Alakazam, Dark-pulse if you choose Gengar. Extreme-speed is good for finishing off things, like Alakazam or if Floatzel does not completely kill Garchomp.

Rapidash: Flare-blitz, Bounce, Mega-horn, Poison-jab

This guy is pretty much your ONLY option for a fire type unless you choose Infernape. He comes in the game very fast. Flare-blitz is very strong stab. The rest is coverage. This is your main guy for defeating the Ice gym and the Bug E-4.

Gengar/Alakazam: Shadow-ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt/Shock-wave, Focus-blast

Gengar gets T-bolt Alakazam gets Shock-wave. Both are useful special sweepers that you can catch early in the game. It is up to you.

However you could switch Lucario/Gengar/Alakazam out for a Flying type, most likely Staraptor (Close-combat, Fly, U-turn, Steel-wing).

Also you may want an HM slave to carry the weak HMs like Rock-smash and Cut. Bibarel and Lopunny are decent options.

If you Choose Chimchar as your starter you should replace Rapidash for Roserade. If you choose Piplup as your starter replace Floatzel for Roserade.

  • Infernape: Close-combat, Earthquake, Flamethrower/Flare-blitz, and Shadow-claw
  • Empoleon: Ice-beam, Surf, Waterfall, and Earthquake
  • Roserade: Magical-leaf/Giga-drain, Sludge-bomb, Shadow-ball(If you choose Gengar)/Stun-spore, and Cut
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nice team
I would replace Rapidash with either Houndoom or Magmar/Magmortar as the other two options are more viable due to their better movepools and stats, Houndoom is a great special attacker and also a good psychical attacker with easy access, however, its very frail. Magmortar is also a goo choice, it has a wide movepool combined with great special attack and decent attack although Magmar is still a good option if you can't trade to get Magmortar.
also to note, this is Platinum, not Diamond and Pearl so there are more fire type options in this game.
How could you fly then?
HM slave Tropius, probably
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Team Overview: Infernape, Staraptor, Weavile, Garchomp, Roserade, Gyarados

Infernape was my starter of choice, not only because I liked its design but because its dual Fire/Fighting typing compresses a lot of coverage into one Pokemon.
Infernape @ Fist Plate
-Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-Shadow Claw
-Thunder Punch / Rock Slide
Flare Blitz and Close Combat are two high-powered, reliable STABs with side effects which hardly matter in-game, making them very proficient. Thunder Punch is the superior option to Rock Slide as it covers more of Infernape's weaknesses (Water and Flying as opposed to just Flying). However, it is very difficult to obtain. If you do not want to take the time to obtain it, Rock Slide is decent, as it still hits Flying-types super-effectively. Shadow Claw gives coverage against Psychic types.

Next up is a Flying-type Pokemon. Starly is very easy to obtain and evolves quickly into the powerful Staraptor, making it my choice.
Staraptor @ Sky Plate
-Brave Bird
-Close Combat
Brave Bird and Return are two powerful, reliable STAB moves. Close Combat is a fantastic coverage move, providing relevant coverage and having high base power. Fly is an extremely useful HM and can even be used in battle if the extra power of Brave Bird is not needed to avoid recoil.

I needed an Ice-type Pokemon for Cynthia's Garchomp. Weavile seemed to be a perfect choice, seeing as it is fast enough to outspeed, even when low-leveled, and also compresses coverage thanks to its secondary Dark typing.
Weavile @ Icicle Plate ---> Life Orb
-Night Slash
-Ice Punch
-Poison Jab
Night Slash and Ice Punch are Weavile's best STAB moves, despite being quite weak. Dig is a great coverage move, covering several of Weavile's weaknesses. Brick Break, while giving redundant coverage with Dig, is the next best coverage move, being superior to Weavile's other options, which include Iron Tail (very poor accuracy and Weavile cannot afford to take hits), plus Poison Jab and X-Scissor (heavily resisted). While a Life Orb is the best option for an item, as Weavile appreciates the boost due to the low base power of its moves, it can only be found much later in the game. As such, an Icicle Plate can be used at first.

I needed a Water-type for Surf and Waterfall. Out of the Water-types available, Gyarados stood out for its offensive stats, while still being bulky, as well as having a secondary Flying typing.
Gyarados @ Splash Plate
-Earthquake / Ice Fang
Waterfall and Bounce are both reliable STAB moves. I chose Waterfall over Aqua Tail as they have almost the same power, yet you never have to worry about missing with Waterfall. Plus, Waterfall is a very useful HM and both Waterfall and Aqua Tail would not fit. Bounce is a good secondary STAB, allowing Gyarados to beat Grass-types that typically beat Water-types. Although Earthquake is the best coverage move, as it covers all of Gyarados's weaknesses, the Earthquake TM has to be given to Garchomp. As such, Ice Fang is chosen as it is still decent. If you decide to use a Ground type that learns Earthquake naturally, however, give the TM to Gyarados. Surf will not be used in battle but it is a very useful HM.

The Pokemon so far struggle with bulky Ground and Water types (Water especially) and needed a powerful Grass-type to take them on. Roserade perfectly fits this category and sports secondary STAB Poison moves for additional coverage.
Roserade @ Toxic Plate
-Petal Dance
-Stun Spore/Aromatherapy/Synthesis
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball
Petal Dance and Sludge Bomb are powerful and reliable STAB moves. Shadow Ball is Roserade's only coverage move, and, while it does help, Roserade is still walled by Steel-types. Roserade has no other viable coverage moves, so the last slot is open to a support move, whichever one appeals to you. However, Stun Spore is recommended as the other two aren't particularly useful- status is rare in-game and Roserade is not bulky enough to utilize a recovery move, while Stun Spore helps in catching Pokemon and can neuter a foe if you are in a tough situation.

I still needed a Ground type, and the obvious choice was Garchomp, with its very good stats and an additional Dragon typing which provides it with more coverage.
Garchomp @ Earth Plate
-Dragon Claw
-Stone Edge
Earthquake is a powerful, reliable STAB. Dragon Claw is a reliable Dragon STAB and is better than Dragon Rush or Outrage because of its lack of negative side effects, while still hitting hard enough. Stone Edge covers Garchomp's major Ice-type weakness and is the second check to Flying-types, as Weavile is the team's only way of dealing with them and might go down due to its frailty. Crunch is Garchomp's next best coverage move, providing coverage not redundant with its STABs and still being fairly powerful.

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Gyarados subsitutue dragon dance is insane. Trust me on this
if my team consists of a lucario, mismagius, staraptor, roserade, infernape and weavile (some of which were based on this answer) what pokemon could i possibly switch out for a water type if i wanted one? sorry if this sounds stupid
I would recommend swapping out the Mismagius, since you have the Weavile to deal with Ghost-types and Psychic-types.
Note you will have to go with ice fang for gyarados because Garchomp does not learn it naturally(for some reason)
Each individual Pokemon on this team looks mostly fine. I think its biggest flaw right now is that it has 6 Pokemon that are battling and gaining experience. If you replace 1 or 2 of your battlers with HM slaves, the remaining Pokemon will gain more experience and perform better.
Another thing you can do is teach swords dance or dragon dance to some of your Pokemon. Those moves are pretty good.
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I personally love Platinum, and have beat the Elite 4 multiple times. Here is the teams

Grass Type

Torterra, Leafeon, Tangrowth

Seed Bomb-STAB
Iron Head-Coverage

Sunny Day
Seed Bomb-STAB

Giga Drain/Seed Bomb-STAB
Sludge Bomb/Poison Jab
Shock Wave/Aerial Ace
Focus Blast/Brick Break-Coverage

Fire Type

Infernape, Flareon, Magmar/Magmortar

Gunk Shot
Thunder Punch/Grass Knot-Coverage
Mach Punch-STAB

Fire Fang- STAB

Brick Break
Thunder Punch

Water Type

Empoleon, Vaporeon, Tentacruel

Ice Beam-Coverage
Steel Wing-Stab

Ice Beam-Coverage

Ice Beam-Coverage
Sludge Bomb-STAB

Flying Type

Aura Sphere-Coverage
Water Pulse

Poison Type

Rock Climb
Poison Jab-STAB
Sucker Punch-Coverage

Rock Type

Rock Smash
Stone Edge-STAB
Sucker Punch


I didn't include Roserade because of its stat total
You should have a Eeveelution, due to Strength


Sudowoodo-Route 221
Toxicroak-Croagunk is on Route 212
Tentacruel- Route 205, 212, 213, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 226, 230, Canalave City, Fuego Ironworks, Iron Island, Pastoria City, Pokémon League, Sunyshore City, Valley Windworks
Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon- Eevee is in the Trophy Garden
Togekiss-Togepi can be found on Route 230, Eterna City
Tangrowth- Tangela is on Great Marsh
Magmar-Fuego Ironworks

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I was about to down-vote then I realized there was choices and you had locations.
Just to say with Togekiss, Air Slash is much better than Fly. Togekiss has 120 Sp Atk and 50 Atk, making it a Special Attacker. Plus Serene Grace, its ability, makes Air Slash have a 60% flinch.
did you mean water pulse for tentacruel?

sorry for necrobumping
Since Togekiss' attack is seemingly low, if you want a Flying pokemon who can ACTUALLY use fly effectively in combat, i would recommend Honchkrow. a set like this should work:

Nature: any + Speed Nature (exept Timid)
Ability: Super Luck
- Fly
- Night Salsh
- Steel Wing/Shadow Ball
- Roost

(edit: i just realized you can only get murkrow by trade (sadly) but even still, Staraptor might be better than togekiss for fly)
Great job!
I also wanted to say that in Platinum you can get Eevee from someone (I think the PC creator) in Hearthome City. That's where I got mine.
Seed bomb, iron head, and gunk shot are post-game tutor moves. Flareon can't learn flare blitz in this game, and Magmar comes very late. Rapidash and Houndoom are both better fire Pokemon. Tentacruel comes later and has lower attack stats compared to Empoleon, Vaporeon, and some other waters like Gyarados and Floatzel. Togekiss is worse than Staraptor because it's more difficult to hatch and evolve, and Staraptor's moves are stronger. Why would you use Toxicroak as your poison when Roserade has a better base stat total? Rampardos is better than Sudowoodo for every reason except defense stats.
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Empoleon - Water/Steel
Surf, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Stealth Rock
Your starter and he will lead your team. Surf is HM and gains STAB. Ice Beam for Dragon- and Grass-types. Grass Knot is for other Water-types. Stealth Rock is a entry hazard.

Togekiss - Normal/Flying
Fly, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Thunder Wave
Fly is to help you travel around Sinnoh. Aura Sphere is for Rock, Ice and Steel types. Have 90 base power and never miss! Screw those Double Teammers. Air Slash gains STAB and have 60% chance to flinch. Incridible! Thunder Wave paralyzes the target making more difficult to attack. You need to have Serene Grace to ability so don't make mistakes getting Hustle as ability!

Gallade - Psychic/Fighting
Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Night Slash, Leaf Blade
Love this guy. Psycho Cut and Close Combat gains STAB. Night Slash is for Ghost and other Psychic types. Leaf Blade have 90 base power with high critical hit ratio!

Garchomp - Dragon/Ground
Outrage and Earthquake gains STAB. Flamethrower is for Ice-types. Sandstorm raises his evasion 20% with the ability Sand Veil.

Drapion - Poison/Dark
Cross Poison, Night Slash, Rock Climb, Ice Fang
Cross Poison and Night Slash gains STAB and have high critical hit ratio. Simply perfect with Sniper as ability. Rock Climb is HM. Ice Fang is for Ground-types.

Bibarel - Normal/Water
Waterfall/Strength/Cut/Rock Smash
Waterfall, Strength, Cut and Rock Smash is HM. He is a slave.

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garchomp should have rockslide or stone edge
Where is rotom?
Overall, very effective. Psycho cut is just perfect for Gallade, and the set for a Serene Grace Togekiss seems to work
This is only five team members.
Replace Leaf Blade with Stone Edge for Flying-type coverage. Overall nice team
Togekiss is a big waste of experience that could be used to level up your other Pokemon. Additionally, it's pretty useless before you find a shiny stone. This team would be a lot better if you use Staraptor instead. Gallade is worse than Azelf because it comes at a lower level, has lower speed, and can't learn good moves that are both powerful and have no side effects. Roserade has better special attack and offensive typing than Drapion. It learns more useful status moves, like leech seed, and learns its best attack moves a lot earlier than Drapion does.
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Team Preview:

(Pre-Elite Four)

Infernape @ Shell Bell
Ability: Blaze

  • Flamethrower (TM35 - Fuego Ironworks)
  • Close Combat (Upon Evolution)
  • Shadow Claw (TM65 - Hearthome Gym)
  • Stone Edge (TM71 - Victory Road)

Infernape is a great Pokémon to have on your team with his great Attack, Special Attack and Speed as well as his great movepool which can cover a lot of his weaknesses. Flamethrower is a great STAB move (Flare Blitz is another option, but Infernape learns it late and does a lot of damage back to Infernape), as is Close Combat, Shadow Claw covers his weakness to Psychic and Stone Edge covers his weakness to Flying.

Gastrodon @ Quick Claw
Ability: Storm Drain

  • Surf (HM03 - Celestic Town Shrine)
  • Waterfall (HM07 - From Jasmine in Sunnyshore City)
  • Earthquake (TM26 - Wayward Cave)
  • Ice Beam (TM13 - Route 216)

Gastrodon has one of the best dual typings out there: Water/Ground meaning it only has one weakness: Grass, and with her great movepool and good stats, it means she is a great asset to your team. Both Surf and Waterfall are STAB HM attacks needed for progression, Earthquake is a very powerful STAB move and Ice Beam covers her weakness to Grass. If you don't want to use Gastrodon, I would recommend either Floatzel or Tentacruel as alternatives.

Drifblim @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Aftermath

  • Fly (HM02 - Galactic Warehouse)
  • Shadow Ball (Level 44)
  • Thunderbolt (TM24 - Above the Valley Windworks)
  • Silver Wind (TM62 - Route 212)

While many people would have Staraptor as their Flyer, a lot of the other things Staraptor does, Infernape can also do, and Drifblim is also bulkier, has better coverage moves and has more advantages throughout the game due to her Ghost typing. Fly is a good STAB move that gets you around quickly, Shadow Ball is another STAB move, Thunderbolt (while not covering any weaknesses) is a great move to have on Drifblim and Silver Wind covers her weakness to Dark. However, if Drifblim isn't for you, Staraptor is still a great Pokémon to use on your team.

Probopass @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Sturdy

  • Power Gem (Level 49)
  • Flash Cannon (TM91 - Canalave Gym)
  • Stealth Rock (TM76 - Oreburgh Gym)
  • Thunder Wave (Level 25)

Probopass may seem like an odd choice, but when making this team, I noticed Rock and Steel were both good types to have, so one thing led to another and Probopass was on my team, and Probopass was actually a really good Pokémon due his amazing defences. Power Gem and Flash Cannon are both great STAB moves, Stealth Rock means this Pokémon is a great lead and can Stealth Rock actually helped out a lot and Thunder Wave made up for his bad speed and helped me catch Pokémon. You can evolve Nosepass whenever, but I evolved him just before fighting Byron as it meant I could immediately teach it Flash Cannon.

Tangrowth @ Big Root
Ability: Chlorophyll

  • Power Whip (Level 54)
  • Giga Drain (TM19 - Route 209)
  • Rock Slide (TM80 - Mt. Coronet)
  • Sleep Powder (Level 5 - Move Reminder)

Tangrowth is another odd choice, but looking at it, it's actually a pretty good Pokémon. It has good offensive power, good bulk and good moves for attack, defence and support. Power Whip is a very powerful STAB move, but somewhat inaccurate, which is why Giga Drain is there too (it's also for recovering HP). Rock Slide covers his weakness to Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug and Sleep Powder cripples the opponent and makes Pokémon easier to catch. Roserade is another option, but training Budew can be annoying, and Tangela doesn't have that issue, making it better in my opinion, but Roserade is still great.

Weavile @ King's Rock
Ability: Pressure

  • Night Slash (Level 35)
  • Ice Punch (Move Tutor - Route 212)
  • Aerial Ace (TM40 - Route 213)
  • Brick Break (TM31 - Oreburgh Gate)

While Weavile has a few weaknesses (including a 4x weakness to Fighting), her great movepool and good stats means it can cover a lot of those weaknesses. Weavile is also probably the best option for an ice type in the game. Both Night Slash and Ice Punch are great STAB moves (you will probably have to go to the move reminder after evolving Sneasel into Weavile), Aerial Ace covers her weakness to Fighting and Bug and Brick Break covers her weakness to Steel and Rock.

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Why not tutor Infernape to learn Thunder Punch? It deals with both Water and Flying types.
Thx for adding where moves can be gotten thats very helpful
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Ok this is my first time answering a question. Hope it goes well! This is the team I'm currently using on Platinum and it's great! Hope you like it:

Empoleon (water and steel)
Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Hydro Pump and Rock Climb.
Ability: Torrent.
Item: Mystic Water.
Empoleon is an amazing Pokemon in general. It has a really high stats all round. It will be your surfer and a bit of a HM slave. I highly recommend you choosing Empoleon.

Staraptor (normal and flying)
Moves: Fly, Brave Bird, Close Combat and Defog.
Ability: Intimidate.
Item: None.
Staraptor is an over powered Pokemon if trained well. It has an incredibly high attack and speed stat, and its ability to learn Close Combat only sweetens the deal! This Pokemon will be your flyer.

Steelix (steel and ground)
Moves: Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Stone Edge and Rock Smash.
Ability: Rock Head.
Item: Quick Claw.
Not everyones first choice. I think Steelix is very underrated. With an extremely high defense and high attack stat, Steelix will be able to take hits and deal with the enemy quickly.

Gallade (fighting and psychic)
Moves: Strength, Close Combat, Psychic and Magical Leaf.
Ability: Steadfast
Item: Mind Plate.
With a very high attack, speed and special defense stat, Gallade will deliver a powerful hit, and with its typing, it gets rid of fightings' weakness to psychic.

Giratina (ghost and dragon)
Moves: Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Dragon Claw and Phantom Force.
Ability: Levitate.
Item: Griseous Orb or Leftovers.
Giratina is a powerhouse. Even for those who hate to use legendaries, I highly recommend it. Giratina has an insane HP and incredibly high stats.

Roserade (grass and poison)
Moves: Cut, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain, Energy Ball.
Ability: Poison Point.
Item: Poison Barb.
Roserade has a high special attack and special defense. Not much is left to say about Roserade except that it's a great Pokemon!

I'm going to write another option incase you don't like Roserade or don't like using legendaries (Giratina).

Rapidash (fire)
Moves: Flare Blitz, Bounce, Fire Blast and Sunny Day.
Ability: Run away
Item: Lax Incense or Amulet Coin.
My personal preference over Roserade but it's still a great Pokemon! It has a high speed and attack and can take care of foes quickly.

Thanks for reading my answer and please vote for or use my team as it works really well. You will be able to dominate people with this team.

Hope this helped-
MightyMudkip :)

By the way, I use Rapidash, not Roserade. :)
The fact that you have two special moves on a gallade is rather questionable. Yes theyre more powerful but just glance at Gallade's special stat compared to its regular attack. Give it psycho cut and swords dance and you'll be unstoppable.
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My team for Pokémon Platinum:

or or
Choose the one that best suits you.

  • Tackle -> Absorb -> Mega Drain -> Giga Drain/Wood Hammer
  • Withdraw -> Bite -> Crunch -> Cut (HM)
  • Leech Seed -> Synthesis
  • Earthquake


  • Leer -> Grass Knot (TM)
  • Scratch -> Mach Punch -> Close Combat
  • Ember -> Flamethrower (TM)
  • Fury Swipes -> Flare Blitz


  • Pound -> Metal Claw -> Flash Cannon (TM)
  • Bubble -> Bubble Beam -> Surf (HM)
  • Growl -> Waterfall (HM)
  • Peck -> Drill Peck -> Ice Beam (TM)

From the given moveset, we can say that Torterra can do its best without any TMs, while Infernape's movepool is OK, but Empoleon's moveset is the worst. We will add more members, and you can also decide to not give them HMs, such as Cut on Torterra or Waterfall on Empoleon and give some HM slaves these roles.

Location: All the starters are obtained in their starting evolution in Lake Verity

or or
Moving on to our flyer. Staraptor has great movepool through level-up, Togekiss is decent through TMs, but Fly on it is more of a filler move, while Crobat's movepool is pretty shallow.

  • Tackle -> Take Down -> Return (TM)
  • Growl -> Brave Bird/Fly (HM)
  • Wing Attack -> Close Combat
  • Quick Attack -> Defog/Roost/Fly (HM) [filler slot]
    My favorite regional bird Pokemon. Return because its caught very early, meaning its friendship should be high indeed. Brave Bird is risky but highly useful move. Close Combat covers Ice/Rock/Steel, and defense drop isn't important since you can switch. Lastly, a filler move. Defog isn't much important, but if you need it, then keep.

Location: Route 201, you can catch still later in many places.
Alternatives: Togekiss (Egg, from Cynthia in Eterna City), Crobat (from Oreburgh gate as Zubat)
Crobat is fine if you don't mind friendship evolutions. Togekiss requires a lot of grinding since its obtained as a egg which should be avoided in-game.

Surfer (Note: Skip slot if you have Empoleon)
Choose one of these, on the basis of which you like. Gyarados, which is sometimes underestimated because of requiring grinding up to Level 20 to be useful, is a beast. Floatzel can be chosen, if you need speed along with power but it's a glass cannon.

  • Tackle -> Waterfall (HM)
  • Bite -> Crunch
  • Ice Fang
  • Dragon Rage -> Surf (HM) [filler]

I don't suggest using Floatzel. Even if it helps against Cynthia's Garchomp with Ice moves, it may get outsped, and OHKOed. Also, I used Weavile over it along with Gyarados.

Location: Gyarados (as Magikarp in Route 218, fishing), Floatzel (as Buizel in Valley Windworks)

(Optional to not choose these if you have Infernape because both have very good coverage for any team)
These two are pretty tricky to get. Lucario can be obtained from egg as Riolu from Riley, while Gallade requires Dawn Stone found near the Route adjacent to Pastoria City and a male Kirlia.

  • Force Palm -> Aura Sphere -> Close Combat
  • Metal Claw -> Flash Cannon
  • Dragon Pulse/Dark Pulse (move tutor)
  • Psychic/Shadow Ball (TMs)

This thing has awesome coverage and hits like a tank! Unfortunately, you need to complete the Iron Island side quest, hatch the egg, then grind it from Level 1 until it evolves from friendship, which is why I don't use it a lot for playthrough.


  • Magical Leaf -> Leaf Blade
  • Confusion -> Psycho Cut/ Zen Headbutt (tutor)
  • Brick Break -> Close Combat
  • Night Slash/X-Scissor/Stone Edge (First two are through move relearner, while last is TM)

You need to be patient to get this one. It's obtained as a Kirlia from Route 209, ensure it's a male one. It does require a Dawn Stone to evolve into Gallade. Apart from that, high Attack, decent speed and solid Sp.Def, make it useful.

Location: Lucario (as an egg in Iron Island) Gallade (as a male Kirlia, needs Dawn Stone)

Dark-type and Fire/Ice type
(Note: You can have both. Don't use Houndoom if you have Infernape, and Weavile can be important and much needed to beat Cynthia.)

  • Night Slash
  • Ice Punch (Move Tutor)
  • Ice Shard
  • Rock Smash/Strength (HMs)

You mostly need this for countering Cynthia's Garchomp, which is really annoying. Weavile is very fast, as well as hard-hitting. Ice Punch's your best Ice-STAB, Rock Smash and Strength are filler HMs. Ice Shard is nice priority,


  • Fire Fang -> Flamethrower
  • Crunch -> Dark Pulse
  • Nasty Plot/Sunny Day (TM)
  • Solar Beam

This is the best fire-type that is obtained in-game, after Infernape. It's obtained a lot easier, and evolves really soon. Unlike Ponyta which takes a year (Lvl 40) to evolve compared to Houndour that evolves as early as Level 24. It's fire-type STAB is not limited to Flame Wheel like of Ponyta's, but other good moves like Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, etc.

HM Slave

HM Slave. Basically no job of fighting, only for HM support, you can keep him in PC.

  • Surf (if Gyarados)/Waterfall (If Empoleon)
  • Rock Climb
  • Rock Smash/Strength
  • Cut
    All are HMs

(Note: Use it if you don't choose Torterra)


  • Absorb -> Mega Drain -> Giga Drain/Grass Knot (TM)
  • Sludge Bomb (TM)
  • Stun Spore/Sleep Powder/Petal Dance
  • Cut/Growth/Synthesis
    This one is obtained as a Budew, and later as a Roselia, if you don't want friendship evolution. First two moves are STAB while third slot is basically useful for catching Pokemon, or you can use Petal Dance. Last move is Filler.

TM/HM Locations

  • Cut (HM): Eterna City, from Cynthia after defeating Gardenia.
  • Grass Knot (TM): Eterna City, from Gardenia after beating her
  • Flamethrower (TM): Fuego Ironworks or from Veilstone City Gamecorner
  • Flash Cannon (TM): Canalave City, from Byron after beating him
  • Surf (HM): Celestic Town, from Cynthia's grandmother
  • Ice Beam (TM): Route 216 (requires Rock Climb) or from Veilstone City Gamecorner
  • Return (TM): Lost Tower, Veilstone City Gamecorner or Sandgem Town
  • Fly (HM): Veilstone City, Galactic Warehouse after beating Maylene
  • Waterfall (HM): Sunyshore City, from Jasmine after beating Volkner
  • Psychic (TM): Route 110, Veilstone City Gamecorner
  • Shadow Ball (TM): Route 210, Battle Frontier (64 BP)
  • Rock Climb (HM): Route 217, northeast of the Hiker's house.
  • Rock Smash (HM): Oreburgh Gate, from the hiker
  • Strength (HM): Iron Island, from Riley

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

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I suppose if we didn't choose Torterra, then probably we need a grass or an electric type.
I think Infernape is best. Cool attack and speed! But beware if we couldn't OHKO the opponent!
It's best to try new fire-types which were added in Platinum, so I prefer Houndoom over Infernape. @Blaze, I don't think there are many good electric types, so I only add a grass-type, which is Torterra. Honestly, I don't feel the other starters are better than Torterra, beacuse 1. Infernape is too frail and Houndoom is better 2. Empoleon has trash moves unless you use TMs.
I meant "In case we didn't choose Torterra, then we have to rely on any other Grass or an Electric type, since it would be too difficult to pass through Pastoria Gym".
Oh yes! Houndoom has a good Sp.Atk. But the fact here's, it's only good at that. But Infernape has a good advancement in both attack and sp.atk stats! It's faster than Houndoom too! So, I don't think training Houndoom worth it!
I don't think there is no point in arguing about Starters. All the three are good in their own way. That is why @Swastik he included all the three starters.
@~BlazingStaraptor~, thanks for the suggestion! I will add Roserade for it, though its best to use something else against Gyarados since it takes normal damage and Gyarados' Sp.Def isn't too low.
1 vote

I've build my team with Chimchar so here it is:

-Cross Poison(STAB, chance of poisoning, high critical hit ratio)
-Fly(STAB, you cannot go without this ingame, high power)
-Steel Wing(coverage against Rock and Ice)
-U-Turn(coverage against Psychic)

-Bug Buzz(STAB, high power, chance of lowering enemies Special Defence)
-Air Slash(STAB, decent power, chance of flinching)
-Hypnosis(to make things easier)
-Detect(to get a free Speed Boost)

-Zen Headbutt(coverage against his only weakness:Fighting)
-Return(STAB, great power)
-Earthquake(coverage, high power)
-Strength(STAB, for ingame use)

-Giga Drain(STAB, for healing in battle)
-Sludge Bomb(STAB, high power, chance of poisoning)
-Cut/Sleep Powder(for ingame use, otherwise its to make things easier)
-Shadow Ball(coverage against Psychic and Ghost)

-Surf(STAB, high power, a must have for ingame)
-Psychic(coverage against Poison and Fighting)
-Ice Beam(coverage against Dragon, Flying and Ground)
-Mud Bomb(coverage against Electric)

-Close Combat(STAB, high power, watch out for defences getting low)
-Flamethrower/Flare Blitz(STAB, high power, choose between less power, but no recoil of vice versa)
-Shadow Claw(coverage against Psychic and Ghost)
-Thunderpunch(coverage against Water and Flying)

1 vote

Infernape, Togekiss, Roserade, Vaporeon, Mamoswine, and Luxray

Infernape (Blaze)
enter image description here

-Flare Blitz/Flamethrower
-Grass Knot
-Close Combat
-Rock Smash

Your starter.Flare Blitz is physical and Flamethrower is special;both are STAB,it depends on the nature that either it increases the Attack or the Special Attack.Grass Knot is good Coverage.Close Combat is STAB and Rock Smash is HM.

Togekiss (Serene Grace)
enter image description here

-Water Pulse
-Aura sphere
- Air slash

Your flyer.Water Pulse is good Coverage.Aura sphere is for ice and rock types.Fly is HM and STAB.Air slash has more chance of making the foe flinch as the ability is Serene Grace and is also STAB.

Roserade (Natural Cure)
enter image description here
-Magical Leaf/Giga Drain/Energy Ball
-Sludge Bomb
-Shadow Ball

I got damn lucky on this one,I was just passing in the grass and got a shiny Budew.Cut is HM.Magical Leaf/Giga Drain/Energy Ball all can be good and are STAB;Anyone of these moves will do.Sludge Bomb is STAB and Shadow Ball is coverage.

Vaporeon (Water Absorb)
enter image description here
-Ice Beam

Your teams Surfer.Surf and Waterfall are STAB and HM.Ice Beam with Substitute can take out strong opponents such as Cynthia`s Garchomp.Ice Beam itself is for Coverage for grass types.

Mamoswine (Oblivious)
enter image description here
-Rock Slide
-Rock Climb

This guy is really helpful in the game,he takes care of electric types.Avalanche is a revenging move and STAB.Earthquake is also STAB.Rock Slide is very good Coverage.Rock Climb is HM.

Luxray (Intimidate)
enter image description here
-Thunder Fang
-Iron Tail

This guy will threaten the flying types.Thunder Fang is STAB.Crunch and Iron Tail are good Coverage.Strength is HM.

Hope you like it!

Nice team dude!I beat the Elite 4 and the Champion with it.Thanks!
Your welcome.
me personally, i wouldn't use rock smash or cut on my team. this is a good team. and the move sets are good as well. if i could make some recommendations, you could use fake out instead of rock smash for infernape that way you could get some free chip damage while flinching the opponent. i can't think of a good move to replace cut on roserade, so i'll think of one. other than that, good team and good moves.
Use Shadow Claw instead of Cut on Infernape(Psychic types covered finally) and Weather Ball on Roserade(you can teach it by going to the move reminder).I just had to put HMs.Sorry about that.I still cant believe thaat people are still playing it.Well iam playing pokemon uranium currently.
This is a great team! I actually used this exact team but gardevoir instead of roserade and loved it.
1 vote

Firstly, you will need you starter. For this team choose Chimchar. Who will eventually evolve into Infernape


- Flare Blitz (Physical STAB) OR Flamethrower (Special STAB)
- Close Combat (Physical STAB) OR Focus Blast (Special STAB)
- Strength (If you're OK with using HMs) OR Calm Mind (Stat Raising)
- Poison Jab (Coverage)

Secondly go to Route 202 and pick up Starly. Who will evolve into Staraptor


- Agility (Stat Raising)
- Close Combat
- Brave Bird (Solid Move, but with Recoil) OR Aerial Ace (Solid move too, never misses)
- Fly (Just a useful HM)

After the 1st Gym, go over to Route 205 and pick up Buizel. Who will evolve to Floatzel


- Surf (Useful HM, can replace with something else later)
- Waterfall (Useful HM)
- Crunch (Powerful move, chance of lowering targets Defense)
- Ice Fang (Coverage)

Then, get that Honey ready, pick up an Aipom. Who will evolve into Ambipom.


- Double Hit (Needed for the evolution, also STAB)
- Brick Break (Coverage)
- Shadow Claw (High crit ratio)
- U-turn (Coverage)

Next, in Hearthome, go to Bebe's house and get the Eevee. Who you will evolve into Leafeon whenever you see fit.


- Grass Knot (STAB)
- Sunny Day (Or another filler move)
- Giga Drain (STAB)
- Shadow Ball (Coverage)

Finally, wait until around the 7th Gym. Go to Route 217 and pick up a Swinub. Who will evolve into Mamoswine.


- Earthquake (STAB)
- A move of your choosing
- Avalanche (STAB)
- Rock Climb (HM) OR Another move
NOTE Ancient power is needed for the evolution, get it using a heart scale on Piloswine

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Pokemon Platinum Team-

This is the team I would recommend if you chose Turtwig as your starter. As for how this will work, I will list the Pokemon with their recommended held item and give you three strongly recommended moves on it, followed by the fourth slot being filled with many different move options that you can choose between, as well as explanations and descriptions for why the moves were chosen. Lastly, I will follow up with the ability that I recommend and then finish up with the location that you can receive this Pokemon, and their evolution methods.

Here are the Pokemon that will make up this team-
Torterra, Octillery, Houndoom, Altaria, Electivire, Scizor/Lucario

Torterra- (Shell Bell)

Seed Bomb
Stone Edge
Crunch/Outrage/Wood Hammer/Leaf Storm/Frenzy Plant/Giga Drain/Leech Seed/Curse

Seed Bomb is arguably the best physically attacking Grass type move that Torterra can get, and it has no downsides, so it should be your main Grass type STAB. Earthquake is also STAB and a great move to have. Stone Edge is for coverage, nailing all of Torterra's weaknesses for SE damage. Stone Edge and Earthquake together form the EdgeQuake combo, which has amazing neutral coverage. For the last move, Crunch can be used for additional coverage, and can be useful against Elite Four Lucian. Outrage can be another option, and can hit Cynthia's Garchomp hard. Wood Hammer can be another, and will hit even harder than Earthquake at the cost of recoil. Leaf Storm or Frenzy Plant can be used if you want a really powerful move and want to make use of Torterra's Sp. Attack stat. Giga Drain or Leech Seed can be used for recovery. Curse can be used for setting up, and is a great move for Torterra, as Torterra has very good Physical Attack and Defense, but not so great speed. The only ability that Torterra can have in this game is Overgrow.

Location: Starter, pick Turtwig, given by Professor Rowan on Route 201. Evolves into Grotle at level 18, then Torterra at level 32.

Octillery- (Splash Plate)

Ice Beam
Energy Ball/Charge Beam/Psychic/Signal Beam/Flamethrower/Gunk Shot/Flash Cannon

Octillery is a very underrated Pokemon with excellent base 105 Attack and Sp. Attack stats and an incredible movepool. For its Water type moves, I would recommend Surf and Waterfall, because they are helpful HM's for getting around, as well as the fact that they are both powerful STAB moves and this way you can make use of both Octillery's physical and special attacking stats. The next move I would recommend is Ice Beam, since this is a fantastic move that will help cover its weakness to Grass and hit Dragon types that resist Water hard. This move also works well against Cynthia's Garchomp. For the last move, Octillery's movepool is so wide that you can really pick whatever you want. Energy Ball can be used to counter Water types that would otherwise resist its moveset, and also make it a Ground type destroyer. Charge Beam can also be used if you wish to buff it's Sp. Attack and have a psuedo BoltBeam combination. Psychic and Signal Beam can be used for their added effects of lowering the foe's Sp. Attack and confusing the opponent, respectively. Flamethrower is an interesting and unexpected move on Octillery and is quite fun. Gunk Shot and Flash Cannon can be filler moves if you don't wish to use them on anything else, or don't like the other moves in Octillery's fourth moveslot. For the ability, I would recommend Sniper, as critical hits will deal triple damage instead of just double damage.

Location: Catch Remoraid with a Good Rod on Route 213. At level 25, it will evolve into Octillery.

Houndoom- (Wise Glasses)

Dark Pulse
Thunder Fang
Fire Blast/Nasty Plot/Crunch/Sucker Punch/Taunt/Sludge Bomb/Hidden Power

Another underrated Pokemon joins our team! Houndoom is an excellent Pokemon and arguably the best Fire type in the game if you don't pick Chimchar. For the moves, Flamethrower and Dark Pulse are both a must, as they are powerful STAB attacks with no downsides and come off of Houndoom's wonderful base 110 Sp. Attack stat. The next move I would recommend is Thunder Fang, as Houndoom also has a solid base 90 Attack stat, and this move can come in handy more often than you would expect. For the last move, you can choose what you like to round out Houndoom's set. Fire Blast can be chosen if you want extra power over Flamethrower, Nasty Plot can be used to boost its stellar Sp. Attack stat to staggering levels, Crunch can be used if you want a physical Dark type move, Sucker Punch can be used if you want a priority move on Houndoom. Taunt can be used as a utility move and Sludge Bomb is a filler move if you want. If you get a good Hidden Power (like Grass or Fighting) on Houndoom, you can also use that. For the ability I would recommend Flash Fire as it will grant Houndoom a makeshift immunity to Fire and that can help it switch in more often.

Location: Route 214, catch as a Houndour. Houndour will evolve at level 24 into Houndoom, which is only a level or two from when it is caught!

Altaria- (Leftovers)

Dragon Claw
Dragon Dance/Toxic/Fire Blast/Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor/Sky Attack/Roost

Next up on the roster, we have the beautiful cloud dragon, Altaria! Fly should be it's main flying type STAB, as it is arguably the best Flying type move that Altaria can learn and is a useful HM for getting around Sinnoh quickly. Dragon Claw should be it's next move as it is a good STAB move with no downfall. Earthquake is the third move and is a great coverage move to hit Steel type Pokemon with. For the last slot, Dragon Dance is a good idea if you want to make Altaria into a sweeper. The set is physically based, so that could work pretty well. If you don't want to do that, Toxic can be used to whittle down foes. Fire Blast works as another coverage option, nailing Ice type Pokemon for SE damage. Dragon Pulse can be used if you want another STAB and if you want to make use of Altaria's Sp. Attack stat, same for Draco Meteor, but with more power. Sky Attack can also be used if you want a lot of power, but keep in mind it has to charge up. Roost is good option if you want recovery, as Altaria is very bulky and can take hits well. Natural Cure is the only ability it has in this game.

Location: Route 210, northern (foggy) section. Catch as a Swablu, and it will evolve into Altaria at level 35.

Electivire- (Expert Belt)

Ice Punch
Brick Break
Fire Punch/Flamethrower/Psychic/Rock Slide/Signal Beam/Thunder/Thunder Wave

For Electivire, I choose to have Thunderbolt over ThunderPunch because I want to make use of it's good 95 base Sp. Attack, and have a mixed attacking Electivire. Plus ThunderPunch isn't as powerful and can be nerfed by Intimidate (which Gyarados have, and can be a real pain to deal with). Ice Punch is there as it takes care of Electivire's only weakness, Ground, and grants very good neutral coverage alongside Thunderbolt. Brick Break is there for more coverage, and because the team does not have any fighting type moves on it. For the last slot, you can use Fire Punch or Flamethrower if you want a Fire type attack. Psychic is another good special attack you can have on it to take care of Fighting or Poison type Pokemon. Rock Slide is there as its a neat filler move and can make the foe flinch, as well as make Electivire the perfect counter to Flying types. Signal Beam is there for the confusion chance. Thunder can be used for pure power, or Thunder Wave can be used instead for utility. Motor Drive is the only ability Electivire can have.

Location: Route 222, catch as an Electabuzz. Trade with Electrizer to get Electivire. If you can't trade, Electabuzz can still work pretty well.

Scizor- (Life Orb)

Bullet Punch
Night Slash
Superpower/Swords Dance/Agility/Silver Wind/U-turn/Iron Head/Protect/Substitute/Roost

Ah, Mr. Scizor, my mascot and favorite Pokemon! Scizor is one of the best Pokemon out there and an ideal choice to round out our team. Bullet Punch should be its first move as it is a nice STAB priority and can be very useful. Don't worry about the low power, as Scizor has an incredible base 130 Attack stat, and with Technician its power is buffed by a 1.5x multiplier. X-Scissor should be used for the second move, a powerful Bug type STAB. Night Slash should be in the third slot, as it is a great coverage move to hit Psychic and Ghost type Pokemon and makes Scizor the ultimate counter to Elite Four Lucian. For the last slot, you can slap on Superpower to grant Scizor great coverage and the ability to hit Steel type Pokemon super-effectively. Swords Dance or Agility can be used if you want to buff up Scizor's stats instead, and that is also the purpose of Silver Wind, which can potentially buff up all of Scizor's stats while doing a little chip damage. U-turn can be used for scouting, or Iron Head if you want more power than what Bullet Punch can provide. Protect or Substitute can be used for more scouting as well. Roost can be used to heal off the Life Orb damage, plus Scizor has good defenses and can take hits, so a recovery move is not a bad idea. For the ability, I would definitely recommend Technician, which makes a STAB Bullet Punch all the more deadly.

Location: Route 210, southern (not foggy) section. Catch as a Scyther, and trade with a Metal Coat to get a Scizor.

However, don't fret if you are unable to trade, I've included an alternative option to Scizor...

Lucario- (Life Orb)

Aura Sphere
Close Combat
Shadow Ball
Extremespeed/Dragon Pulse/Ice Punch/Psychic/Flash Cannon

Yup, the mascot of Generation IV himself, Lucario! Lucario boasts amazing offense stats with 110 base Attack and 115 base Special Attack, along with a solid base 90 Speed. Lucario is a real powerhouse and can hit many Pokemon very hard with its combination of powerful attacking stats and a good movepool. I would recommend both Aura Sphere and Close Combat for its STABs so you can have both special and physical fighting STAB on Lucario. Shadow Ball is the third move I would recommend, because of it granting perfect neutral coverage alongside Aura Sphere and Close Combat. For the last slot, you can use Extremespeed as a powerful priority to pick off weakened foes. Dragon Pulse can be used as a niche move to counter Dragon type Pokemon. Ice Punch can be used for that same purpose, plus it can hit Ground type Pokemon (which Lucario is weak to) for super-effective damage. Psychic can be used if you want to hit Fighting types with super-effective damage. Flash Cannon can be used as a STAB filler move, although it provided redundant coverage with Lucario's fighting type moves. Either Steadfast or Inner Focus works for the ability, which ability you choose is up to your own personal preference.

Location: Iron Island, receive a Riolu egg from Riley. Once Riolu hatches, level it up in the daytime with high happiness and it will evolve into Lucario. Keep in mind that Riolu starts off at level 1 which may make it a pain to train up. You can use the Pokemon Daycare in Solaceon town to make things easier on yourself, however.

And there you have it folks. One of the best teams that Pokemon Platinum has to offer you!

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Um, pretty late I guess... but why the heck would anyone send Gyarados to Electivire - its got a 4x weakness
I think hes on about NPC trainers using a Gyarados
1 vote

Fire Starter Team Preview:

Infernape (Starter Pokemon)
@Flame Plate/Expert Belt

Flamethrower: STAB
Close Combat/Mach Punch: STAB
Rock Climb: HM
Shadow Claw/Thunder Punch: Coverage

Infernape gets Flamethrower because it is a strong STAB move and although Flamethrower is a special move, Infernape is a mixed attacker. Plus I preffered it over recoil damage. I chose Close Combat over Mach Punch because 1 Infernape is already really fast, and Close Combat is just more reliable and you learn it upon evolution. Rock Climb is here as a filler move that is kind of strong, but is here instead of any other move so you can use Rock Climb outside of battle. You can choose between Shadow Claw and Thunder Punch, but I would go with Shadow Claw because it is easier to obtain. Plus we need coverage against Ghost and Psychic types soo yeah.

Staraptor (Route 201)
@Amulet Coin/Nothing

Fly: STAB HM (2 turns)
Brave Bird/Aerial Ace: STAB
Return: STAB
Close Combat: Coverage

Staraptor gets Fly obviously to navigate around the region quickly. Although it is strong in battle, it has an alright accuracy and it takes 2 turns. That's why we are also using Aerial Ace/Brave Bird, so we can use a flying move in battle without waiting 2 turns with a chance to miss. But, I would use Aerial Ace because you don't take recoil damage from attacking, yet again Brave Bird has twice as much base power. Return is a strong STAB move and if you have max happiness then boy it is going to hit hard as hell. Close Combat is also an option but we have it on Infernape so only use it when you need to with Staraptor.

Luxray (Route 202)
@Magnet/Thunder Plate

Thunderbolt/Discharge: STAB
Crunch: Coverage
Strength: Strong
Thunderwave/Giga Impact: STATUS/Strong

First of all, Luxray gets Thunderbolt/Discharge instead of Thunder Fang because although Luxray's physical attack is higher than its special (120-95), Thunderbolt/Discharge will do slightly more damage and has better accuracy. Crunch is obviously here because it is a strong and very common move to put on Luxray. It deals with Ghost and Psychic types which not many team members counter that much. Strength is also a strong move but as well as being strong, it also allows you to move boulders outside of battle, so you can venture further in your playthrough. Thunderwave is here to Paralyse the opponent and it is soo much easier to catch Pokemon with especially legendaries. If you don't want Thunderwave your other option I guess is Giga Impact. It is very strong and requires recharge after a use so ONLY use it when you NEED to.

Roserade (Route 204/Eterna Forest)
@Miracle Seed/Poison Barb/Black Sludge

Petal Dance/Grass Knot: STAB
Sludge Bomb: STAB
Cut: HM
Shadow Ball: Coverage

Roserade gets Petal Dance because it is a strong Grass type move. It is basically a special Grass type version of Outrage. If you want Petal Dance, evolve your Roselia after lvl.40. If not your other 2 options are Giga Drain and Grass Knot. I would go with Giga Drain since it heals your health but you can also use Grass Knot until you learn it. Sludge Bomb is a strong STAB move and is Poison type. You can use it on other Grass types and it is found in the Galactic Warehouse. Cut is a weak move but is a filler move and is here so you can cut down trees to find many different items. Shadow ball is just more coverage, especially against Psychic types that are super-effective against Roserade.

Floatzel (Route 205/Valley Windworks)
@Mystic Water/Splash Plate

Waterfall: STAB HM
Rock Smash/Crunch: HM/Coverage
Ice Fang: Coverage

Floatzel gets Waterfall because it allows you to climb waterfalls outside of battle, and because it is going to be its main Water type move in battle. Surf is here for a secondary Water move and to allow you to swim across water. Rock Smash is a filler move and is here so if you want to smash rocks you can. Your other option can be Crunch if you don't want Rock Smash on it. Ice fang is the last move for Floatzel and it keeps away Grass types and does well against those annoying Flying types you will have to use a heart scale, except there are soo many locations on YouTube to find them. Best member in team for going in caves.

Garchomp (Wayward Cave)
@Dragon Scale/Soft Sand

Dragon Claw: STAB
Earthquake: STAB
Stone Edge: Coverage
Crunch/Brick: Coverage

Garchomp obviously needs Dragon Claw and Earthquake soo I wont explain that. Earthquake is a TM though so find a tutorial on YouTube if you don't know how to find it. Stone Edge is to knock out those Ice types that Garchomp is 4x weak to. Crunch and Brick Break, its really your decision. More coverage against Ghosts or a strong Fighting type move you can get on it earlier. I would go with Brick Break but that's me its up to you guys.

So that's my fire type team. I hope you enjoyed it and the next one I will be doing is the Grass type one Torterra!

You have 6 Pokemon before the 3rd gym wow!
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Water Starter Team Preview:

Empoleon (Starter Pokemon)
@Mystic Water/Expert Belt

Surf: STAB
Flash Cannon: STAB
Ice Beam/Blizzard: Coverage
Grass Knot: Coverage

Empoleon obviously has Surf, as it lets you travel across water, and is a strong Water type move Empoleon can use. I recommend using Bubble/Bubble Beam until you get Surf, as they are pretty strong until the time. Empoleon also gets Flash Cannon, another STAB Steel type move that is pretty strong in base power. You can get it after you beat the Steel Type gym. Now I included both Ice Beam and Blizzard as an option for you. You can choose Blizzard, stronger and has less accuracy, but gotten earlier in the game; or you can use Ice Beam, a strong Ice type move, which is a bit weaker, better accuracy but is found later in the game. I would go with Ice Beam, but its your decision. Grass Knot is here for other pesky Water type Pokemon to take out. You can get the TM for it as soon as you beat the Grass type gym. I don't recommend using Empoleon for it though.

Roserade (Route 204)
@Black Sludge/Poison Barb

Petal Dance/Giga Drain: STAB
Sludge Bomb: STAB
Stun Spore: Status
Shadow Ball: Coverage

Roserade gets Petal Dance because it is a strong Grass type move. You can give it Giga Drain instead of Petal Dance because when Roserade is a Roselia, it learns Giga Drain by level up, but if you want Petal Dance, you have to evolve Roselia into Roserade at level 40. You can give Roserade the Sludge Bomb TM once you have found it at the Galactic Warehouse and the reasoning for using Sludge Bomb is very obvious because it is a strong Poison type move and also it is STAB. Stun Spore is for paralysing your opponent's Pokémon and Roselia/Budew can learn it by level up. Finally, Shadow Ball is found in Route 210 and is here for Coverage against Psychic types and other Ghost types.

Staraptor (Route 201)
@Lum Berry

Brave Bird: STAB
Return: STAB
Close Combat: Coverage

Staraptor is a powerhouse and has Fly to well, fly around the region. That is why we have Brave Bird here to do damage dealing moves without waiting 2 turns. It is also really powerful but does recoil damage to you. Return is also here because it is STAB, and if you use it a lot it will be even more powerful since its damage is determined by its friendship/happiness? Close Combat is here because it is a very powerful coverage move and is easily learnt, because as soon as you get Staraptor it learns Close Combat. A very good moveset for Staraptor if I have to say so myself.

Gallade (Route 208)
@Expert Belt/Twisted Spoon

Psycho Cut: STAB
Close Combat: STAB
Leaf Blade: Coverage
Night Slash: Coverage

First of all, Gallade is a very good Pokemon for this playthrough. We are using Psycho Cut because it is a strong STAB Psychic move, and it also lands critical hits easier. Close Combat is a very strong STAB Fighting type move but also lowers both of our defences. If you don't want to use Close Combat, I recommend using Brick Break instead because it is still a strong STAB Fighting move, but breaks the Light Screen/Reflect of the opposing Pokémon's team. Leaf Blade acts like Psycho Cut, but is a Grass type move and has a higher base power. Unfortunately, it doesn't have STAB soo yeah, but it is still a strong move to have. Gallade's last move will be Night Slash, which is basically the exact same thing as Psycho Cut but is a Dark type move, something we don't have.

Houndoom (Route 214)
@Flame Plate/Black Sunglasses

Flamethrower: STAB
Dark Pulse: STAB
Thunder Fang: Coverage
Iron Tail: Coverage

Houndoom obviously gets Flamethrower as it is a strong STAB Fire move. Dark Pulse is the same but is a Dark type move and can lower the target's special defence. Thunder Fang is for getting rid of those Flying types, and if there is a weak Water type Pokémon on the battle field Houndoom can take out. Iron Tail is just for coverage against Rock types, just be a little careful about it though, since it doesn't really have good accuracy.

Garchomp (Wayward Cave)
@Dragon Scale/Soft Sand

Dragon Claw: STAB
Earthquake: STAB
Stone Edge: Coverage
Crunch: Coverage

Garchomp is a beast in this region and in general, which is why he has made his spot onto this team. Dragon Claw is for obvious reasons and is OP. Earthquake with the soft sand is basically game over for the other team (unless they have Flying types/Pokémon with levitate). Stone Edge is for Coverage and destroys its weaknesses like Ice, and it can land critical hits easier as well, just be careful of its accuracy though. Crunch is here because more coverage and well, we need more super-effective moves against Psychic and Ghost types.

So that is my team for Pokémon Platinum with the starter... EMPOLEON
I hope you liked it and it does well for you!

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Grass Starter Team Preview:

Torterra (Starter)
@Quick Claw/Miracle Seed/Soft Sand

Wood Hammer: STAB
Earthquake: STAB
Crunch: Coverage
Rock Slide: Coverage

Torterra is a hard-hitting, but slow Pokémon. That is why I have given you the option of giving it the Quick Claw. If you don't want it, its fine, you can go with the other options if you want. Wood Hammer is an amazingly strong STAB Grass attack, but it's downside for having it is recoil damage and it costs a heart scale to have Wood Hammer. If you want to know heart scale locations, just look them up on YouTube they are EVERYWHERE. Earthquake is very obvious, a strong STAB Ground move, and is learnt from as soon as your Grotle evolves into Torterra. Crunch is for coverage against Ghost and Psychic types, and just for another move to use I guess. Rock Slide is for coverage against Bug, Flying, Ice and Fire (although I wouldn't recommend that because Torterra is slow, and also it has Earthquake) types.

Staraptor (Route 201)
@Lum Berry/Soothe Bell

Fly: HM
Brave Bird: STAB
Return: STAB
Close Combat: Coverage

Staraptor has been on all of my Platinum teams I have posted, and there is a reason why. This thing is legit a MONSTER. Fly is here for flying around the region, and instead of waiting two turns in battle, with a chance to miss, that is why we have Brave Bird, although it does recoil damage to you. Return does MASSIVE damage with max friendship/happiness, which is why we have the Soothe Bell to increase its friendship/happiness quicker. Close Combat is a very strong Fighting move used for coverage. I would only use it for emergency situations since it lowers both of its defences, and because of the next Pokémon.

Gallade (Route 208)
@Expet Belt/Twisted Spoon

Psycho Cut: STAB
Close Combat/Brick Break: STAB
Leaf Blade: Coverage
Night Slash: Coverage

Gallade is such a great Pokemon for this region, a mixture of Psychic and Fighting, and much better than Medicham. Psycho Cut is here for a STAB Psychic type move, and because it has a high chance of getting critical hits. Close Combat is a very powerful STAB Fighting type move, but you can use Brick Break if you want, I would go with Close Combat though because it is VERY powerful. Leaf Blade is a strong Grass type move and can land critical hits easily, although it costs a heart scale to learn. Night Slash is basically the exact same thing as Psycho Cut, but this time it is a Dark type move, something we can use against Ghost type Pokemon.

Floatzel (Route 205/Valley Windworks)
@Mystic Water/Splash Plate

Surf: HM
Waterfall: HM
Ice Fang: Coverage
Dig: Coverage

Floatzel is a very good Water type Pokémon for Sinnoh. Floatzel has Surf to travel across water, and instead of using a special attack in battle, we have Waterfall, because it is a physical Water move, AND so we can go up waterfalls aswell. Ice Fang is for coverage against Grass types and you can also use it against Flying types too. Dig is just here as a filler spot. I mainly just have it here so you can exit caves your lost in without escape ropes, and just to use against Poison and Steel types.

Houndoom (Route 214)
@Black Sunglasses/Pecha Berry

Flamethrower: STAB
Dark Pulse: STAB
Thunder Fang: Coverage
Iron Tail: Coverage

Houndoom, apart from Infernape, is the best Fire type Pokémon to have in the Sinnoh region. It is a typing of Fire and Dark which is very good. Flamethrower is obviously a strong STAB Fire type move with a chance to burn. Dark Pulse is a STAB Dark type move and is also a strong move. Thunder Fang is for coverage and will cost a heart scale to learn. Iron Tail is a TM that Houndoom can learn, but just be aware of its accuracy.

Raichu (Trophy Garden)
@Rawst Berry

Thunderbolt: STAB
Strength: HM
Rock Smash: HM
Grass Knot: Coverage

This little mouse is a beast for Electric type Pokémon. It is both a physical and special attacker which can be very useful in the game. Thunderbolt is an obvious choice for Raichu, being a strong STAB Electric type move, having a chance to paralyse the opponent. Strength is a strong Normal type move that can also be used outside of battle to push boulders. Rock Smash is to well, smash boulders outside of battle, but I don't really recommend using it in battle since it has a base power of 40, but you can if you want to. Finally, Grass Knot is here because it takes care of Ground types, and if you don't want to use Rock Smash, then also Rock types. It deals more damage to Pokemon that are heavier, so that is a very good move to have on Raichu.

Thank you soo much for looking at this and I hope you use this team if you want to use Torterra. This is the last team I am doing for Platinum, so if you want me to do more teams, my next one will be in Black 2 and White 2.

Just a quick edit, here are all of the moves which cost a heart scale:
Torterra = Wood Hammer
Gallade = Leaf Blade and Night Slash
Houndoom = Thunder Fang
I may have missed a few more heart scale moves, but atleast you can see some of them here. I hope this team helped!

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This team works especially well as all Pokémon are catchable before the second gym. It is perfectly balanced and features Chimchar as a starter.

Chimchar lv.5

Try to soft reset for a nature which boosts either attack stat or the speed stat at the cost of a defensive stat. A neutral nature also works well. It's only ability will be Blaze.

Infernape lv.57

  • Flare Blitz Level 57
  • Close Combat Level 41
  • Flamethrower TM35
  • Thunder Punch Move Tutor - Route 212 (2 Red Shards, 6 Blue Shards)

Infernape is a strong mixed attacker, and this all-out offensive moveset takes advantage of that. Flare Blitz and Flamethrower provides mixed Fire STAB for different situations. Close Combat provides a powerful Fighting STAB. Thunder Punch covers two dangerous weaknesses in Water and Flying.

Starly lv.2-4
Route 201

Look for a Jolly or Adamant nature if you have the patience. Ability will end up as Intimidate upon evolving.

Staraptor lv.57

  • Return TM27
  • Brave Bird Level 49
  • Close Combat Level 34
  • Fly HM02

Staraptor offers hard-hitting Physical moves at high speed which makes it a crucial team member. Return is a powerful STAB-move with no downside to it. Brave Bird is for when you want that extra punch at the cost of some HP. Close Combat offers excellent coverage of two out of three weaknesses, Rock and Ice. Fly is for getting around but also offers some powerful STAB in battle for when Brave Bird is too risky or not worth it.

Shinx lv.2-4
Route 202

Make sure you catch one with Intimidate and preferably an Attack- or Speed-boosting nature.

Luxray lv.57

  • Spark Level 13
  • Thunderbolt / Thunder TM24 / TM25
  • Crunch Level 42
  • Swagger / Rain Dance Level 28 / TM18

Luxray is mainly a Physical Attacker, but the absence of a strong Physical Electric move gives his 95 Special Attack some use. Spark is Physical STAB with a good chance to paralyze. Thunderbolt offers more power and is useful when facing Physically Defensive Pokémon. Crunch offers powerful coverage. Swagger can be useful in some situations, however it's mostly there as Luxray's in-game movepool is slightly lacking. Another option is Rain Dance+Thunder, which also benefits a switch to Gastrodon and Bronzong.

Budew lv.3-5
Route 204

Any nature which lowers attack at the benefit of another stat is ideal here, preferably Timid or Modest. Both abilities are good, but personally, I see Natural Cure as more beneficial.

Roserade lv.57

  • Giga Drain Roselia: Level 25 OR TM19
  • Sludge Bomb TM36
  • Shadow Ball TM30
  • Leech Seed / Toxic Spikes / Stun Spore Roselia: Level 16 / 28 / 10

Roserade has many options. Here I've put a more offensive set to offer coverage against many types, while only utilizing one status move slot. However, if you'd like you can get rid of a couple of offensive to achieve a more defensive set. In my set, Giga Drain is Grass STAB and recovery. Sludge Bomb is powerful Poison STAB. Shadow Ball offers additional coverage, mainly for dealing with Psychic types. As for status move, Leech Seed or Stun Spore are probably more useful in the long run, but Toxic Spikes can be very beneficial when facing larger teams in the late-game, such as the Elite Four and Champion. KEEP IN MIND that Roserade does not learn any new moves upon evolving with a Shiny Stone, so learn any moves you want with Roselia before evolving.

Shellos lv.9-12
Valley Windworks

Fast forward to after the first gym and to Valley Windworks. Here you pick up a Shellos. But why not Buizel? Water/Ground is the answer. It's an incredibly good typing to have. Also STAB Earthquake. Look for one with Storm Drain, which improves type resistances even more. Nature isn't the most important thing, as it will be carrying a mixed set. So neutral is the way to go.

Gastrodon lv.57

  • Surf HM03
  • Earthquake TM26
  • Ice Beam TM13
  • Rock Slide / Rain Dance TM75 / Level 22

Gastrodon has a very strong offensive movepool in this game. Surf is strong Water STAB and a useful HM. Earthquake is a very powerful Ground STAB. Ice Beam is excellent coverage against Grass types as well as Cynthia's Garchomp. Lastly you can go with Rock Slide for further coverage, or you can go for Rain Dance to power up Surf and weaken Fire Types. If you want, you can even combine it with giving Luxray Thunder, making sure it never misses.

Bronzor lv.16
Route 211

East of Eterna City we find our last team member just before the second gym. Few people realize just how good Bronzor is in Gen 4. As for offensive moves it will be special, so look for an Attack lowering nature. Levitate is the only ability you want. Giving Bronzor only one weakness to Fire.

Bronzong lv.57

  • Psychic TM29
  • Flash Cannon TM91
  • Hypnosis / Reflect Level 7 / TM33
  • Confuse Ray / Light Screen Level 14 / TM16

Bronzong actually has stronger Attack than Special Attack, but his Special movepool is both better and more accessible. Psychic is powerful well, Psychic, STAB. Flash Cannon is Steel STAB. Then as for status moves there are two main viable sets. Either you go with the Hypnosis/Confuse Ray combo, which is very effective in Gen 4. The big downside is of course Hypnosis' accuracy. The other option is dual screens, which is more useful for the rest of the team as opposed to Bronzong itself, as it really doesn't need it. I would recommend the first option, but feel free to experiment with his status moves to find what suits you best. Rain Dance is also an option if you want to negate his only weakness and benefit a Gastrodon switch-in. But that feels like overkill to me.

Infernape Staraptor Luxray Roserade Gastrodon Bronzong

Perfectly balanced, as all th-


Funny enough, this is the exact same team I used (minus movesets) when I first beat Platinum
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InfernapeStaraptor or TogekissGyaradosRoseradeGarchompWeavile
I didn't use Post-Game TMs, egg moves, version exclusives, trade evolutions or legendaries. I tried not to use moves over level 50 or late game TMs unless it was necessary. Also I tried to use Pokemon which you have access to early on. You can use Bibarel (Route 208-210) & Tropius (Great Marsh) as HM slaves.

Infernape (Starter)
Ability: Blaze
-Flamethrower/Flare Blitz (Fuego Ironworks/Lvl. 57)
-Close Combat (Lvl. 41)
-Thunder Punch/U-Turn (Route 212 - Move Tutor/Canalave City - Surf)
-Shadow Claw (Beat Fantina)

NOTE: Make sure you have a Monferno before the 1st gym. Use Mach-Punch & Flame Wheel for early game. If you want a more powerful STAB move use Flare Blitz. If you don't want to bother with move tutors, U-turn is always there. Effective against - Roark, Gardeina, Maylene's Lucario, Byron, Candice, Aaron, Bertha's rock types, Flint's Houndoom, Cythina's Roserade & Lucario and Galactic's Bronzors/Dark types.

Staraptor (Route 201) or Togekiss (Egg in Eterna City) (Shiny Stone in Route 210 - Rock Climb)
Staraptor or Togekiss
Ability: Intimidate ------------ Ability: Serene Grace
-Brave Bird (Lvl. 49) ------------ Air Slash (Move Relearner)
-Fly (Galactic Warehouse) ------------ Fly (Galactic Warehouse)
-Return/U-Turn (From Professor Rowan/Canalave City - Surf) ------------ Ancient Power (Lvl. 33)
-Close Combat (Lvl. 34) ------------ Aura Sphere (Move Relearner)

Staraptor is one of the best flyers you can get. If Infernape didn't learn U-Turn, give it to Staraptor or it can learn Return. Effective against - Gardeina, Maylene, Byron & Candice which can be risky, Aaron's bugs, Cythina's Roserade & Lucario and Galactic's dark types.
If you want a special attacker, then use Togekiss which is more bulky. However some of it's moves are found later on so it's best to use a Staravia/Staraptor early on then switch to Togetic/Togekiss.

Gyarados (Route 204) (Old Rod - west of Jubilife City)
Ability: Intimidate
-Waterfall (after defeating Volkner)
-Ice Fang (Lvl. 32)
-Stone Edge (Victory Road - 2F, east)
-Dragon Dance (Lvl. 44)

You should be able to get a Gyarados right before Fantina's Gym so use Bite against her team. Use Aqua Tail (Level 35) until you get Waterfall. Stone Edge is very late game so use Strength or Thrash before then. You can use Surf on a HM slave. Effective against - Fantina, Flint, Bertha, Barry's Staraptor, Cythina's Garchomp & Roserade.

Roserade (Route 208) (Shiny Stone - Iron Island)
Ability: Natural Cure/Poison Point
-Giga Drain/Petal Dance (Lvl. 25/Lvl. 40)
-Sludge Bomb (Galactic HQ)
-Shadow Ball (Route 210 - Rock Smash)
-Toxic/Stun Spore (Route 212/Already Learnt)

It will be inconvenient if you try to level up and get max friendship with a Budew, instead get a Roselia later on. Also use the shiny stone after level 40 if you want Petal Dance. Effective against - Wake, Bertha, Cythina's Milotic & Barry's Floatzel.

Garchomp (Gible - Wayward Cave)
Ability: Sand Veil
-Dragon Claw (Lvl. 33)
-Earthquake (Wayward Cave)
-Rock Slide (Mt Coronet - Surf/Rock Climb)
-Crunch/Brick Break (Lvl. 48/Oreburgh Gate)

You can get both Gible and Earthquake at Wayward Cave early on. Use Dragon Rage in the early game. Crunch & Brick Break are both great coverage - choose what you like. Effective against - Maylene's Lucario, Byron, Volkner, Bertha's rock types, Flint, Cythina's Lucario & Garchomp, most of Barry's team, Cyrus & Galactic's poison types.

Weavile (Route 216) (Razor Claw - Cyrus’ office in Galactic HQ)
Ability: Pressure
-Night Slash (Lvl. 35 as Weavile or Move Relearner)
-Ice Punch (Route 212 - Move Tutor)
-Iron Tail (Iron Island)
-X-Scissor (Route 221 - Surf)

Hidden Razor Claw in Cyrus' Office using Dowsing Machine before victory road. You can try to get a Weavile before Level 35 for Night Slash or you can just use the Move Relearner. Effective against - Aaron, Bertha but be careful, Lucian, Cythina's Togekiss & Garchomp, Barry's Straptor & Roserade, Cyrus & Golbats/Crobats.

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Good team but grinding 5 pokemon before the 3rd gym is not good
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The team members here were used for my run of Platinum. The moves were tweaked a little, but I tried to provide a well-balanced team. Keep in mind the items may not be the best; replace them with whatever you feel necessary.

Infernape @ Charcoal
Ability: Blaze

-Mach Punch (Level 14)
-Flare Blitz (Level 57)/Flamethrower (TM found in Fuego Ironworks or Veilstone Game Corner)
-Thunder Punch (Move Tutor)
-Earthquake (TM in Wayward Cave/Pickup

Mach Punch is priority STAB, Flare Blitz is also powerful STAB. Flamethrower is also an option if you don't want recoil. Thunder Punch covers Water and Flying type weaknesses, and Earthquake is solid coverage.

Staraptor @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Intimidate

-Brave Bird (Level 49)/Aerial Ace (Level 28)/Fly (HM)
-Return (TM found in Sandgem Town, Lost Tower, or Veilstone Game Corner)
-Close Combat (Level 34)
-U-turn (TM found in Canalave City or the Veilstone Game Corner),

Brave Bird is powerful STAB, Fly or Aerial Ace also work if you don't want recoil. Return is excellent, especially at max Friendship. Plus, Staraptor gets a STAB boost from it. Close Combat deals with Rock, Ice, and Steel types. U-turn is a nice pivot if necessary.

Luxray @ Magnet
Ability: Intimidate

-Thunder Fang (Level 35)/Thunderbolt (TM found at Valley Windworks or the Veilstone Game Corner)
-Crunch (Level 42)
-Return (TM found at Sandgem Town, Lost Tower, or the Veilstone Game Corner)
-Iron Tail (TM found on Iron Island)

Thunder Fang is STAB. Thunderbolt is an alternative, but Luxray's Special Attack is not the greatest. Crunch is a solid coverage move. I didn't really know what to put for the other two moves, so I chose the ever-powerful Return, and Iron Tail for a little coverage. Do keep in mind the inaccuracy of Iron Tail, however.

Roserade @ Miracle Seed
Ability: Natural Cure

-Energy Ball (TM found on Route 226)
-Sludge Bomb (TM found in Galactic Warehouse)
-Weather Ball (Move Reminder)
-Giga Drain (Level 25 as a Roselia)

Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb are both great STAB moves. Weather Ball provides coverage. Even though it's better in the weather, which doesn't happen too often in-game, the option's still there. Giga Drain is nice for whittling down an opponent's health and restoring your own.

Gastrodon @ Mystic Water
Ability: Storm Drain

-Surf (HM)
-Mud Bomb (Level 11)
-Blizzard (TM found at Lake Acuity, or the Veilstone Department Store)
-Hidden Power (Level 16)

Surf is a strong STAB move, and it's an HM. Mud Bomb isn't too great, but it's the best Gastrodon can do until the post-game. Blizzard is coverage and a Grass type counter. I didn't choose Ice Beam, as that's for Froslass. Hidden Power can be somewhat of a gamble, but Gastrodon just doesn't have many other options.

Froslass @ Spell Tag/Never-Melt Ice
Ability: Snow Cloak

-Ice Beam (TM found on Route 216, or from the Veilstone Game Corner)
-Shadow Ball (TM found on Route 210)
-Psychic (TM in the Veilstone Game Corner or on Route 211)
-Thunderbolt (TM found in Valley Windworks or at the Veilstone Game corner)

Ice Beam and Shadow Ball are both solid STAB moves. Psychic and Thunderbolt are both nice coverage. It’s a simple moveset, yet effective.

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The Team

>Wood-hammer:STAB Move
>Rock Slide/Stone Edge:Flying Type coverage
>Earthquake:STAB Move
>Crunch:Ghost and Psychic Type coverage

Move Locations:
>Wood-hammer can be learned via move re-learner. The Move Relearner is found in the house north-east of the Pokémart and will teach your Pokémon moves in its level-up that it could have learned at lower levels. He charges you one Heart Scale per move.

>Rock Slide can be found at Mt. Coronet. Upon entering the cave from the Eterna City side, proceed north and use the ladder to get on the first ledge you see, without using Rock Smash. Take the stairs to get off the ledge, proceed left, and move further up until you hit the wall. Use Surf on the patch of water in front of you. Follow the path and use Rock Climb. Take the stairs up and turn left as soon as you're able to. Use Strength and move the boulder in front of you until you can use the stairs. Head north and cross the bridge. Walk until you reach the TM for Rock Slide.

>Stone Edge can be found at Victory Road. The TM for Stone Edge is at the end of the third set of bike ramps in Victory Road.

>Earthquake can be learned at lvl.32 or can be found at Wayward Cave. In the hidden area of Wayward Cave that's under the Cycling Road, go through the puzzle to get to the hidden room. In that hidden room, you'll find the TM for Earthquake.

>Crunch can be learned at lvl.45

Ability:Water Veil(if you can get it)/Swift Swim
>Surf:STAB Move
>Waterfall:STAB Move
>Ice Beam:Grass and Dragon Type coverage
>Dig:Electric Type coverage

Location:Valley Windworks
Move Locations:
>Surf can be found at Celestic Town. Get the HM for Surf from Cynthia's grandmother inside the ruins after defeating the Galactic Grunt and giving her the Old Charm.

>Waterfall can be found at Sunnyshore City. The HM for Waterfall is given by Jasmine after defeating Gym Leader Volkner.(before getting waterfall just use aqua jet)

>Ice Beam can be found at Route 216 or Veilstone City. After getting the Icicle Badge, go to the area of Route 216 that requires Rock Climb. Go up the cliff with Rock Climb, and the TM for Ice Beam will be at the opposite end of that area. You can also buy the TM for Ice Beam at the Veilstone Game Corner for 10,000 coins.

>Dig can be found at Ruin Maniac Cave. Upon entry into the Ruin Maniac Cave, you'll see the TM for Dig behind some small rocks.

Ability:Flash Fire/Early Bird(both abilities are good)
>Flamethrower:STAB Move
>Crunch/Dark Pulse:STAB Move
>Solar Beam:Ground, Rock, and Water Type coverage
>Shadow Ball/Thunder Fang:Ghost and Psychic Type coverage coverage and Water Type coverage

Location:Route 214
Move Location:
>Flamethrower can be learned at lv.48 (lv.43 as a Houndour) or at Fuego Ironworks and Veilstone City. The TM for Flamethrower is inside the Fuego Ironworks building and can be found right next to the boiler. You can also get the TM for Flamethrower at the Veilstone Game Corner for 10,000 coins.

>Crunch can be learned at lvl.54(lvl.48 as a Houndour, or you can use feint attack)

>Dark Pulse can be found at Victory Road. The TM is in a room on the second floor. To get there, you must enter from the northwest door on the first floor. Upon entering the cave, use Rock Climb and then head left. Follow the path and use Rock Climb again. Make your way to the second floor and use Strength to get to the TM for Dark Pulse.

>Solar Beam can be found at Veilstone City. On the third floor in the Veilstone Department Store, the bottom cashier sells the TM for SolarBeam for 3,000 Poké Dollars.

>Shadow Ball can be found at Route 210. In the foggy area of Route 210, there are two logs that you can cross with your Bicycle. At the end of that path, you will find the TM for Shadow Ball; it requires Rock Smash.

>Thunder Fang can be learned via move re-learner

>Spark:STAB Move
>Thunderbolt:STAB Move
>Strength:Neutral coverage
>Iron Tail:Rock Type coverage(because most Ground Types trainer I met has Rock Type as a secondary type)

Location:Valley Windworks
Move Locations:
>Spark can be learned at lvl.13

>Thunderbolt can be found at Valley Windworks and Veilstone City. After getting the Relic Badge, head to Valley Windworks and go behind it with Surf. The TM for Thunderbolt will be on a small platform behind the Valley Windworks building. You can also get the TM for Thunderbolt at the Veilstone Game Corner for 10,000 coins.

>Strength can be found at Iron Island. The HM for Strength is obtained from Riley after you go through Iron Island with him.

>Iron Tail can be found at Iron Island. On the second basement floor of the right part of Iron Island, the TM for Iron Tail is in the western half of the pit that is just southeast of a Worker.

>Fly:STAB Move
>Close Combat:Rock and Ice Type coverage
>Return:STAB Move
>Steel Wing:Rock and Ice Type coverage

Location:Route 201
Move Locations:
>Fly can be found at Veilstone City. After beating Gym Leader Maylene, go to the area of Veilstone City where the two Galactic Grunts were standing earlier; battle them with Dawn/Lucas. After defeating the two Grunts, go into the warehouse. The HM for Fly will be to the right of the entrance.

>Close Combat can be learned at lvl.34

>Return can be found at Lost Tower, Veilstone City and Sandgem Town. Lost Tower, Veilstone City, Sandgem Town
Specific Location: On the fourth floor of the Lost Tower, you will find the TM for Return north of the middle southernmost gravestone. You can also get the TM for Return at the Veilstone Game Corner for 8,000 coins. Professor Rowan also gives you the TM for Return once you leave his Pokémon Research Lab in Sandgem Town after he gives you the Pokédex.

>Steel Wing can be found at Route 209. The TM for Steel Wing is between the trees located south of the Lost Tower. You need Cut to get it.

Ability:Poison Touch(if you can get it)/Anticipation
>Poison Jab:STAB Move
>Sludge Wave/Rock Climb/Ice Punch:STAB Move or Neutral coverage(can confuse) or Ground and Flying Type coverage
>Sucker Punch:Psychic Type coverage
>Revenge/Brick Break:STAB Move

Location:Route 212
Move Locations:
>Poison Jab can be learned at lvl.41 or at route 212. The TM for Poison Jab is behind a tree in the rainy area; this requires Surf.

>Sludge Wave can be learned at lvl.49 or at Team Galactic HQ. The TM for Sludge Bomb is southeast of the Galactic Key in the Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City.

>Rock Climb can be found at Route 217. The HM for Rock Climb is northeast of the Hiker's house.

>Ice Punch can be learned at the Move Tutor at Route 212.

>Sucker Punch can be learned at lvl.31.

>Revenge can be learned at lvl.22.

>Brick Break can be found at Oreburgh Gate. On the lower floor of Oreburgh Gate, the TM for Brick Break is found on the left of the jump ramps on the floor; it requires Rock Smash and either a Bicycle or Surf.

Other Options

These are the others that you can choose if you don't want the ones shown above

Ability:Regenerator(if you can get it)/Chlorophyll
>Power Whip
>Giga Drain(if the ability is Regenerator)/Sunny Day(if the ability is Chlorophyll)
>Rock Slide

Location:Great Marsh(Tangela),lvl up with Ancient Power to evolve
Move Locations:
>Power Whip can be learned at lvl.54, until then use Vine Whip
>Giga Drain can be found at Route 209
>Sunny Day can be found at 212
>Earthquake can be found at Wayward Cave
>Rock Slide can be found at Mt.Coronet

Reason to choose:
This Pokemon does its job nicely as a tank while doing some damage to the foe
Reason why I don't choose:
I already chosen Turtwig as a starter

Ability:Storm Drain
>Mud Bomb/Earthquake:STAB Move
>Surf:STAB Move
>Ice Beam:Grass and Dragon Type coverage
>Sludge Wave:Grass Type coverage

Location:Route 205(Shellos)
Move Locations:
>Mud Bomb can be learned at lvl.11.
>Earthquake can be found at Wayward Cave.
>Surf can be found at Celestic Town.
Ice Beam can be found at Route 216.
>Sludge Wave can be found at Team Galactic HQ.

Reason to choose:
A Water Type that is immune to Electric Type attacks but weak to Grass Type, this can be handled with teaching it Poison or Ice Type moves
Reasons Why I don't Choose:
It has a low Speed stat making it risky to use it against Grass Type Pokemons that has Speed stat higher than it (e.g. Roserade and Leafeon)

Ability:Flame Body(if you can get it)/Flash Fire
>Flare Blitz:STAB Move
>Iron Tail:Rock Type coverage
>Solar Beam:Rock, Ground and Water Type coverage
>Sunny Day:Power boost for Flare Blitz and no cooldown for Solar Beam

Location:Route 206
Move Locations:
>Flare Blitz can be learned at lvl.56, until then use Flame Wheel.
>Iron Tail can be found at Iron Island.
>Solar Beam can be found at Veilstone City.
>Sunny Day can be found at Route 212.

Reason to choose:
This Pokemon is fast and has a good Attack stat suitable for a hit and run battle style
Reason why I dont choose:
This Pokemon has a somewhat decent Hp and Defense stats making it not last long in the battle, it also has only a few coverage move against the type it weak to

Ability:Volt Absorb
>Thunderbolt/Thunder:STAB Move
>Double Kick/Iron Tail:Rock Type coverage
>Pin Missile/Shadow Ball:Psychic Type coverage
>Sand Attack/Double Team:Makes it harder to be hit

Location:In the house beside the Pokemon Center (Eevee)
Move Locations:
>Thunderbolt can be found at Valley Windworks
>Thunder can be learned at lvl.71 or can be found at Lake Valor and bought at Veilstone City
>Double Kick can be learned at lvl.29
>Iron Tail can be found at Iron Island
>Pin Missile can be learned at lvl.36
>Shadow Ball can be found at Route 210
>Sand Attack can be learned at lvl.8
>Double Team can be found at Wayward Cave

Reason to choose:
Very high Speed and Sp.Atk stats it can take on foes that has high Sp.Def too when combined with Thunderbolt/Thunder (e.g. Cynthia's Milotic)
Reason why I don't choose:
Its movepool is kinda bad, learning a good STAB move very late (Thunder at lvl.71) and not having access to Thunderbolt or atleast Shock Wave, it also doesn't have a good coverage move

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Nice team! Don't you think that you should have a Pokemon with Sunny Day if you run Solar Beam on Houndoom? Also, I would choose Gallade or Lucario over Toxicroak. But this is in-game, so it would be fine. Also, you can give Brave Bird to Staraptor if you don't mind the recoil. Houndoom has higher Sp. Attack so I would give Dark Pulse instead of Crunch and Shadow Ball instead of Thunder Fang but still Thunder Fang gives water-coverage.
I agree that Gallade is better than Toxicroak, but why Lucario? Riolu comes later and at a lower level than Croagunk, so it's much more useless when both are given the same amount of experience.
True... I just told that anyway as I didn't went to Iron Island , just skipped it. I chose Gallade like you said
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Here's the team I'm currently making in my replay of Platinum, it seems pretty solid till now, here's the team-
#1: Infernape-
If we compare all three starters in terms of ingame performance, even tho each starter is almost good as each other, Infernape's speed gives him the edge other 2 don't have. It has more advantages in ingame fights too. It clearly has one of the best type combos in Pokemon- Fire/Fighting. It gives it lot of advantages in type matchups, and the diverse movepool with good stats in both attack categories is icing on the cake! Here's the moveset I reccomend-
1st- Flamethrower (utilizes it's special attack, best fire move it can get if you don't like flare blitz' recoil, obtained by teaching tm 35 found at fuego Ironworks' interior)
2nd- Close Combat (best fighting move for Infernape, utilizes it's physical attack, learnt on lvl 41, Brick break is good alternative if you don't like the defensive stats drop, Brick break tm found in Oreburgh gate cave's lower floor, but have Bicycle and rock smash HM)
3rd-Thunder Punch (coverage to deal with Flying and Water types, First get 2 red and 6 blue shards by either trading star pieces for them in Fuego Ironworks, finding them on certain routes they are found in or digging in underground, then go to route 212's raining side and there you will find a house mid route, the hiker move tutor lives there, he will teach it in exchange of the shards)
4th- U-turn (coverage for psychic and good move to retreat while dealing damage. Shadow claw is good alternative, but I prefer U-turn, both are taught by tm, U turn tm is found by surfing to southernmost part in Canal in Canalave city, the small part with green grassy floor and trees south of the bridge, shadow claw tm is given by Fantina after beating her)
#2: Staraptor-
Best early route flyer in Sinnoh, found on the very first route of the game, it's excellent attack and superb speed it's a cool sweeper and able to learn fly, other flyers like Crobat work good too, but Staraptor is my preference here. The moveset I've prepared is-
1st- Fly (To fast travel and solid flying type move for Staraptor, also good to use when Staraptor's in a pinch, found in Vielstone galactic warehouse after defeating 2 Galactic grunts guarding it)
2nd- Return (Best normal move if your Staraptor is quite friendly to you, tm given by Professor Rowan early game, You can check friendship using the friendship checker in poke watch, a good alternative is....I can't find any...sorry; but Return works for most people anyways)
3rd- Close Combat (Coverage against rock, steel types etc, learnt on lvl 34, just when Staravia Evolves! So be sure to evolve Staravia before challenging Vielstone gym leader!)
4th- Filler spot, U turn is good if you didn't give it to Infernape, Defog for the foggy route or Aerial ace is ok too (aerial ace learnt by level up, defog HM found in Solaceon ruins)
#3: Roserade-
Best Grass type in Sinnoh, we are not gonna use Luxray or Jolteon, Why? I'll explain later in this answer. Our electric type in this team is found after Crasher wake gym so Roserade is best option against Wake, and Roserade is awesome to deal with Bertha. I suggest cathing Roselia in route before Hearthome instead of evolving Budew. The moveset I suggest is-
1st- Petal dance (best grass move for Roserade, an alternative is....maybe Giga drain? Anyways both moves are learnt on lvl 40, don't evolve your Roselia until it learns Petal dance as Only Roselia learns it in the evolution line)
2nd- Sludge Bomb (Best poison move for Roserade, found in Vielstone Galactic warehouse's lower floor)
3rd- Stun spore (paralyzing foe can help in tight situations, and help Roserade out speed lots of opponents with it's good speed, Other status moves it gets don't work as good as Stun spore, learnt on lvl10 , so Roselia would probably have it by the time you catch it)
4th- Shadow ball (filler move, but works good on Awesome special attacker like Roserade, tm found on foggy route right of Celestic town)
#4: Gastrodon-
West form found in valley windworks, east form in route right of pastoria, tho the only difference in both is looks. Water/Ground combo..ah....so good. both defensively and offensively good with only grass as a weakness, it's awesome Pokemon, improve it's attack stat for using Earthquake, the best move it an get before post game. good surfer and waterfall climber for team too! BTW I came up with a good nickname for it- Erodon (Erosion+ don) The best moveset I could make is-
1st- Surf (for water travel and best Water move for it. hm in Celestic town, given by Cynthia's grandma either after defeating galactic grunt there in Dimond and Pearl or defeating Cyrus in Platinum)
2nd- Waterfall (another hm needed and good to use on Donny. hm found in Sunnyshore city, given by Jasmine, a gym leader in Johto who IDK why came to Sinnoh)
3rd- Earthquake (best Gound move as earth power is postgame. the reason for improving it's physical attk. tm obtained in wayward cave. enter from entrance below cycle route, requires strength hm in DP but not in PTM)
4th- Ice beam (coverage against it's only weakness- grass. found in route 216 near a female skier, requires rock climb hm)
#5: Magnezone-
the electric mon of our team! I don't suggest Luxray as it neither has good speed to outspeed it's opponent to KO it before being hit hard nor does it have good defense to take a hit before hitting opponent, it might work for some people, but Magnezone beats it by it's solid defenses. not Jolteon as it gets good electric moves too late in game. Magnemite found outside fuego ironworks. you an get it only after Wake as you need surf for going to fuego ironworks. It's solid spcl attk and defenses make it a solid asset in the team! level it up in mt. coronet to evolve magneton into magnezone. a good moveset for it is-
1st- Thunderbolt (of course the best electric move for any electric spcl attacker. good alternative is discharge. thunderbolt tm found by surfing to area behind valley windworks, discharge learnt on lvl 40)
2nd- Flash cannon (best steel move for it. Given by steel gym leader Byron after defeating him)
3rd- Tri- attack {good filler move for it. only magneton an learn it tho, so don't evolve magneton until it relearns it if you want this move. get heart scale, best method to get it is showing the news guy in solaceon town the Pokemon he wants to see, which is mostly not a hard task, then go to a house near the gym in pastoria, meet the fat blue color shirt guy (I'm not body shaming him I'm just describing his appearance so everyone can identify him) he is the move relearner, teach tri attack in exchange of the scale}
4th- Magnet rise (to save magnezone from earthquake and most ground moves, learnt on lvl 50, but faster method is getting 2 green, 2 blue and 4 yellow shards by methods mentioned before, go to the snowpoint move tutor found in house on right side of northern part, teach it in exchange of obtained shards)
Tip: If you are going to use Magnezone against Cyrus' Gyarados in the distortion zone battle, giving a focus sash to Magny before the battle is recommended, (outspeeding Gyarados and Magny can be OHKOed by EQuake I wish stury worked in gen 4 JUUUUUUUUST like how it does in 5, wait, almost all Pokemon with sturdy are defensive but with a 4x weakness, maybe THAT'S why sturdy was given to them and changed in gen 5, Gamefreak must've notied this problem..........hmmmmmmm) just for that battle, not any other IIRC
#6- Weavile-
Best Pokemon to deal with that destructive demon of a Garchomp owned by Cynthia, it out speeds Chompy even when it's underlevel, hits hard with physical attacks, awesome dark type to deal with psychic E4 Lucian. Best Ice and Dark mon in DPPT. use the hidden item finder in poke watch in Cyrus' room in Veilstone galactic HQ to find razor claw, give it to Sneasel, and level it up on night while it holds razor claw to evolve it into weavile. Sneasel found on snowy route 216. Best moveset for this ideal glass cannon sweeper is-
1st- Ice punch (best ice move for it. route 212 move tutor teaches it in exchange of 2 red and 6 blue shards, don't forgrt to say "omae wa mou shindeiru" to Garchomp before using it! )
2nd- Night slash (best dark move for it, and the higher critial hit ratio is icing on cake. move relearner in pastoria teaches it in exchange of heart scale)
3rd- aerial ace (coverage against fight and bug types. tm found near dr footstep's house on route 213)
4th- X scissor or brick break (both are good but I prefer brick break. teach brick break if you didn't use it on Infernape, otherwise teach x scissor. x scissor tm found between 2 grass patches in right part of southern part part of route 221)
Tip: If battling Cynthia on SET battle mode, giving focus sash to Weavile before the battle is HIGHLY recommended
So that's the team I made. I hope you like it! bye until next time!
Infernape Staraptor Roserade Gastrodon Magnezone Weavile

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Empoleon @ Splash Plate

Location: Received from Prof. Rowan
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
Ability: Torrent

Surf (HM03 given in Celestic Town)
Flash Cannon (TM91 from Byron in Canalave Gym)
Ice Beam (TM13 on Route 216)
Waterfall (HM05 in Solaceon Ruins)

Surf and Flash Cannon are STAB, Ice Beam helps cover Ground weakness and helps cover Grass and Flying types. Waterfall is used for HM purposes.

Staraptor @ Silk Scarf

Location: Route 201
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Sp.Atk)
Ability: Intimidate

Return (TM27 from Prof. Rowan in Sandgem Town)
Fly (HM02 found in the Galactic Warehouse)
Close Combat ( Learned upon evolution from Staravia)
Aerial Ace (Learned at level 28 as a Staravia)

Return is STAB and has base 100 power at max happiness and goes up to base power with Silk Scarf. Fly is also STAB and will help you traverse the region. Close Combat is for coverage against Rock, Ice, Steel, Dark, and Normal types. Aerial Ace is here in case you don't like waiting 2 turns to use Fly.

Gallade @ Scope Lens

Location: Route 208 as a Male
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Sp.Atk)
Ability: Steadfast

Brick Break/Close Combat (TM31/Level 53)
Psycho Cut (Level 31 as Gallade)
Leaf Blade (Move Relearner in Pastoria City)
Night Slash (Move Relearner in Pastoria City)

Brick Break/Close Combat are both STAB and I gave you the option based on if you want more PP, no decrease in stats, and less damage, or if you want all out damage while sacrificing PP. Psycho Cut is STAB and has a high-crit chance. Leaf Blade provides coverage against multiple types with, again, a high-crit chance. Night Slash covers all but one of Gallade's weaknesses in Ghost and Psychic, with an additional high-crit chance. The Scope Lens partnered with this moveset helps Gallade deal massive damage to every mon he faces.

Houndoom @ Blackglasses

Location: Route 214
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Atk, -Atk)
Ability: Flash Fire

Flamethrower (Level 48/TM35 found at Fuego Ironworks)
Dark Pulse (TM79 found in Victory Road)
Sludge Bomb (TM36 found in Galactic Warehouse)
Shadow Ball (TM30 found on Route 210)

Flamethrower and Dark Pulse are STAB. Sludge Bomb and Shadow Ball are here for coverage against various types.

Mamoswine @ Icicle Plate

Location: Route 217
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Sp. Atk)
Ability: Oblivious

Earthquake (Level 40)
Ice Fang ( Level 28, have to go to Move Relearner in Pastoria City)
Rock Slide/Stone Edge (TM80 found in Mt. Coronet/TM71 found in Victory Road)
Strength (HM04 received on Iron Island from Riley)

Earthquake and Ice Fang are STAB. Rock Slide/Stone Edge are coverage against Mamoswine's Fire weakness. Strength is mainly used for HM purposes but is a solid in-battle move as well.

Electivire @ Expert Belt

Location: Route 222
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Sp. Atk)
Ability: Motor Drive

Thunder Punch (Level 28)
Earthquake (TM26 found in Wayward Cave)
Ice Punch (Move Tutor on Route 212, need shards. Check below)
Fire Punch (Move Relearner in Pastoria City)

Thunder Punch is STAB, Earthquake and Fire Punch are both fantastic coverage moves. Ice Punch is coverage for Electivire's only weakness in Ground.

Luxray @ Magnet

Location: Route 202
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp. Atk)
Ability: Intimidate

Spark (Level 17)
Crunch (Level 42)
Thunder Fang (Level 35)
Strength (HM04 Given on Iron Island by Riley)

Use Luxray if you cannot trade to evolve Electivire

Spark is STAB and Crunch is coverage for a ton of typings. Thunder Fang and Strength are here due to Luxray's very lackluster move pool.

Items needed for Moves/Evolutions

Dawn Stone needed for Kirlia to evolve to Gallade found on Route 212

6x Blue Shards and 2x Red Shards for move tutor found in various locations across the region.

Electirizer needed to evolve Electabuzz to Electivire is found behind the Valley Windworks, you need surf to access it. You also need to trade while Electabuzz is holding it so you need a spare DS sorry.