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And make sure to actually look things up before you answer.

And I need a for sure answer, not people guessing. That includes people of other sites guessing.

If you are not sure what the question is talking about or if you are not 100% sure your answer is correct, DO NOT ANSWER

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Hmmm, I know they aren't interaction, like I thought. I figured that out when I caught his Klink.
All I know is that it took me 2 HOURS to find the ones that are in ( Spoiler Alert ) Chargestone Cave! It drove me crazy!
how do you know if its N's?
it sparkles like its shiny but its not
@Draco: Despite the fact that that is bulbapedia, that is not a legitamate source. Anything that says "I believe" can be incorrect, and as such will not be acceptable as an answer.
trachy I'm not sure, but how did we get to know about ev's? iv's? movesets? why cant we do what we did to find these things out? I dont know how you find out...but its not like gamefreak are going to just tell us is it?
One word: Hackers. That's probably how we'll find the answer to this question.
I think the weaker ones are easier to find, as in more common, not just available sooner.
@starmarx39: I agree. I found N's Joltik, Ferroseed, and Klink, at an average time of ten to fifteen minutes between each encounter, but then it took me about half an hour and maybe even LONGER to find N's Boldore, so... either I have really bad luck, or that your theory might be correct.
If you have a strong guess or theory, comment it, but don't answer. If its wrong, don't post anything.
I have a friend whose uncle took us to game freak before to demo black and white 2 maybe I should ask him to take me there again to ask this question

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It is a random generator the Pokemon can have a 1-5% to appear for example purrloin can have a 3% chance to appear while boldore can have a 1% chance to appear. It is random for every game though so darmanitan could have a 5% chance in your game but 1% in someone else's game.

Source: My friend's uncle took us to gamefreak studios(nintendo america) and I got the privilege to ask a person that works on wild Pokemon this question.


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Looks can be decieving. I can answer:

The probability of finding one of N's Pokemon is (p-b^r), where p=number of Pokemon of the same species you have caught, b=8-number of badges you have, and r=the rarity of the Pokemon in that area. This number cannot exceed 40%.

Source: I asked Game Freak.
really?? oh no wait u're pulling our legs. still, IS it true?
I'm still sure this is a fake answer.
trachy that is completely wrong. I had never caught a Klink before, so p would be 0, and I had 8 badges, so b would be 0,  ergo b^r regardless of what r is would also be 0, indicating that my chances of finding N's Klink would be 0. Yet, I found N's Klink. So sorry, but you either didn't ask Game Freak OR someone at Game Freak really didn't know what they were talking about.
That equation is wrong; trachy was just quoting it to show how answers can be deceptive in their trustworthiness.