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Editor! Good job guys.
You've been here even longer than I am, kinda unfair to see me as Mod and you two as Editors.
You guys deserve this, and be corrupt, like I was! Just kidding.

Think of this like a tribute to these two awesome users.

♠SpumWack♠ : Ah, those adventures. You complaining that you would never get Expert, and you would never get over 2000 points. Me almost always answering before you. You raging in Chat and the comments. Oh, the fun we had.
So if you really believed that Expert would never come, think again.
WackSpum, Kyron, Unrecognizable, OshawottKid, PokewattKid, or whatever your name is. You deserve it, based on your activity, you always defeating me in PO nowadays, and overall helpfulness on the DB :P
And never forget the power..of...

Ninja: You got Editor. After complaining over 6 months :P
Good job. You deserve it; you've been on the DB really long. Almost 2 years! I'm not even 1 and a half years yet, xD
All the the time, I saw you grow from a Registered an Expert..and then, you became an Editor!
Always remember all the fun times we had on chats outside the DB :P Ranging from trolling to the times that people were being just plain stupid on chat....

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They deserve it :)
Thank you
Good work you guis!
Congrats to both of you. You deserve it!
Thanks all of you
Speditor and Ninjeditor! I also made Mewderator!! Congratulations!!

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Congrats guys! Just a reminder, please be sensible when hiding stuff. You both know the rules pretty well so I'm sure you'll be fine.

Also some info on approving/rejecting posts is here:

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Will Do
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Can I like, answer this? Well, I'm going to.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys REALLLY deserved it.
I cannot put into words how awesome you guys are, and just know you guys have my deepest thanks for everything.
Everything. <3


Thank you :D
I saw the "I love you so much", and knew it was Rio without looking.
BTW, congrats guys.
xD You know me to well. Speaking, I want to make a meme on this....
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Horray for you two! You guys really deserve it. I've took the time to also say some things. Guys, you're always there to do the right thing and answer the questions confused users ask. I really wanna say thanks for slapping me a ton when I was Pokemaster4, it really helped me get to where I am and where I'm going to go. For others like Mew, Pokemaster, Mike, and others, thanks from me also. If you guys see anything fishy, you tell a mod and they find out. So, one again, you guys are great. The DB would never be the same if you two wern't here.

BIG WHOOP!!!!!! jk congrats
Well, I can see Ninja saw it.