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The Chat and Rules buttons right under the search tab on all sections are green. Even in META, where the theme is gray, and in the Battle Subway/RMT where the theme is orange.

Even though this is probably my OCD kicking in, I assume it wouldn't be too hard to change it.

This is a minor thing, so it shouldn't be Pokemaster's top priority.

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idk why PM would bother with this :P It doesn't really affect anyone
I think Pokemaster did this because the whole community is commonly referred to as the 'Pokebase'. Since the Chat and the Rules section are part of the Pokebase, it matches the actual Pokebase colour, which is green.
Get it? :D
Yeah, it does look a bit off.
JarJar, it affects my OCD :(
My guess is because the chat was created before the META and Battle Subway sections were added to the site. A simple oversight. :P
^ Probably more logical than my guess. xD

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They are in green because that's the colour of buttons on the main Pokebase. And the Chat/Rules pages are on that section.

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