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Username changes are now closed until the summer.

Hi everyone, sorry I'm late with this, I've been quite busy recently and haven't had any time for the site.

Name changer

Name changes will be unlocked this weekend - Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.

I've opened the thread now so everyone has a heads up and can ask others for opinions on changes. Just post an answer with the options you're considering, then when this weekend comes you can change your username.

To update your username, click your username, then the "Edit my account" button. Or use this link shortcut.

Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' in them, nor profanity.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters is 20 in a username. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
closed with the note: Closed until summer :)
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o god this is not good...i changed my name and this morning i went to log on to here with the name EmøtionalDisaster and it wouldnt i used my email instead and i look at my profile and i spelt disaster wrong by a long shot :( "disater" >________<  wish it never ended i only realised when it shut >:O
Is it still possible to change my username?
No, next username changes should be September iirc :)
September, whay day? The 1st?
Depends on when Pokemaster remembers.

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The Wanderer is retiring. Enter:


enter image description here

I +1'd for the grooveh ludicobro.
Ludicolbro sounds better to me

but w/e
I still miss the Never Look Back sprite. xD
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The Great Deku Tree need to sleep it has been a long time, while he is gone Jofly will take his place.

The Great Deku Tree > Jofly


        ^ That is the Viking dance.
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I upvoted for ┗(^0^)┓┗(^0^)┓┗(^0^)┓┗(^0^)┓┗(^0^)┓
Me two
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This time I'm serious, my name is now being changed into:─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ Someone needs to do it, and no copying please..

Use iNverted ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ!
don't. just be ─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ
Can I just call you Facey? Because all I can remember from that new name is the face. :3
Lol, sure!
...You aren't very serious from what I see. :P xD
Will freaked out.
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thelegendofninetails----> ※∞Elvinity∞※
I personally really like the look and the meaning in this username! Hope you all like my drastic changes! See you soon!
~May the Elvinity be with you~

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Wow, that looks sweet!
Thanks bro :3
When you come on Chat I'll know who it is
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Haha! First answer for the name change!! ;D
I normally come on to see like 20 people already answering. Now I can say I was first. I AM THE INAUGURAL ANSWERER. I AM ! •~Indigo~• ! --> Indigo

Yeah, I'm trying my name without name decoration. I'll be strong. >.<
If I don't like it though, I'll keep my name as ! •~Indigo~• ! though. So yeah. Have fun changing your names and shtuff. :3

EDIT: Plain Indigo - I couldn't stand it for twenty minutes. I tried to get to half an hour but the chat room influenced. me. xD
My new username is:

!•~Indigo~• ! --> !'•-Indigo-•'!

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I just noticed how long my answer is compared to others. :o
I don't know how people can decorate their names, I can't even decorate my signature. I tried.
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i suck qq ~~~~~> Hotcakes

Because I'm hawt and dangerous.

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:> (filler)
:D (Filler here)
Too hawt
Oncecakes suck qq? :3
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Dr_dude_of_bananas -----> Dr Dude

Because the first one is random and ugly

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Going back to Nindzya.

3 votes

I've noted the list, and I'm going to be every single one before I leave this site, whether you want me to stay that long or not :D. But for now..

Recoded ----->Stay_Silent

If you like it, yay, thanks :3. If you don't, pretend to be British and take it with some stiff upper lip <3

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I vote Loser.


jk, SactuaryProject sounds nice.
Graveyard Shift
I like Skyrise or Dusk to Dawn. I can't choose though. D:
Prof.X won't be an option sorry. And thanks for all the opinions but it's still very confusing xD
Yay I like it
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I'm not 100% sure on any name as of now, but I am most likely going to change to Majora.
I will update as I decide more, but I'm strongly leaning towards it.

Sounds like the Zelda game. Any reason? JZ sounds cooler
It is from LoZ Majora's mask. I like the sound of it, a lot of people seem to prefer JackZero though so I will think about if I should change it at all.
Majora is a good one.
Yeah. Pretty sure I'm gonna go with that at this point.
Meh, I still like JZ more :P
Zelda bros!
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Hmmmm, I would like to become:

Black_Blood_Dragon ----------> a Magikarp

Trollin', anyone?

So basically the point is I want to troll people when I ask or answer or comment, it says
"answered 500 (or any other number) hours ago by a Magikarp."

Get it? No one wants their question to be answered by a Magikarp xD. By the way, I will change my profile picture into a Magikarp when it gets changed. Happy trolling, me.

Hope you liked it!

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Erapidash to.... Esuicune! Yay!

...Essy? ;~;
Essie, actually.
I want you to stay as a Rapidash.......
>:( If you change I'm gonna attack you with my (Flare  Blitz+Volt Tackle) combo! So don't change!!!
Lookin' sweg :3
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Lord Kaname ------> Thanatos (death) or Riley Freeman

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Yahoo! Finally another person into Greek/Roman/Egyptian Mythology!
Niiice :3
Remove the death and just be Thanatos.
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Yeah I'm changing also :P

Oncoming $torm ---> The Fallen Seraph/Team Four Star


Click teh link o3o

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The Fallen Star also fits TFS, but it's kind of depressing :I
At the same time it references a movie like Stardust who's "Fallen Star" was totally badass and awesome, so yeah :D
A seraph is a type of angel(if you bothered reading the link). So in translation The Fallen Angel. But I found the power of Seraphs more to my liking. Mostly because I couldn't choose archangels >.>
I like the Supernatural theme though. The Fallen Star or Angel is much better imo, but idc tbh as long at it's Supernatural :D
I like The Fallen Seraph
Nonono. You need '$' in your name.
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Trust & Betrayal --> Lust

I'm acknowledge more by this now, and I don't want a "Le" name, now that half of the DB went into that phase.

Half the DB is either French or likes mocking the French :P
You could just be "Scrub". If not then Thrust > Lust.
I think most people like french, rather than mock it
Obviously your not English then :P
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xxblazexx --> Sophisticles of the sophisticated sorts!

This'll be my new name. I made this name up back in the 8th grade when my history teacher asked me to name three philosophers we've been discussing. Then the eager "me" said Aristotle, Plato, & Sophisticles, meaning Socrates. :p Thus the sophisticated nature was born.

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Made up words make the world go round
:p yep
An example of how school helps succeed in life ;)
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Well...I want this name now :P The voting was a hoax! Wasabi, no really, last minute I decided I wanted this name :P. Ok Final Answer: ⚳♚Twιℓιℊℋℐ Prιɴce∞♏
Like it? Thank you all for you votes! And alas, au revoir for now! Thx you Pokemaster!

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Yay :3
Woohoo! :3

You are now a member of the Ghost Club :D!
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Blazo will be back soon...he's going on vacation for a while...meanwhile, his assistant Da Shadow will take over for him at Pokebase. :)

Da Shadow

It fits :)
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Blitz of Justice is too long I think.
I opt for:



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pokèlink to pokélink

Accent switchy. :D :D :D