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A certain troll/spammer/the human manifestation of AIDS has recently exploited the fact that, if you send a long message without any spaces in chat, the page can be stretched. This doesn't affect people on the chat on computers that much, all it does it add a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen (which, honestly, probably annoys me more than it should), but on mobile, it stretches the page. I remember a while ago, walls used to be able to be stretched, and it was fixed so that when a long message was posted, the post would get a scroll bar on that. I'm not sure if you could do something similar with chat messages, but, even if you could, I personally think that it'd be a bad solution. I'm not sure exactly what you can do in terms of fixing it, PM, but if you can, some solution might be to prevent posts with long strings of characters without spaces from being sent, similarly to how profiles work.

TL;DR: Long strings of characters without spaces can stretch the chat, and it'd be great if it could be fixed.

Something else I should add: The aforementioned guy has been a nuisance on chat for the entirety of this year. Fizz has banned his accounts multiple times, but he doesn't seem to intend on slowing down. It'd be very helpful if you could block a range of IPs, PM.

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You could just not use it on mobile. I personally have logged in here several thousand times but only once or twice on mobile.
Sumwun, if you're not going to add something actually helpful, could you please not add anything at all? Thanks.
Honestly, taking away his ability to extend the page will probably take away half the reason our friendly little spammer keeps coming back here.
it extends the page on some laptops I use as well. I have no problem with shortening the amount of characters you can send without spaces in chat. :P
I think making it 2 sentences could also be great. Because you could send an important link that's long (like a google search result), and then no one sees it.
@SYL First of all, there'd really be no way to tell whether or not something is two sentences, and, even if you could, I really think that a two sentence limit is quite restrictive. Also, if you're posting a link to a Google search, you could just post a link to the image, website, etc. that comes up. The URL would be much shorter.
I mean that it's like this:

instead of spamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspamspam

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OK finally got around to fixing this. I think it should work in all browsers but if you still have problems let me know.

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It’s fixed on the mobile site!
It's working in Chrome, too. Not sure if it'd be different with other browsers.
ur ebic pm
Wonderful, thanks for this!
No chance we could get that IP range blocked? This person has created over thirty accounts (yes, really) over a ten month period, and evades their ban using the rolling address from their mobile carrier. Obviously not something you'd ban forever, but long enough to make this person accept they are not welcome here. Some of his recent accounts are listed here, to discriminate what addresses to block.