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I think we got it 99% correct, so thanks to everyone that helped, I really appreciate it!

The point of this post is just in case there may be a few mistakes. If you happen to notice anything you think is wrong, post an answer here and I will look into it. Answers will be hidden once corrections have been made (or rejected). Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far!

Please post answers instead of comments. Thanks.

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Is it just me, or should the origin of Marshadow be "Marsh" and "shadow"?
I checked bulbapedia, and apparently the Japanese is martial arts.
even though faced with glaring facts, I feel like 'martial arts' is a bit of a stretch, especially since it's literally the "Gloomdweller" pokemon. What's more Gloomy than a swamp?

sure, he's a fighting type... i just think "marsh" makes more sense. Is anybody with me?
he hides in pokemon and people's shadows and use them to learn and get better at fighting than they are, generally coping martial arts :P
I think the 'tuff' in wiggly tuff could also be refering to a tuft, sort of like jigglypuff, as well as the given meaning of tough.
Stoutland, I think, is playing off of Shetland terrier/sheepdog, more than just land in general. Dragapult also must be playing off of dragon and poltergeist. I know the spelling is a bit different but it just makes too much sense.
On the Nickit name origin, "nick" means steal in the UK and "it" just means it. So the name would be "Stealit" technically for its origin name.

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Tropius' name is listed as a combination of 'tropical' and 'saurus' - I'm not sure that suffix fits. There was a sauropod-like animal called Tanystropheus living in the triassic - '-tropheus/trophius' is a much more similar suffix, and the animal in question actually resembles Tropius more than sauropods do, as Tanystropheus was characterised as having a neck which exceeded the length of its body and tail. Tanystropheus was a marsh-dwelling animal, which fished in narrow rivers with its long neck - a marshy habitat intersected with rivers describes exactly the routes Tropius are found in. The piscivorous aspect of the animal is referenced, in my opinion, in the location of Feebas on the same route.
Tropius is a single-stage evolution. Tanystropheus was a relatively short-lived animal which existed after the most destructive mass extinction in history - the developers, I'm sure, would've been aware of this period of time, and I think that Tropius being a single-stage, unique Pokemon is a reference to the brevity of the existence of the animal. Also, given the precedent set by the designers of Pokemon for an affinity towards non-dinosaurian ancient animals (Aerodactyl being a pterosaur, Archeops being a proto-bird, the Cambrian fossil duo from Hoenn), I think it's more likely that Tropius was actually named after Tanystropheus.

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Appletun's name comes from Appleton, a toponym that means an orchard or place where apples grow, which makes since because Appletun is a apple pie. Appletun's name may also come from ton (referencing its bulk). It may also be a play on apple turnover or under, an apple dish.

Toxel's name also comes from toddle, which means a young child's unsteady walk. It may also come from little.

Applin's name also comes from tannin, a biblical serpentine dragon, which is why it is Grass-Dragon.

Eldegoss's name originates from edelweiss, a flower with a furry coat, which makes since because Eldegoss is covered in a furry coat.

Regidrago's name possibly comes from draco (dragon in Latin).

Sobble's name also comes from dribble, a word that means a thin stream of liquid; a trickle, which makes since because Sobble is the water starter.

Rookidee's name also comes from a species of bird called rooks. Rookidee's name possibly comes from kid.

Corvisquire's name also comes from the bird family corvidae, which makes since because Corvisquire is a bird. That also applies to Corviknight.

Wooloo's name comes from loom, a type of machine used to weave cloth, which makes since because cloth can be gotten from sheep.

Yamper's name also comes from ampere, the SI base unit of electrical current, which makes since because Yamper is an electric doggo.

Sillicobra's name also comes from silt, a granular material of a size between sand and clay, whose mineral origin is quartz and feldspar, which makes since because Sillicobra is a ground snake.

Arrokuda's name also comes from arowana, which are freshwater bony fish of the family osteoglossidae.

Sizzlepede's name possibly also comes from millipede, a type of bug.

Kartana's name may come from card, since cards are made out of paper. It may also come from curtana, a British ceremonial sword used at the coronations for kings and queens. It definitely comes from Kartana, which is Sanskrit for cutting.

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"Kangaskhan - Genghis Khan Mongolian leader"
"Khan" does not need to be from Genghis Khan, "Khan" was a tittle used by many leaders in central Asia (and even eastern Europe):

“Kangas” sounds like “Genghis”. That’s what the etymology page is referring to.
The name clearly comes from Genghis Khan, it sounds exactly the same.
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Poipole is, I believe, a combination of Pole, Poison, and (which was previously missed), Purple.
Zygarde is derived from 'zygote'.
The site says Cinderace comes from 'cinder' and 'ace', but I think it is 'cinder' and 'race'.
Dottler is based on 'Doppler', a kind of radio.
I would say Toxtricity is from toxicity and electricity.
Hattena is a combination of 'hat' and 'antenna'.

I think I am correct, so If you agree, please make these (slight) changes to your website.

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Uxie's name origin is from the word "yukusaki" (Japanese for future), "Chishiki" (Japanese for knowledge) and pixie. and "You" has nothing to do with that.

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Yukusaki doesn't mean future in Japanese. The Japanese word for future is Mirai, also spelt as 未来. Yukusaki is more of a phase like "where to go", it doesn't totally have a meaning

Yuku, also spelt as iku, is a version of the word "go". Ikimasu is like I will go. -saki is like a time meaning, like "will" or "did", but it doesn't mean future.

Source: i speak japanese
Basically what I'm saying is that makes no sense for Uxie's name origin to be from the term yukusaki because "yuku" would mean "go" in that sense, and then Uxies name origin, if that's correct, is like "Going Pixie", which... i doubt.
Going Pixie Lol