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Wanted to get this one in early. Methinks Hydreigon will be very popular.

Hydreigon learnset

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Likely tier: Overused.
Lol :3
i run tri attack, dragon pulse, flamethrower, and dark pulse
STAB on dragon pulse and dark pulse, flamethrower for coverage, and tri attack is amazing
Just noticed none of these sets ( I think ) have coverage for fairy.... ^(•~•)^-----?
How about Flash Cannon or Iron Tail, Fairy and Ice coverage
And Fly and Acrobatics, for Bug and Fighting Coverage + A Dragon Move to Cover Other Dragons + Any other move (Dark possibly for STAB) = A decent Hydreigon moveset

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item: dragon fang


focus blast---powerful move coverages ice

flamethrower---covers bug weakness

fly/acrobatics (no dragon fang)---covers fighting

dragon pulse/outrage---STAB and covers dragon

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Dragon Fang is wasted for 1 move. I suggest Life Orb or Choice Band.
Or flying gem for acrobatics
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It is the Generation V Pseudo-Legendary, and it does have awesome stats, but not until it evolves. It has Levitate, which avoids the Ground type. Anyway, here is a Sp. Attack moveset that can rule, if it is used the good way.

Dragon Pulse STAB, type coverage Like everyone said
Draco Meteor the POWER very powerful move, one of my personal favourites - every Dragon Type should learn this move
Dark Pulse OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!! strongest Dark-Type Sp. Attack move
Flamethrower type coverage (bug and ice) Dragons have to have this move too, makes them cool.

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What's the point of 2 dragon type moves?????
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Name: Trimegon

Hydreigon (M)
Electric Gem or Wide Lens(with Charge Beam)
Charcoal or Lum Berry (with Dark Pulse)

Nature: Timid or Modest
252 SpAtk
252 Spd
4 HP

-Dragon Pulse: STAB
-Flamethrower: Beat those pesky Ice and Bug types
-[Chrage Beam] or {Dark Pulse}: [Type Coverage & 70% of +1 SpAtk]{STAB}
-Thunder Wave: Cripple fast sweepers

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I have a Hydreigon and it is by far one of my favorite pokémon. I am going to transfer a Gyrados onto my White Version and breed it with my current Hydregion to make this skill set.

Nature: Modest/Timid
Item: Shell Bell, Leftovers or an Arceus Plate

Dragon Pulse: I think being able to hit your opponent every time without worrying about missing is important if you are doing a big contest and Dragon Pulse plays to a type advantage as well as a strong move to get some damage done.
Dark Pulse: Hydregion has a good Special Attack stat. Dark Pulse is a good idea because it plays like Dragon Pulse but to another type set.
Flamethrower: Good against Bug/Ice types and like another person said, dragons just uave to breathe fire. Added to the fact that you may burn it, a very good idea all around.
Protect/Fly (or some other strong Flying-type move(?)):

*Protect*– If you use a move like Surf, you can use Protect to keep yourself from damage, restore lost heath (Leftovers/Shell Bell), and waste enemy PP (so if they know a bunch of 5 PP hard-hitters, they'll waste some precious PP).  
*Fly*-  You can do the same thing but you can also do damage to the other weakness, Fighting.
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I also say maybe Hyper Voice so you could get both if you were in a Double Battle. So it would rotate between Fly/Protect and Hyper Voice.
Hydregion is also tyed for the 17th (!) best pokémon with a stat-total of 600 along with pokémon like

•Latios and Latias
•Mew (!)
It looks alright but protect/fly isnt necessary for such an amazing beast maybe use U-turn to escape battle against fighting
Good idea.
jirachi is awesome!!!!
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So i've been looking through these suggestions and most of them were good but heres mine i dont think anyone here has put this here yet so here it is:

[email protected] berry(heal outrage confusion)
~Draco Meteor (STAB and for extra power with amazing sp. att.)
~Dragon Pulse/Outrage (power not affected by the draco meteor)
~Stealth Rock (able to take most of the weaknesses out)
~Crunch/Dark Pulse (STAB)

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[email protected] orb

stone edge-coverage
dark pulse-STAB
dragon pulse-STAB
cheer up-adds sp atk & atk

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In my personal opinion, I would prefer Hydreigon to have this set:


Nature: Any non-altering nature, i.e. Quirky, Serious, etc.
If desired, choose the appropriate nature(s) that would emphasize Hydregion's Attack Stat or Special Attack Stat.

Item: Leftovers/ Life Orb

Dragon Pulse
Crunch/ Dark Pulse
Thunder Wave/ Stone Edge
Earthquake/ Flash Cannon

Dragon Pulse is more or less a given.
Crunch/ Dark Pulse is also more or less a given.
Thunder Wave is a good move since Hydreigon can paralyze opponents; Hydreigon's base Speed stat is decent, but it is possible for Hydreigon to battle quicker opponents.
Stone Edge would cover Hydreigon's weakness to Bug-type Pokemon.
Earthquake/ Flash Cannon is more or less the player's choice. Earthquake is a common choice for many Pokemon that can learn it.
However, Flash Cannon can cover Hydreigon's weakness to Ice-type Pokemon.

Just remember that this post is simply a suggestion as there is no one perfect set for any Pokemon. Anyways, enjoy Pokemon Black/ White!

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Hydregoin Item: Life orb

Dragon Pulse/Draco meteor/Outrage (Good dragon moves, or more than one)

Dark Pulse/ Crunch (Second type dark)

Surf/Fire blast ( Coverage )

Earthquake/Stone edge/Flash cannon ( Extremely good, SP.ATK helps a lot )

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Umm mine knows

Drangon pulse
Dragon rush
Hyper voice

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My personal Hydregion's set i came up with after using him for a year & breeding 3 of these guys.

Hydregion (M) @ Expert Belt/White Herb
EVs- 4 HP/252 Special Attack/252 Spe
Nature- Modest (+ sAtk, - Atk)/Timid (+ Spe,- Atk)
Ability- Levitate
- Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
- Dark Pulse
- Fire Blast
- Earth Power

Modest works if you like hitting as hard as possible or Timid if you want to outrun competition, but timid is usually better because, lets face it, Hydregion's speed isn't too great. Draco Meteor is good if you want a hit & run strategy or it could be paired with a white herb so Hydregion can stay in for longer. I prefer Draco Meteor but Dragon Pulse works too. Dark Pulse is good STAB & it can legally be obtained in Black 2 & White 2 at a move tutor so it can finally be on the same move set as E-Power. Fire Blast is great bug & ice coverage, it's usually better than flamethrower because there are some ice types that are able to resist flamethrower & then OHKO you with blizzard. Earth Power is an egg move that has really good coverage & good power too & is legal with Dark Pulse in Black 2 & White 2.

hope this helped

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Something I've been playing around with

Bulky Hydreigon

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Bold/Impish/Calm/Careful

Evs: 252 HP, 176 SpD, 80 Def

Item: Leftovers

Despite its typing giving it some common OU weaknesses (Ice, Dragon and Fighting to name some) Hydreigon has got some underrated 92/90/90 defenses, when coupled with its ability Levitate and resistances to Water, Grass, Fire, Electric, Dark and Ghost and an immunity to Psychic, Ground and both Spikes and Toxic Spikes, it can make a fairly good and useful defensive Pokemon.

Dragon Tail: A great phazing move, works especially well with entry hazards and gets STAB.

Substitute: Works well with entry hazards and Dragon Tail, protects Hydreigon from status such as poison.

Roost: Helps keep Hydreigon healthy, thus giving it more opportunities to wreak havoc from behind a sub.

Flamethrower/Earth Power/Dark Pulse/Toxic/Thunder Wave: Flamethrower keeps Bug, Steel, Grass and Ice types at bay. Earth Power is mainly for Heatran and Tyranitar although Dragon Tail can just phaze them both out. Dark Pulse is another STAB option for those that are worried by Psychic and Ghost types such as Gengar, Alakazam and Trick Room Reuniclus. Toxic is for common walls like Jellicent, Vaporeon and others. Although Thunder Wave might seem like an odd option it can halt sweepers who rely on their speed such as the Musketeer trio, Lucario, Infernape, Choice Scarf Scizor and so on.

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A very underrated set, but Hydreigon could run a set like this well. I think Dark Pulse for the last slot.
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Choice Scarf
Role: Mixed Sweeper - Hydreigon is good physical and special.
EVs: 252 Sp.Atk/252 Attack/4 Speed
Ability: Levitate

Dragon Pulse: Special STAB and best dragon special attack
Crunch: Physical STAB
Flamethrower/Fire Blast: Coverage to Bug and Ice
Earthquake: Just for some powerful randomness

I dont have a nature yet

Hydreigon will only be weak to fighting with this set

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This is an awesome moveset for Hydreigon:

Hydreigon @ Dragon Fang (252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd/4 HP)
Trait: Levitate
Nature: Modest

Dragon Pulse
Dark Pulse
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast

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take out hyper voice and put fire blast for coverage
It should hold a White Herb to get back the Special Attack boost, plus there is no point to having two STAB moves.
There can be, since draco meteor lowers your stats, you can take out the weaker dragons etc with pulse.
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This moveset is for Double Battles.
EV's: 252 Atk, 252 SDef, 4 HP
Nature: Lonely (+Atk, -Def)
Item: Life Orb

  • Earthquake
  • Rock Slide
  • Flamethrower
  • Reflect

Earthquake and Rock Slide are your main attacks, since they damage both Pokemons. If you end up against a Bronzong for exampel, then use Flamethrower. Reflect increases the defense for both your Pokemons, by +50%.

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I like Sazando more than Hydreigon, though it's not the first japanese thing that's better than the english, anyways:

Modest Nature
Evs maxed in SP.Atk and Speed or you can get some HP
Levitate Ability
Expert Belt Item

Dragon Pulse: STAB, good accuracy, practicly his signature move.
Charge Beam: Type coverage, Sp.Atk boost for that disapointing 125 base T_T.
Fire Blast: More type coverage, chance to burn and great power.
Surf: Even more type coverage, and is a reliable move to fk sht up.

Kinda disapointing its better attack isn't as good as Metagross's or Tyranitar's and that it doesn't learn Dark Pulse by level up, but Sazando makes up for it.

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You can teach him dark pulse for 10blue shards and my hydreigon outshines Caitlin's metagross
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This hasn't been done yet, and although it wouldn't be the smartest moveset in some people's eyes, this is the one I'd suggest:

Tri Attack: C'mon, who doesn't like inflicting status conditions? Plus, it's power of 80 isn't that bad either.
Flamethrower: High power, and good for taking out Ice&Bug-types.
Dark Pulse: STAB, good power anyway (80 again).
Outrage: Brilliant Attack power + STAB. Give the Hydregion a Persim Berry to heal the possible confusion if you want. :)

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Outrage is physical, and lots of EVs for 1 move seems daft. I'd run Dragon Pulse instead.
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Items -
King's rock - gives any move a chance to make the target flinch
Wide Lens - boosts accuracy of moves by 10%
Persim berry/Lum berry - snaps the user of Outrage out of confusion

Nature - any +attack nature will do fine, as long as the Spec. Attack stat is NOT lowered as a result of having this nature.

Move #1.Outrage/Dragon Rush - Outrage is an extremely powerful move, and with stab has a base power of 180, however, this move locks you into the attack for 2-3 turns and confuses Hydreigon after its used, so make DAMN sure that you have a persim bery or a lum bery as a held item, or plenty of medicine to back Hydreigon up, because missing an attack, AND hurting yourself in the same turn isn't the best idea when in a strategic battle. A And its your choice whether to have the wide lens to boost Dragon Rush's Accuracy, or the King's rock to give it a higher chance of making your target flinch. Dragon Rush has a base power of 100, but stab makes it 150, but other tan that its not all that special of a move.

Move #2.Dragon Pulse - This move has a power of 90, but with stab has a base power of 135, but has no other added effects other than flinching, but only if you hold the king's rock.

Move #3.Dark Pulse - This move has a base power of 80, and with stab has a base power of 120. having this move, as well as having it paired with the king's rock, can make for a challenging battle for your opponent, because they'll flinch so often that they won't be able to attack you every turn.

Move #4.FlameThrower/Fire Blast - Fire Blast has a base power of 120, but low accuracy (85) and 5 PP. Flame Thrower in my opinion is the better choice because its accuracy is at 100% and can be used 15 times, as well as having a base power of 95. Both of these moves are super effective against both bug and ice type pokmon, which are super effective against a dark and dragon type like Hydreigon.

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Dragon rush really annoys me, as it misses so much. You really need the wide lens for it.
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Draco Meteor
Dragon Pulse
Fire Blast
Focus Blast

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Here is my idea for Hydreigon:
Since it is better in Special Attack than Attack,I kept my moveset completely Specially based.
It's item is either Dragon Fang or Expert Belt
Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor(My preference is not to use Draco Meteor, because even if you have a White Herb on, your Special Attack will still harshly fall next turn, and that's bad for Hydreigon. Also, this move will cover Dragon types that step in its way with STAB)
Dark Pulse(It's stab, and also useful because it may make the target flinch if I remember correctly. It's better than Crunch because they have equal power, but Hydreigon is more specially based)
Fire Blast-Covers the Ice type weakness and is super powerful. Anything else to say?
Focus Blast-Optional. It's not good for much but can be useful in some cases. There isn't much to counter Fighting types so it would be best just to trash them with Dragon Pulse. Or Focus Blast might be useful for Fighting Pokemon such as Scrafty. Or if Fire Blast runs out, you can use that because I think(I don't really do competitive battling, so I THINK) that many people might use Lucario.(Because of it's high Speed and Attack)
If you don't want Focus Blast, you can give it no item with Acrobatics.It's better with Special Attack but has good Attack as well.
That is my recommended moveset for Hydreigon.

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Hydreigon moveset

Ability- Levitate

Item: Draco plate/dragon fang

Flamethrower/Fire blast
Focus blast

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