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Likely tier: Borderline
My thoughts were more along the line of..

Nature: Adamant
Ev's 252 ATK 252 SPD 4 HP

Landorus:@Persim Berry
Stone Edge ( Coverage )
Earthquake ( STAB )
Swords Dance ( Stats )
Outrage ( Sweep The Dragons! )
i would replace outrage for substitute so you can spam swords dances safely
Landorus's defenses aren't super great. His subs would most likely get broken in 1 hit, and he's got enough speed to get them set up first. Meaning that I would just be wasting HP.

Although that WAS 9 months ago keep in mind. I don't run anything close to that anymore.

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(For Whatever Form)
Landorus @ Bright Powder/Wide Lens

  • Bulldoze
  • Rock Tomb
  • Grass Knot
  • Focus Blast

As you can see already, this moveset encourages slowing down opposing Pokemon. I encourage a stat of 252 SAtk, 252 Atk, and 4 Spe with a Relaxed, Lax, or Sassy nature which prioritizes defenses over speed or other defenses.
Bulldoze - Bulldoze covers various Pokemon while still lowering their speed a stage. It also gets STAB which changes the power from 60 to 90 which is still okay since you're lowering speed. With the natures provided, it seems easy to come back the next round since none of those decrease speed. If you're training with the stats I've provided, however, you might want to plan anywhere from 2-3 rounds** with Bulldoze in play.

Rock Tomb - Rock Tomb provides coverage and lowers speed as well. Rock Tomb is here for the coverage and for the opposing flying types that cause trouble cough Articuno cough and with the Wide Lens in play, it makes it harder to miss this attack on them.

Grass Knot - Grass Knot is primarily coverage for water types. There's not much of anything else to say after that.

Focus Blast - Focus Blast adds coverage and gives potential chance to kill the opposing Pokemon's special defense. With its accuracy, however, you may miss which is why I recommend Wide Lens on the Pokemon.
Bright Powder Usage - If you think that enemies are prone to attack, don't like the day-to-day enemies that attack Landorus, or know you have amazing luck, you may try out using Bright Powder and lower the opponent's accuracy instead. With this moveset, however, you may just try using Hammer Arm or Brick Break instead of Focus Blast if you want to balance things out. Rock Tomb** shouldn't be that much of a problem.

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Landorus T @ Life Orb
EVs: 252 att, 4 spe, 252 def (yo]1u can switch over the spe and def)
Nature: Adamant (+att, -spa) or Jolly (+spe, -spa)
Trait: Sheer Force
Earthquake: STAB, coverage, just a must
Gravity: Takes down levitate and flying types to be hit with Earthquake/ HP: extra coverage
Swords Dance: Sets up Earthquake sweep
Rock Polish: Makes Landorus a monster

Lets face it, Landorus is only in the meta because of rocks and slight damage. But this set makes landorus a threat that can OHKO pretty much everything. Start of with a Rock Polish, then a swords dance, and just click Earthquake for the remain of the match. You can use gravity if scarm comes out, or HP for extra coverage.

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I'm really surprised that it took six years for someone to post this set. Intimidate is an amazing Ability in any situation, effectively boosting the corresponding Pokemon's Defense stat by half when switching into opposing Physical attackers. This greatly expands on Landorus' otherwise mediocre defensive capabilities.

Landorus-Therian @ Rocky Helmet - Using this item allows Landorus to almost check the very common combination of Volt Switch and U-Turn, by absorbing Volt Switches, and punishing U-Turns.
Ability: Intimidate - As mentioned before, it's a pretty damn good Ability.
EVs: 240 Hp / 252 Def / 16 Atk
Relaxed Nature
- Earthquake
- This attack is surprisingly strong, coming off of Lando's huge 145 base Attack stat + STAB and great coverage from the Ground Typing.
- Hidden Power Ice - While not necessary on this version of Landorus, it is a great tool to be able to deal huge damage to opposing Landorus, Zygarde, Gliscor and Garchomp.
- Stealth Rocks - Landorus has a lot of opportunities to set up Stealth Rocks for your team, since it forces a lot of switches between its high attack stat, and the Intimidate boost making Physical attackers not want to stay in and waste turns while they could try to switch.
- U-turn - Taking advantage of the fact that Landorus forces switches, and being able to gain momentum based on your opponents moves is another great tool that Landorus brings to the table.

Landorus is without a doubt the most flexible Pokemon in OU, with the ability to run Choice Scarf, Choice Band, Double Dance, Offensive Z-Move, Defensive Z-Move, Defensive Rocks, Offensive Rocks, Specially Offensive, and Normal Offensive, it has a plethora of options to choose from. All of which are perfectly viable (Except maybe Special Offensive).

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GAME-OVER (Landorus-T) @ Choice Scarf
Adamant Nature
- U turn
- Earthquake
- Rockslide
- Swords Dance.

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Please include EVs
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I Use This Moveset

I am aware that Landorus - Therian is consiedered the Overused of OU, and I agree with that. The one thing that I disagree on is the fact that Landorus Incarnate is in Ubers. It isn't especially fast, and can be outsped by many Pokemon in the Ubers metagame (I.e. Mewtwo) with a Max speed of 331. It's Ground-Flying type is decent at best, but it has to look out for Ice type moves such as Ice Beam, which is a very common move, and many Ubers learn it through TM. The moveset I utilize is based on it's hidden ability, acquired through the Dream World, which is a pretty cool ability, called Sheer Force, which boosts the power of moves with a secondary effect but removes the secondary effect. Amazingly, if you pair this with a Life Orb, the moves that are boosted by Sheer Force will ALSO be boosted by the Life Orb, and those moves will not cause Landorus to take the annoying 10% recoil from Life Orb. The problem I have is, that the moves applicable to Sheer Force that Incarnate Landorus gets is quite barren, and they do not apply enough sufficient type coverage.

Here is the Moveset

Earth Power STAB

Sludge Wave Over Sludge Bomb because Sludge Wave has more power, and I do a lot of Multi Battles.

Focus Blast I hate this move personally, due to it's infamous tendency to miss at the most critical times. It is a powerful move, but unfortunately has poor accuracy. It also covers up it's glaring Ice type weakness.

Psychic To face Fighting types.

I feel like a lot of Unovan Pokemon have potential in their stats/movepools but Game Freak never capitalized on

(Ie Eelektross, Scrafty, Landorus Incarnate, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, and Black Kyurem to name a few. These Pokemon are my personal opinion)

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Aggressive sweeper that doesn't need SplAtk

Well, incidentally this is what the Incarnate Landorus that I caught in Black looked like:

Ability: Sand Force
Nature: Relaxed (-Speed +Defense)
Personality: Quick tempered (+Attack)

I liked everything except the lowered Speed. If you can, get hold of a Landorus with a SplAtk-lowering nature, that'll be more helpful.

You can look natures up here-
Pokemon nature effects

Note that Sand Force ability will strengthen all Landorus' ground, rock and steel type moves by 30% in the presence of a sandstorm. That is why I use Landorus after Tyranitar (Sand Stream Ability) in single battles, and together in doubles.


Earthquake - STAB supereffective against Rock/Steel/Poison/Fire/Electric - benefits from Sand Force

Rock Slide - supereffective against Flying/Bug/Fire/Ice(!!!) - benefits from Sand Force

Fly - STAB supereffective against Fight/Bug/Grass

Outrage - K.O. the OU dragons!!!

This moveset is for instant sweeping, even if Landorus is faced with dragon or ice types. You don't get to sit behind a substitute and use 3 sword dances before attacking. The first sweeper to use a supereffective move wins.

I chose Rock Slide instead of Stone edge since- a) It's more accurate (trustworthy) b) It can make opponents flinch at key moments.

This moveset will work even better for a Therian Landorus (Larger Attack, Smaller SplAtk).

Hope you enjoy this moveset. Cheerio!