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I've heard that Whitney's Miltank is really hard to defeat without a fighting type, so what fighting types can I catch before this, so I am guaranteed to win against her.

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If you want a fighting type of YOUR ot then get a Pokemon with the move headbutt use headbutt on a tree and a heracross might await you It'll also do good in the game guarenteed

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But when I tried this all I kept getting was hoothoots jumping out at me, no sign of heracross
Do it during the day and doesnt work with HG only SS
You can catch heracross in hg
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You don't necessarily win if you have a super effective type, you know :P

Catch a Drowsee at Route 34. Then, go to the 5th floor of the Goldenrod Department Store and trade that for a Machop. That;s the only Fighting type this far in the game.


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Catch a Drowzee, and then somewhere in Goldenrod City (not sure where) you can get a Machop trade.

Machop is a good in-game suggestion, since Machamp will smash. xD
Of course, it is still possible to defeat Whitney without super-effectiveness. So good luck. ;)

Thanks very much for answering, I'll be sure to do this trade. :)