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Are there any known skips/glitches that can improve speedrun times?
if you know any glitches please post an answer about them.

Answers should include What the glitch does and How you perform it and if you know a name of a glitch just write it in the comments and i'll google it hoping to find videos or guides about it.

Note I do not want any hacks/codes because they are against the rules

I want to know this since I want to learn to speedrun Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow and I want to save as much time as possible.


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there's a glitch that makes you skip the entire game and do it in 0:00, but I'm not sure how to do it, and I think that might be against the rules.
It's not against the rules, it just wont be any fun.
Dang, most speedrun videos/guides are 2 hours long, so i rather not answer.
Haha, no problem.
This insane: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VlmoEpNNiVI and its proven not to be a hack. I'm just not posting this as an answer because I have no idea how he does it!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyhEKG_g53o This video shows how to beat yellow in 0:00
I think I've figured out how the person does the glitch. Does that mean I can post an answer now?

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Pokemon Yellow in 0:00

How to perform the glitch:

Step 1) Create a new save file. If you already have one, delete it.
Step 2) Choose your name as Ash and your rival's name as Blue.
Step 3) Go downstairs and walk on the tile above the right of the mat and below the left of the table.
Step 4) Save your game.
Step 5) Switch off/reset your Game Boy in the window of the [Yes/No] box disappearing and the text in the main textbox changing. Essentially, switch it off directly after selecting Yes.

Outcome 1: Your save is destroyed. Start from beginning.
Outcome 2: The save is not destroyed but you can't access the Pokemon menu. Start from beginning.
Outcome 3: The save is not destroyed but you can access the Pokemon menu. Go onward.

Step 6) Reload your save file.
Step 7) Access your Pokemon menu.
Step 8) Swap any Pokemon from slots 1-8 with the Pokemon in slot 10. (They will be blank, and slots 10/11 are off-screen. Use the noises to keep count)
Step 9) Swap Pokemon 11 with Pokemon 9.
Step 10) Exit the Pokemon menu and go to the Items menu.
Step 11) Scroll down until the cursor stops blinking. When it stops, hit the "A" button.
Step 12) The menu becomes glitched. Press Down, A, Down, A to access a glitched item menu.
Step 13) Scroll down until you find the first Master Ball in the list. Grab the item just below it with Select and scroll down until you find the second Master Ball. Then swap them.
Step 14) Toss out 68 of the item you just swapped (not the Master Ball).
Step 15) Exit the house and register in the Hall of Fame.

This glitch changes the exits so you skip straight to the hall of fame. How-to, done in 0:00, done on GBA.

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Afterwards, you can have loads of fun with tossing different amounts of the item and ending up in different places. You can end up in places where you can catch pokemon without having your own one, and you send out a glitch pokemon.
True story ^
Not quite what i was looking for. Thanks anyways :3
Hey, it saves time :P
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Actually for the above answer, the save corruption gltich(SC) does not count for a speedrun.


The above guy shows how to do it in Red and Blue.

He has the current WR(For any% no SC) with 11 minutes as his time. Follow what he is doing and you shoudl hget under half an hour.

Yeah long time since I wrote this question. I now understand that there's different categories and the most popular once don't allow skips. Thanks anyway.