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OU, UU, BL, etc.

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What do you mean by fullforms?
Lol tires

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  • OU = Overused
  • UU = Underused
  • BL = Borderline
  • RU = Rarelyused
  • NU = Neverused
  • PU = Nothing, it is a pun on "Pee Yew", a term to signify something smells bad.
  • LC = Little Cup
  • NFE = Not Fully Evolved
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I think there is more
There are too many more and they do not stand for anything.
Then there's that new OM (other metagame), Forgot to Use (FU), but  it's not relevant to the question since its a OM.
Don't forget VGC: Video Game Championship.
BL means Ban List, Borderline is just a fan name.
Are you sure? Borderline is the term I have seen used, even on Bulbapedia and Smogon articles.
PU stands for poorly used, poorly meaning scarcely.