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How can I know if a Pokemon is good or bad? Which moveset is good for them? Because i'm new so I don't know very much, please help me! (Sorry for my bad English)

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I edited your question to make it clearer, hope you don't mind. :)
I'm fine with this. It's pretty much fact what makes a Pokemon good, eg. good stats, expansive movepool, helpful ability, good typing. A similar thing could be said about movesets, eg. type coverage, utility. It's a very general question but we don't enforce anything against that.
If you define "good" as winning lots of battles, then you can browse Smogon Forums for people who peak on the ladder or win tournaments and use the Pokemon that they use.
There are a LOT of factors. I'll answer this super detailed later if no one gets to it first.
I don't think it needs to be that complex. The definition of "good" is able to win battles, so doesn't that mean good Pokemon are the ones that peak ladders or win tournaments?
If that's what you want to answer with then do it, but I feel like they're asking more about WHY those pokemon are good enough to peak ladders and win tournaments. I could be misinterpreting  it though.
First, what your "EVs" seem to refer to are base stats. Base stats are constant for each species, or each form if the species has multiple forms. EVs stand for effort values. Each individual Pokemon can be given up to 511 EVs, and up to 255 EVs in each stat. A Pokemon's base stats are determined by the developers, while a Pokemon's EVs are determined by their trainers.
Second, there are a lot more factors than this, such as formats, movepools, and abilities. An example of formats is Snorlax, which is great in doubles but absolute trash in singles. Tauros is another good one; it was the best non-legendary Pokemon in Generation 1 (by a pretty large margin) and absolute trash now. Some examples of movepool-dependent Pokemon are Celesteela and Mew, which have stats spread quite evenly but can fill important roles by knowing unique combinations of moves. The best example of an ability-dependent Pokemon is Dugtrio, which has near-useless stats (except maybe speed) but access to the very coveted arena trap.
Third, people on this site often make a big deal about answers, so answers that are "not the best" are usually better posted as comments.
Ivs, Nature, and Ability
IVs can only increase a Pokemon's stats by 31/level, and natures can only increase a Pokemon's stats by a multiplier of 11/10, so neither are nearly as significant as base stats. While abilities can make a Pokemon good, a Pokemon can be good without a good ability, so abilities are usually not as significant as stuff like base stats and movepool.
Every Pokemon is "good" if its trained correctly and taught the right moves

but thats my opinion, idk

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Different Pokemon specialize in different stats. Like Primarina's highest stat is special attack, Incineroar's is attack, and so on. No Pokemon are good or bad, they just specialize in different things. A good way to find which moveset is best for your Pokemon is to go to the Pokemon's page on this site and clicking on the question that asks 'What is a good moveset for --Pokemon's name--?' You will find tons of movesets! All you have to do then is decide which one is best for your Pokemon.

Pokemon are good and bad comparing their roles and niches to other similar roles and niches and deciding what fits their role better. Some are just outright bad compared to other counterparts, or their niches are completely irrelevant. No Pokemon are good or bad is just provably and statistically wrong.
Each Pokemon may have unique features, but some of the unique features are more useful than others.