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I have been replaying Pokemon Platnium, and I have been wondering if I should add Giratina to my team. What should I replace with Giratina, or should I leave it in my PC?

My team:

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I'm pretty sure this counts as an in-game team rate, which is not allowed.
I’ve seen similar questions, just with different pokemon, so I’m pretty sure it’s fine.
Our rules about in-game team questions are pretty blurry and change often. Those questions might have been asked when the rules were less tight.
By the way, my advice is to replace Tentacruel with Giratina because Tentacruel is the weakest Pokemon on your team right now.
It's not rating the team, really. You can make an objective assessment of which would fit the best. This is fine to me.
I'd like to think the way I've moderated this has been pretty consistent for quite a while? If there's still ambiguity let me know.
Yeah it’s not a rating. I’m safe ;)

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Tentacruel is currently the weakest Pokemon on your team, so replace that with Giratina.

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I disagree. Tentacruel is actually a pretty good Pokemon.
Tentacruel has the weakest attack stats of all the Pokemon on his team, and it has a type advantage against only one gym leader and one Elite Four member. Sure, its special defense is good, but using Tentacruel as a tank makes the game take longer to play.