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So, with LeafyBlade and EvilTwinNeedle having a fight over Mega Beedrill and Mega Aerodactyl, I decided to ask this very simple question:

Out of Mega Beedrill and Mega Aerodactyl, which one functions as a dedicated wallbreaker better? State pros and cons of each and then at the end of your answer, which would you pick?

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Definitely Mega-Dactyl. M-Beedrill is an offensive pivot.

I am pretty sure that the reason is his lack of powerful coverage stab-moves.
Sludge bomb and  fell stinger are his two main stabs... i think.
Even with the base power effectively being 180 and 100 respectively, neither of these have the best coverage.

Mega-Aerodactyl has a number of decent moves, especially combined with tough claws.

Although, some of his more useful moves don't get that tough claws boost. (I'm lookin' at you, Earthquake)

Then again, i could be completely wrong.

I like Mega-Aerodactyl better, but it's mainly because I lack the competitive skill to use Mega-Beedrill effectively.
So you tell me at the start:
*Definitely Mega-Dactyl*
And then you tell me:
*Then again, I could be completely wrong. I like Mega-Aerodactyl better.*

He is right, Mega Aerodactyl is better than Mega Beedril.
Mega Beedrill will always be my favorite.
You're talking about UU, right?
Whatever, just in general on teams wishing to use either.
It really does depend on the format. If there was ever a format where there was a rock type offensive Pokemon better than Aerodactyl, but no offensive U-turners, then Beedrill would be better.
Mega Aerodactyl would be better in most situations though...

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Mega Aerodactyl

Role: Physical Sweeper / Wallbreaker


  • Excellent speed stat of 150
  • Good attack stat of 130
  • Tough Claws, a great ability that boost the power of moves like
  • Access to Hone Claws, which raises attack and accuracy; helpful for Stone Edge
  • Other good moves such as Earthquake for Steel Coverage and Roost for recovery


  • Lacks a powerful STAB Flying attack
  • Not all of its moves get the Tough Claws boost

Mega Beedrill

Role: Offensive Pivot


  • Great attack stat of 150
  • Great speed stat of 145
  • Adaptability, a great ability that boost the power of STAB moves such as U-Turn and Poison Jab
  • Access to Drill Run for covering steal types


  • Atrocious Bulk
  • Slower by Mega Aerodactyl, a prevalent attacker that can easily take it out with its STAB moves
  • Only decent coverage makes it hard to break past Pokémon like Gliscor, Scizor, and Mega Aerodactyl.

Who is better?

Mega Aerodactyl is better than Mega Beedrill. Mega Beedril is an offensive pivot, not a wallbreaker. Mega Aerodactyl is even faster than Mega Beedril, and fits on a variety of teams. Stone Edge is a good enough STAB move. Mega Beedrill is good, but has worse movepool and bulk than Mega Aerodactyl.

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Tough Claws doesn't raise accuracy.
Lol I meant Hone Claws.
I'm so triggered
Just because you like Mega Beedrill doesn’t mean it’s the best. Smogon literally says that Mega Aerodactyl is the best mega in UU.
Mega-Beedrill is the worst mega. It has the lowest Sp.A and Defense of all megas. It didn't get any worthwhile buffs that make it stand out against the plethora of other better megas. Adaptability U-Turn with it's high Attack and Speed is pretty cool though...but I have a feeling there are probably better U-turners.
Its spa doesn't even matter
The worst mega is Mega Audino...
That is so true second I think is Mega Abomasnow
I seriously forgot for a while that Mega Audino existed.
Third? Mega Amphy
Mega Camerupt. It is only good in Doubles. For Eruption
If you guys actualy stopped complaining about mega audino being bad and use it in NU. It's a great calm mind user with its normal fairy typing and decent bulk.
But that’s the point. It’s the only mega in NU.
So you think that if a Pokémon is good in a certain tier, it’s just “good” and that’s all that matters? If so, thanks I never need to argue with you anymore. I just automatically win
Who cares? It has a great typing, very wide movepool with lots of coverage, and is a very good tank with very, very high HP, Defence and Special Defense.
Not really. It is substantially worse than other megas...
Ya i am backing up eXcess mega audino is trash compared to the other megas
Forget "compared to other megas", Audino-Mega is worse than any other tank, period
With the exception of non mega Audino
Not exactly. I’d say even Audino is better than Mega Audino because it has a better ability and doesn’t waste a mega slot. Mega Audino is better in NU because it’s the only mega you can use, and that’s pretty much the only reason why people use it