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Is the move competitively viable? Which Pokemon can pull it off the best? Does it need to be paired with Normalium Z, or can it be used as a standalone move? What are its cons?

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Personally I like to use it with a STAB move that'll always hit. Give a Lucario a Black Belt to further boost its Fighting-type moves and land a guaranteed crit-hit Aura Sphere. I'm posting this as a comment because it doesn't exactly answer everything you wrote down and I'm not a competitive player.
There are no viable laser focus users in OU or VGC. I think it's because laser focus is almost completely outclassed by swords dance and calm mind. Like, how would laser focus be better than calm mind in Flappers's example?
The only use I can think of for Laser Focus is when up against stall teams because crits ignore defense boosts. But even then, Haze seems like a better option since it eliminates all stat boosts.
That's why I put it in a comment. I don't like competitive play so I knew my "answer" was sub-par. It's just what I did for fun in-game :\ But even I can see how the move would be trash competitively. Wouldn't it be better to just use a scope-lens Pokemon with the sniper ability + focus energy? Put that setup on a Kingdra with Outrage and you've got one Hell of a Pokemon... Still don't know how it'd do in competitive play but it's a better crit-hit strategy than Laser Focus.

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Lots of Pokemon with the ability Sniper gets Lazer Focus
Z-Lazer Focus Raises attack to Choice Band Level

Kingdra, the best user of sniper is better running Z-Focus Energy since it gives him 100% Accuracy on Draco Meteor and Hydro Pump
Beedrill loses Sniper Upon Mega Evolution
Most Pokemon who gets Laser Focus is better running other moves
if Marshadow uses Z-Laser Focus, it loses Marshadium-Z, Focus Sash or Life Orb (all really important items)

Dont use Laser Focus

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Amen to that. Laser Focus sucks LOL
Thank you, that sux that the move is not as good in practice.