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What are your other Pokémon? That is critical information to help anyone answer this question.
sumwun, loves magnezone so he would 100% say yes.
What gen are you talking about because it is different for each gen.
Your Luxray isn't my Luxray so use Magnezone.
Is this for playing through the game and defeating Cynthia, right? Not for competitive battling or the Battle Frontier?
If yes to the first question, then keep Luxray because Magnezone doesn't have intimidate or crunch. Replacing Luxray with Magnezone will also cost more experience.
@Octazooka lol nope
What if JohnRF already has a good Electric-type? Too bad we'll never know, unless JohnRF edits his/her question.
If he does, then he should get rid of that one. Luxray is the best electric Pokemon in Pt.

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Because the John person will probably never answer any of our clarifying questions, I guess I can assume this is for in-game. If my assumption is right, then the best electric Pokemon is Luxray because Luxray is the only one with both intimidate and crunch. (everything else, including Magnezone, is a bit too chewy) Replacing Luxray with Magnezone will also cost some experience. I know Magnezone has better stats and defensive typing, but I think Luxray's advantages outweigh those.