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Okay so, I've captured myself a Ditto which is now level 52. I've also gotten a Lucario level 70. (just beaten the Acerola trail and went into Po Town)

All my Pokemons listen fine to me except for the Ditto. It suddenly stopped obeying and that's why I dropped it in the box because I thought maybe it was too high leveled. So now I took it out and it still doesn't listen.

I've read online if traded Pokemon OUTSIDE the game need to have some sort of secret ID matching the trained ID or just a high enough badge. Also read that Pokemon you've caught always listen to you no matter what.

Now my question is, why wont my Ditto obey?

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Check a battle using Ditto, if it says you got boosted exp( it can only be boosted if it was traded), then the game is treating it as traded and there is nothing you can do about it except complete more trials.

If you originally owned the Ditto, it should listen to you no matter what level.

Source— using rare candies to get level 100 Pokémon before beating the first trial.

If it’s traded, there are trial requirements.

Source— Pokémon. Like any game.

3rd party software may be the best bet but I can’t suggest that here, sorry.

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You can also receive boosted experience by raising your Pokemon's affection in the Refresh feature, so this isn't a dependable way to distinct a traded Pokemon.
(Side note regarding the comments above: yes, we prefer that you don't recommend third-party software to people [or ask questions about it]. I'm not fussed with the manner in which you support PKSM; the rule isn't about that. Follow up via my wall if you have questions or issues regarding this.)
But the eco boost will tell him if the game is registering his Pokémon as traded, hence informing him if this problem needs 3rd party software.
The exact same message appears if you increase affection. There is no way to tell the difference (that I am aware of at least).
Alright. But because I can’t suggest 3rd party software, I think I have answered this question,
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The reason that your Ditto isn’t obeying you is that it’s level is too high. No matter where you got it from (unless you catch the Pokémon yourself), if the Pokémon’s level is too high, it won’t obey you. The reason this system is in place is so people won’t just trade over their high level Pokémon or get a high level Pokémon via trade and make the game super easy. For Sun and Moon or USUM, Pokemon obedience relies on stamps. If you have no stamps, you can control Pokémon up to level 20; if you have one you can control level 35 Pokémon and up; if you have two you can control level 50 Pokémon and up; if you have three you can control Pokémon level 65 and up; if you have four you can control Pokémon level 80 and up; and once you beat the game, you can control all levels of Pokémon. Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Obedience

I’m not sure what’s happening if you caught the the Pokémon yourself, though. For some reason the game is treating it like an outsider Pokémon. In any case, once you beat the game it will obey you for sure.

I hope this helped! :)

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Did you source this page ( https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Obedience )? If no, what page are you souring? If yes, what does the second word in the "in the games" section say?
Why don't you simply state outright what you think is wrong sumwun?
I try to consider the possibility of Bulbapedia pages conflicting each other. Also being direct and outright is sometimes boring.
It may be boring to you, but it's also not fair to other users to have to intrepret what you're saying if you're deliberately being vague.
Oh. I assumed it was an outsider Pokémon (traded) since the level is so high around a part of the game where most Pokémon are level 30-40 or so.
If you're not sure what's happening, why are you answering?
By that I meant I wasn’t absolutely sure what was happening, but it’s either a glitch or a traded Pokémon. Sorry, should have clarified.
I can't speak for everyone, but I personally dislike answers from people who aren't sure they're right. I think questions are more likely to get resolved if people who don't know the whole answer comment the stuff they do know and hope a more knowledgeable person comes along.