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For in-game teams.

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Since this post has already been bumped up, can someone please fix the i in FireRed?
You can become an expert and do it yourself.
Oookay. I think this could go down to personal opinion, but I'll give it my best shot. I have a Pokepaste of all the sets at the end for those who were patient and chose to read the whole thing.

HP    60    (boo)
Attack    50    (boo)
Defense    70    (boo)
Sp. Atk    80    (barely useful)
Sp. Def    80    (barely useful)
Speed    150   (awsome)

Elecrode seems bad, but can set up light screen(s) and generally be really annoying to deal with. It's bad attack stat doesn't stop it from exploding hard. It can learn reliable moves like Thunderbolt and Rollout, and it's not too bad. A good vanguard.

HP    65    (boo)
Attack    83    (barely useful)
Defense    57    (boo)
Sp. Atk    95    (decent)
Sp. Def    85    (barely useful)
Speed    105   (good)

Electabuzz isn't that BAD,but it isn't GOOD unless you want to transfer it to another Gen and evolve it into Electavire. However, I'll try to slap together(and tape together) a set for it. Trust me, Electabuzz is not a very good electric type in gen three.


HP    60    (boo)
Attack    90    (decent)
Defense    55    (boo)
Sp. Atk    90    (decent)
Sp. Def    80    (barely useful)
Speed    110   (good)

Rauchu can use a good Thunderbolt and can run circles around more then a handful of Pokemon, but it's not all that reliable. One good(physical) hit, and Raichu is a pancake. Or a Pikacake. Whatever. I'll try to make a set for it...


HP    50    (boo)
Attack    60    (boo)
Defense    95    (decent)
Sp. Atk    120    (very good)
Sp. Def    70    (boo)
Speed    70     (boo)
Magneton is pretty good, it's steel typing walls a good part of the game, and if you get lucky enough for Sturdy, then it could tank a single hit from Giovanni and harshly lower it's special defence/defence with Metal Sound/Screech, then your other Pokemon can finish him off. A potential support wall. It can learn reflect, which finishes the two screens that Electrode very kindly started. It won't be hard to make a set.


HP    65    (boo)
Attack    65    (boo)
Defense    60    (boo)
Sp. Atk    110    (good)
Sp. Def    95    (decent)
Speed    130    (very good)
It's a really good mon. Probably ur best bet if you don't want a wall.

https://pokepast.es/5cdf139df3e1801d the paste for those who waited.

Tell me if I missed anything!
The asker did not mention Electrode or Magneton. Also, what are these sets? EV training and specific natures in-game? That’s a waste of time. Jolteon and Magneton with 3 setup moves and 1 attack? Attacking is far more useful than setting up in-game, and usually setting up is only useful for an attacking stat boost. No items?

Oh, and the question as about Fire Red, so mentioning Electivire is kinda pointless.
You can't reliably EV train mons in game. Set-up moves are bad in game. Rollout is not good.
because of level differences, weaker bp moves (close combat and stuff like that didnt exist in gen 3) and the lack of boosting items or entry hazards raichu will not usually die to a single se hit unless its earthquake. dedicated support mons are bad. electivire cannot be transferred back to frlg and its rather pointless to evolve it anyway in a playthrough since it has the same special attack stat as buzz but lower speed. sturdy only blocks ohko moves such as fissure until gen 5. please do your research

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I'm going to compare them.

Special Attack

  • Electabuzz has base 95
  • Raichu has base 90
  • Jolteon has base 110

A win for Jolteon


  • Electabuzz has base 105
  • Jolteon has base 130
  • Raichu has base 110

A win for Jolteon


  • Electabuzz has 65/57/85
  • Jolteon has 65/60/95
  • Raichu has 60/55/80

A win for jolteon

Stab move

  • Thunderbolt from lieutenant Surge for Raichu, Jolteon and Electabuzz

Win for jolteon (jk tie)


  • Raichu has basically nothing good lmao
  • Electabuzz has Psychic lmao
  • Jolteon has like nothing

Win for Electabuzz


  • Pikachu is obtained very early in Viridian Forest
  • Electabuzz is in the Power Plant, which is quite late game
  • Eevee is obtained in Celadon, which is quite midgame

A win for Raichu

Final Rankings

I think that your ranking should be:
- Jolteon
- Raichu (barely beating Electabuzz)
- Electabuzz (not even in contention lmao)

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Raichu can't learn surf in gen 3. It can know surf only if it came from an event.
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I've never seen someone laugh their a** off so much in such a short span of time lmao.

Wait, I did not just use it mys- ALRIGHT NEVERMIND!
I know right? I decided not to use dumb Electabuzz, it wasn't worth going for, for I used Pikachu(couldn't find Evee)