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I already have
Monferno lv 27
Flame wheel ,ember ,rock smash,mach punch
Staravia lv 23
Wing attack, tackle, quick attack, growl
Buizel lv 22
Water gun, pursuit, swift, quick attack
Gible lv 23
Sand tomb, dragon rage, cut, take down
Luxio lv 23
Spark, charge, bite, flash
I wanted a fighting Pokemon for the rest of the game in my team in Platinum.

you already have monferno, and that thing is a fire/fighting type
Why do you want another fighting Pokemon when you already have Monferno?
@sumwun and @Chesta Adabi 481   so that I can use infernape mostly against bug or grass types.
And I have floatzel against rock, ground and dragon(it will learn ice beam), staraptor for fighting types, luxray for flying and water, and garchomp against, dragon and electric. I can use anyone against ghost. and for psychic exclude infernape. so I prefer a fighting type against a dark type.
Why don't you use infernape against Dark types?
maybe because not everybody cares about type overlap, like me when i dont care that much about type overlap, i want my sinnoh team to be torterra, gliscor, and garchomp

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you already have a monferno which will become to an infernape, a strong fire/fighting type
but if you want to use one of them I will give you the answer

1. have amazing attack and spc.attack
2. have a great dual typing
3. have a decent movepool
4. great speed
1. late mid-game access
2. you need to hatch riolu egg to get it
3. when its hatch, it will become level 1, soooo a HARD time grinding
4. happiness evolve method, that will be VERY VERY FUN!

1. decent attack
2.average speed, HP, and speed
3. early mid-game access
4. decent movepool
5. its ability dry skin could help it out especially against though guy or dwayne johnson or crasher wake(i know this isnt that funny)
1. weaker than lucario
2. bad defense and spc.defense
3. its ability dry skin could let it down especially with elite four member flint (i dont know what to call this men)

so there it is, the pros and cons
you want moveset in your tag? I give you moveset in my answer

lucario @anything
nature: I recommend dont lower your speed, attack or spc.attack
- aura sphere/close combat
- sword dance/calm mind
- dragon pulse/strength/filler
- bone rush/strength/filler

toxicroak @anything
nature: I recommend dont lower your speed, attack or spc.attack
- brick break/revenge
- poison jab/sludge bomb
- nasty plot/sucker punch
- strength/filler

here you go
Hope I helps!

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Thanks chump. So it's lucario then. I don't have the problem raising it
Your Welcome:D
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When you have Infernape, who can learn Close Combat as early as lvl 36, you don't need any other fighting type. Lucario is available too late and Toxicroak doesn't hit hard as Infernape (doesn't learn CC). Only good fighting type move it learns is Brick Break.

Fighting typing covers Byron (Flamethrower is actually enough), Candice (same as before), and.... that's it? So it is recommended not to use any additional Fighting type.

Here are some alternative who are suitable to your team.

  1. Roserade


    Roserade, despite having a poor movepool, does great against Water/Ground types, which you may struggle against.

    Roserade @ Miracle Seed
    Ability: Poison Point / Natural Cure (latter is better)
    - Grass Knot
    - Petal Dance / Giga Drain
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Shadow Ball

  2. Weavile


    Capable of sweeping half of Lucian team and Cynthia's Garchomp (Everyone's worst nightmare when it comes to dpp). Your Garchomp can also clear them... however I just gave you some suggestion.

    Weavile @ Dread Plate / Icicle Plate
    Ability: Pressure
    - Night Slash (heart scale)
    - Ice Punch (move tutor)
    - Brick Break
    - Dig / X-Scissor

  3. Nothing. Just don't use any other mon, save the experience for other team members and by the time you reach E4, it will be a lot more easier than using 6 'mons. If you just Level them up more, even Garchomp's Stab can handle Bertha or Crunch for Lucian. It is just up to you!

Hope this helps :)

Man, why almost all of my answer are worse than other answer, great job man
Even mine used to be worse when I first joined the site. Practice and experience....
I think Kadabra is better than Roserade. It evolves earlier and has less weaknesses and higher speed.
Kadabra dies in one hit tho, I used him on a diamond playthrough until the seventh gym, it's not fun
I had already replied (actually answered) that against which types I would be using my pokemons
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So I think in my opinion don't judge me if you starter has a type that you are planning of using in this case noferno/infernape you don't really need anything else.Your starter is already going to be your ace so using another Pokemon of the same type has a big dis advantage that is you won't be using it a lot (unless its an mono type than the case is diffrent).So i'll just give you alternative that suits you team the best.

[email protected] miracle seed
Ability - any

  • grass knot(TM you get from gardenia)
  • giga drain (good damage and heals)
  • shadow ball( ghost type couvarage)
  • any poison stab
    you will struggle against water and ground type as it is immune to luxaray's stab electric moves
what does this add to TastyM's answer?