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Hello guys, how're you all doing? I wish you are all fine. So I had a question related to teambuilding.
Who do you think is better competitively, Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y?

Yeah I know both have their own qualities, benefits and weaknesses, but I am looking for the one who is overall better than the other.

I am looking for the one who is better in Singles.
Please post your opinions below:
Thank you

Edit: ummmmm thank you FIZZ for the question and sorry for the inconvenience
Soooooooo, as you asked,
Right now I am playing the singles National Dex AG format. So I want to use a Charizard in Nat Dex AG format so can someone please post as to which Charizard Mega is better in this format.

If you could even post the moveset I would be very thankful.

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Can you be more specific about the format you're talking about? There are many different singles formats. It's hard to give a proper answer without this information.
Why do you want to use Charizard and not want to use Groudon?
Ummmmmm that's because I wanna choose a lead pokemon for my team and as the rule goes I love Charizard much more than the legendary groudon that's it
In that case, why do you play National Pokedex AG instead of gen 6 OU?
Mega Charizard X or Y suck in NatDex AG. Just use a good fire type, like Ho-Oh or Primal Groudon because MCX and Y have bad stats, bad matchups, and moves that are outclassed by the pokemon I listed. If you want dragons, just use M-Ray
@PKThunder10 Provide some good advice rather than saying this sucks etc. I’ve told you this before too and even though I’m no staff, these type of comments are of no use. Try to add something useful too.
Themaskofdharma would you rather play Gen 6 / 7 / Nat Dex OU where they're actually viable? Then we could compare those as well as give a moveset.
Ummmm User Frozen Inferno and many others who have suggested me to play gen 6 or 7 OU, ummmmm thanks for the reccomendation and I'll surely take your suggestions into considerations
Thank you

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Sorry to say, but none

The Charizard's are very bad in the Dex of the National Variety and would be outclassed endlessly by Rayquaza-Mega (and more actually, but her as a Mega, or even Gengar-Mega, but for starters, you'll not be using her (Gengar) much). There are legit 0 teams in which you'll be choosing the former than the latter. Rayquaza-Mega has the following benefits over Charizard-Mega-X and Mega-Y:

  • Ability to hold an item
    This is actually huge. Very huge. She can hold legit anything and almost everything, from Choice items to Life Orb. This means that she automatically gets a power boost, turning 3HKO’s into 2HKO’s, and even some 2HKO’s to OHKO’s after some chip through Rocks or something. Charizard-Mega-X and Y are limited to their Mega Stone, which is meh, and they’re weak as bleep already lol.

  • Better Ability and Stats
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    In all seriousness, Rayquaza-Mega has a better ability and better overall stats. Even though Tough Claws is good enough, it'd struggle to break past things like Arceus-Ground and all, which'll wall it endlessly. Charizard-Mega-Y's ability is dogshit where you'll be seeing things like Omega and Alpha weathers, and Delta Stream. Stats, do I have to say anything lol?

  • Easier to fit on teams of almost every archetype
    Rayquaza-Mega doesn't have any issue about being fitted onto any team (which isn't Stall), so it's all g here. You'll be doing her on 3/4th's of your teams, if not more. The ability to defeat it's dedicated checks after a boost/whatever is huge too.

So the main thing is, they're both outclassed by the greatest Dragon, Ms. Rayquaza-Mega, as a Mega.

Ummmmmm that's because I wanna choose a lead Pokemon for my team and as the rule goes I love Charizard much more than the legendary groudon that's it
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Mate, if you don't wanna use the so-called "legends", please don't play NDAG! Charizard is, currently, one of the best Pokémon in Gen 8 PU. The Charizard Mega's both have a niche in Gen 7 and Gen 6 OU. All three of these formats, especially Gen 8 PU, have a lot less "legends" than NDAG. Legend is just a classification. Granted, they have better stats, but please don't refrain from using them in a tier where, if you don't use them, you'll get a LOT less wins.

Hope it helped, and yeah try to adhere to the small piece of advice in the end.

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Oh I just noticed you asked for a moveset, but do you need it? They’re both bad :|
Just tell them to play Gen 6 / 7 / Nat Dex OU and provide a moveset for that rather instead.
Ummm thank you Assault........., I understand your point and will surely take your advice to consideration
Thank you
np mate, feel free to ask me for any more help.
@swastik cool yeah nice
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I think Mega Charizard X is better than Mega Charizard Y. Because it is Physical Attacker and It becomes a Fire and Dragon Type. I would go with this moveset if I were you.

Dragon Dancer
Charizard @ Charizardite X
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Flare Blitz
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- Earthquake

This doesn't explain much. For example, why are physical attackers better than special attackers, as the answer implies?
(Of course, this also glosses over that both Charizard forms are terrible in NDAG.)
Thanks a lot bro. I'll definitely try the moveset you have advised me
Thanks once again
I even agree with fizz. Even I was confused when I read your answer about the physicals being better than the specials. Will you please mind to clear my doubt?
This is my answer to you guys "While Mega Charizard X has a very good 130 in both Atk and SpA, Mega Charizard Y has a dramatic 159 Atk. So Mega Charizard X is a mixed attacker (equally good as both a physical and special attacker), shelling out damage from a 130 Atk/SpA stat" You can also you Mega Charizard X with a mixed attacker moveset
Thank you Kagayaki-sama25 for your answer.
It helped me a lot brother