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Username changes are now finished until December 1st.

As per our new system, it will soon be time to allow username changes once again!

Name Rater

The ability to change your username starts on Monday, September 2nd and run until Sunday, September 8th (probably early evening GMT but could be any time Sunday).

Since the time period is shorter than before I have opened this thread to give everyone a heads-up. In the meantime you can also use this thread to poll for a new username if you like - post an answer with the options and others can comment on their favourite name.

When you have changed your username, please post an answer saying what your old username was so that people know you are/were. Please refrain from changing your username multiple times during the period. Temporary bans may be given out for people abusing the privilege.


Really sorry guys, I forgot to open the username changes Saturday and was out all day Sunday. But registrations are now open and will last until Sunday to make sure people have the weekend.

To update your username, go to My Account, put the name in the box and save. Note there are some restrictions to usernames:

  • Usernames may not contain Pokemaster in them.
  • You may not use these three characters: @ + /
  • Invisible characters are not allowed.
  • The maximum number of characters is 20 in a username.

TL;DR: Usernames are open for changing until September 8th. Don't change multiple times. Answer with your old username when changed.

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I think it's worth mentioning that the character limit is 20 characters, Pokemaster. Just saying. :3
Mine is 14 Characters.
how does it work?
@HydraPika, it hasn't started yet, but when it does go to your 'My Account' section and go to the first text box on the page - it will say 'hydrapika5'. You can change it, click 'Save Changes', blah blah blah, and you're done! :D

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Leboss ---> Lenub.

Leboss ---> Leemployee.
Congratulations, you have been demoted. Therefore, Lenub is a good option. :D
But I like Leboss better ;~; you should stay with your current name just to please me.
damnit lenub i was about to change to pokenub ;-;
You seem to have found a nonexistent brain, by thinking. And guess what the brain doesn't even exist o3o
Lenub is still boss-it doesn't really even make a difference to me xD
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Yes it's going to happen :3

♪$tarPower♪ to either

  • $taraptorPower +1
  • Catnip +3
  • Starfire +9

Well... Starfire seems to have won by a landslide. So when PM opens it up I'm going to Starfire!

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Starfire, love it.
Starfire hell yeah :3
Starfire! +1
Starfire = [email protected]$$.
7 votes

Jofly > /Idle

Idle + / = Idle/ - Idle/ + / + Idle = /Idle Idle = I + D + L + E + Omg, this is getting boring. + 3 = 5.4 = H2O /Idle

Shorter version of this. /Idle + 8.4 = Wet Jofly.


It's pretty much like this.

enter image description here
enter image description here

Yawn... You understand right?

Ofcourse you do PX :3
Ew, wet Jofly >.<
What value is *x*
As if Jofly's ever "unwet" :3
To my complete and utter surprise.... I understand it 030
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Breaking Point ----> Professor Xerilia

Christ sake why do people like my old crappy name so much? xD
Note(s) from Flare:

  1. Professor Xerilia is not an "old crappy name"as you say.
  2. You are completely not insane anymore.
  3. Breaking Point sounded like you were about to die.
  4. I'm having fun sabotaging the answer :P

Note(s) from MK:
1. As Flare said, Old: Yes Crappy: Not in the least
2. Breaking Point didn't sound like you were gonna die, just made you sound like you were gonna lose it all the time and rage at me :P
2. Flare's a troll
4. About time your name changed back <3
5. You knew I was gonna add some notes, don't act surprised :3

Good job, Profirio :P

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The bit I edited in makes the answer look sexy.
Crysis Mode FTW1
MK your attempt to edit the answer was appreciated. And thank you for noticing I'm a troll :3
Lol i feel like this is burger king. "Have it your Way"
I realize this is a rather old post, but Breaking Point sounds like an awesome name for a song.
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Never look back.

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Lombro :D
Brotad. :D
The Pink Elephant! The Pink Elephant!! :D
definetly Lombro
I laughed way harder than I should have at "never look back" :3
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UnovaRegionRocks ---> Adam.

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Aww... Change it to Adamadam
Adam, soothes  you perfectly :)
ikr?? (filler)
Btw Adam, you forgot to give credit to me for the name :(
Adamantus. >:(
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Being a Master was great till I wasn't a Master :3

MrKijani was my first name here, and I must say, it's da baws

Previous name: Master Kijani
New Name: MrKijani

Yes :D
Mr.K is back!
Ewwwwwwwww >.>
5 votes

Well after Starpower saw me as Pokenubz on Showdown she suggested that i change my username to it so here you go, just for you Star.

So to clarify:

Pokewatt----> Pokenubz

OMG yayz xD
Awesome name.
4 votes

Planning to return to Nindzya.

NinjaStarz7 :(
4 votes

It's official! My new name will be...


My new name just makes it through the 20 character limit, thankfully.

I'm testing various versions of the name, such as:
<♪~IndigoSapphire~♫> (WINNlNG VARIATION)
<~♪IndigoSapphire♫~> (RUNNING-UP VARIATION)
<♪ IndigoSapphire ♪>
<♫ IndigoSapphire ♫>
<♪ IndigoSapphire ♫>
<♫ IndigoSapphire ♪>

So, that is my new name. Indigo Sapphire is ready to become the #1 DB Citizen! >:)

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Can I vote for Star Sapphire instead of IndigoSapphire?
StarSapphire... StarFire. x) Sounds like a mix of SP's alliances. :3
I'll actually think about that.
Since not many people are voting and the name change is soon, I'll just create a tournament poll thingy. StarSapphire added, trachy dear. :3

I kinda like it like that :3
Jaja, I would have put it like that but I didn't want to because I'd rather not appear at the bottom of the online users list. Js. :3
I'm testing some other versions of the name decorations, to see which one suits best. :3
My name has been officially changed. Hooray. :3
4 votes

Ok, so this time there will be some form if democracy (but not really). If anyone else got any cool idea, let me know.
I'm thinking of changing to:
Flaf. It gets shorter and shorter!
a Stunfisk. Just to make every answer, every comment and every question I've ever made get "answered 40 minutes ago by a Stunfisk."
The Hero of Time because TLoZ is awesome.
Flaming Shiftry, from my VGC days.
Uber Magnemite
Samwise It have LotR, a cool name and even wise in it, it's epic!
Mingy Jongo [Evil Shaman Terminator? Sweetness!][1]
Korv Stroganoff You may or may not vote on this since this is an edit from Jofly but i'm sure Flaaffy will like it because he is baws.

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Please if you go to "Flaf." I will marry you I'm not even kidding :3
Uber Magnemite is baws.
My vote is on "Korv Stroganoff"
Flaf. Please for the sake of Flare xD
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Please, I've been waiting awhile to change me name. No one know me anymore >.>.. like a ninja, so here is my name change...

FireSource to FireRedNinja

Made up of my three usernames I most commonly use on websites...


Aheh, feel free to take them but- I must have all the credit muhahaha (just kidding, take it if you please.)

I actually put in FireRedHalo. But I changed it. Lol.

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Cool. HaloNinja sounds cool too. :)
RedHalo. It sounds so... person with red haloish. o_o
Jar, I'll think about changing my name to HaloNInja if it ever comes around :D
I like FireSource much better than any of them tbh :3
FireRedNinja sounds cool, I do like FireRedHalo though. :3
It also relates to Pokemon, even better. :D
4 votes

*FizzSwift~ → Geofizz``**

Because Ground types are awesome, and * looks better than ~ after the site update.

Plus, this name got old.

Fizzcube / Fishcube.
And if you're gonna be stubborn about Geoswift*, at least do something like:
<GEOfizz> or GeoFIZZ* or G3OF1ZZ or GeofizZ or GeoFiZz or something along those lines :3
4 votes

Once ------------------> Hotcakes.

Worst name evar.
Okay, upvote through hatred if you must.
I agree with fwamey, that name saks. :c
You know what? SCREW THAT. Imma upvote this answer, no matter how incredibly boring, stupid and swear-wordish the damn name is!
JK, I actually like that name. Lol. xD +1
Hotcakes. You just aren't that at all.
4 votes

Holy Mike* -> ~Holy Name

OMG Moik changed his name! Didn't see this o3o (btw I prefer HN* > ~HN) :3
3 votes

So it's going to be XtremeCharizard101 to ShinySuicune101.

HaxTheGreat will be for later.

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EpicShinyTrio. Sounds... epic and shiny. :3
ShinySuicune101 +1 :)
3 votes

Kinda want to try out Pyromancer, what do you guys think? (Pyro = Fire)
Or maybe Dr.Pyro.

Nurse Pyro
Doc Fotia
γιατρός floga
Nurse Ignis
Flammam Aeterne

Lotso cool variations.
Maybe.... Dr.Nub? :P
Dr. Hi. Hi in Japanese is Fire. It also sounds like Dr. Hello. x)
Or you could mix it up and say Dr. 火 or Dr. ひ. (Note: Those who don't know or don't have Japanese character processors on their computers, those are the Japanese symbols for fire. :3)
I like Pyromancer!
Dr.#SeriouslySoDumb sounds right for you. DF keep Dr.Flame :(
Dr.Nubberstein Jr. totally, but Pyromancer is good too
@Eolumni, the first one is actually Chinese
3 votes

Might not change but considering;
My name ideas are so original. :D

End NAme: KnightofDragón
With the cute little accent c:

edited by
You really like being able to rule something. Seriously. o_O
:3. like muffins
How about: KnightofDragon? Looks cooler than your current one :3 js :D
2 votes

raph<-------->duck totally awesome name
raph<-------->Raphy Recker ah its ok
raph<-------->2duck4raph its pretty good
raph<-------->Colonel Duck Awesome
So its final, im changing my name to one of those.

edited by
Raphy Recker sounds like Wreck-It Ralph. :3
"2duck4raph". I love it :D
ikr? or maybe Colonel Duck
I say Colonel Duck.
Colonel Duck.
Deal with it.

Lol. Seriously, take it.
Duck!! Duck!! Duck!! Duck!!
^ Rofl
2 votes

I dont know what mine will be
It will either be back to EliteatarEX
Or this name, LightCryonics
Or one that i like, DarkCryonics ( notice le pun - DarkCry - Darkrai XD )
( i got the 400th view XD)

edited by
DarkCry... I would have never gotten that. xD
I like DarkCryonics. JS. :3
Back to Elite :3