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We have all the basic moves for the new Pokemon now, so it's a good time to start on the moveset questions. Egg moves are a work in progress but I think it's going to be a long while before we know all those.

This time it's different to before - to avoid people clogging up the site, plus the bias and 'easy upvotes' for the people who ask the question, the questions are being asked by a separate account called MovesetBot, who will ask a couple each day for the next few weeks.
[Edit: Mega Evolutions can go on the original Pokemon thread i.e. Mega Charizard X/Y on the Charizard moveset question.]

This thread is for the community to decide which Pokemon we should do first! Upvote the Pokemon you want to see moveset ideas for first, or if they are not listed post it as an answer. I'll start the first question later tonight.

The rules for answering are the same as always - competitive movesets only, including EVs, held items etc. No big pictures in answers. More guidelines here.

List of final-evolution Pokemon (linked to their respective moveset question):

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Can I vote all three starters?
While the stats of Megas vary, their role and movesets will hardly differ except with some exceptions such as Mega Banette. Mega Kangaskhan, a Pokemon that got what I would call the biggest buff in Pokemon, doesn't seem to even need a different moveset, besides of course the huge viability of Body Slam. Otherwise I've been using the standard Fake Out and Sucker Punch priority set. Even something like Charizard X will not really need a new question, since we have physical Charizard sets on the Charizard moveset question.
Next week should be X/Y/Z
Sorry I've been a bit slack with this, guys. Didn't realise so many days had passed.
Furfrou wasn't even suggested xD
I think we should create questions for the Megas, by a new user that you'd call "Mega-MovesetBot" for making it easier to new users to see where is Charizard, and where is Mega-Charizard X. Don't you think so ?
And, if you ever do the forum, then we should have a category for movesets, with an option letting us search for a Pokémon instead of searching for it in the pokedex.

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All moveset questions have now been asked, and are linked above. There may be a case for some Little Cup movesets, but those can be asked by anyone, if and when you need a set. Also, Eviolite sets go on the parent Pokemon, i.e. [email protected] goes on the Aegislash question.

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