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So I think I’m not the only one who was shocked to see Sempiternus promotion to Driver on the server earlier this evening. Sure, he is a great user and a really nice person, but with only a mere week as Voice, a promotion to Driver seems very, hasty. And this is not the first promotions that haven’t made a lot of sense. Once incredibly rapid accent to Driver a few months back was stunning to say the least, and Semps promotion to Voice some time ago was, surprising.

So now I’m asking you, Ninja, why were these users promoted? I am just really curious, seeing as they haven’t been here for very long.

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My promo was last month o3o
shoudnt this be on the db server page?
I want Ninja to see it directly, thus its is own post.
I think it is my inactivity on the server that caused Ninja to do this. Sorry about that guys. I'll be back there soon.
If it'll solve anything, just demote me.
You had no direct part in your promotion Semp, I just want to know why you were promod, not have you demoted unless theres some real crappy reason behind it.

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We needed someone to do unmuting, and we needed a Driver. We have 4 active ones now. I've discussed this with Sciz.

We need an unmute person to deal with this defective Scizbot :|

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He was the most active and already +.
First of, to Once, this is not a critique on you, but on who was chosen.
Sorry, but there are still a few confusing things. Once wasn't Voice, but Gym Leader, based on his battling skills rather than outstanding user qualifications. This makes his promotion even weirder since the GLs powers had been removed only 2 months prior, primarily due to Once being unable to handle the power. At the same time, there was plenty of other, active users who had been far longer on the site.
Um, it might be just me, but I'm pretty sure MrK is more active than semp o3o
Nah, Semp is more active. You just aren't on when he is.
Flame only sees me on weekends :P