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You're sitting there typing up a nice and well-formatted RMT. Suddenly, you accidentally close your tab when you meant to open a new one killing all your work. Or maybe you just want to save it for later and you won't want to leave your browser on.

Let posts get saved so they can be worked on later if you leave the answer or question page. Mostly a convenience type and "why not" of thing.

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**Ctrl + Shift + T**

> What does this do Le Barf?

It opens up a previously closed tab. Since the DB temporarily saves information, opening the tab using Ctrl + Shift + T gives you all of your text in the post back.
It's not the same thing. What if you were to close your whole laptop down, or you were coming back later but wanted to end it now? Plus, not all computers and laptops have this. It's not quite the answer they were looking for.
Yeah, what Fizz posted. Normally I just put all my work in Notepad and I'll answer later. Or I just edit my answers as I go. :D
It happened me 6 times. Thats why I'm not in RMT so much
I'm going to bump this, because I lost another RMT I spent the last 40 minutes on. xP

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