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Name changes are now closed.

Name rater

Name changes are now unlocked and will run until Thursday (or until I remember to close it again).

To update your username, click your username, then the "Edit my account" button. Or use this link shortcut.

Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' in them, nor profanity.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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June 2 is almost ending.
Man Pokemaster has one busy life
Y'know, this is the only website I know of where you can change usernames without making a new account. We should all be grateful we can change at our usernames ever.
^^ Yeah, not many sites do that. I can think of a site though that let's you change your name.
But yeah, Pokemaster isn't a computer you know. :P
I just want to say thank goodness you forgot about closing this because I nearly forgot to change my name to back to Indigo. o_o
I'm thinking about the username VV, again.
Or maybe Super Kami Guru...
i might change usernames in fall  something... if anything i will change to this nick: lugiaAreo or ThePotato i might have little comtest when username changes open up again i dunno

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My final decision:

~Spiritomb~ -----> Fist Of Justice

I think it sounds badass, and I decided that my username should be a tribute to the Ghost I use, instead of the actual name of it.

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Be castform!
What about pokegenned Charizard X with Ghost type or Trick or Treat Bidoof? Arceus Ghost?
Whaddya think of my new name?
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I'll be taking votes for this one. The 2 choices are:

President Quagmire


Dragoonite(following up my previous usernames)

So far:

President Quagmire~3 votes

Dragoonite~0 votes

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lol saying all those giggitys in fast speech makes it a tongue twister   @[email protected]
The world's screaming for President Quagmire
Of course I'll sing that along ;)
^ yes please.
ooo Ima vote for President Quagmire
1 vote

Screw dis


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Why are your names so creepy?! Hesus christ...
Tehy're cool and creepy. That's the point :D. I grew up on metal and dubstep, this is all I know
When did DubStep become RapeFace music?
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Shadeslayer is gone...Welcome in Parzival!!!
Plus I got an awesome gravatar to go with it!!!
enter image description here

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1 vote

Majora -> Immortal

I liek JackZero :'v
Someday, Nick.
1 vote

Cakehamster --> Jellohamster
I'm converting back to my gelatinous form :3

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Don't get me wrong, i like Salamaster, But i think it's time for something new. Dragon types only. Suggestions?

Dr. Agonite    :D
LordGible work for yah?
King Kingdra?
Maybe something like Hydreigod?
Has to be either Dr.Agonite or Goomygod :3
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PokeElf------>LordGoomy please :D
If you don't like it or if it is taken, keep my name as PokeElf :D
I don't know if I should ask for opinions 'bout this one.

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You change your own name, read the question.
Didn't have to sound harsh :/ but okay :)
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Heh heh...

Blazo's gonna be in biz >:)

DA Shadow->Blazo

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I have a list which all Db can vote on


2:Ozzy Osbourne

3: Pimp Named Slickback

4:Death Rider

5:Young Reezy

6:Punished Snake

7:Revolver Ocelot

8:Ded Sec

9:The Vigilante

Anyway those are my choices so get voting people

Become young reezy, because it sounds weird :3
I liked Lord Kaname tbh ;-;
Definitely not 3.
3 is an awesome name. I vote for it.
Go back to Lord Kaname. if not, i agree with Ninya (people will think you're DT which is fine by me)
Number 5.

Also, number three should be "A Pimp Named Slickback." You have to say the whole thing. :P
Number 9
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Chibi_Gengar23 ----> X♥SparklySylveon♥X

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oh, sorry!
Gengar can't be Chibi it's *ao*
Did you make it forget Mean Look? That's just an art. I could draw a horror Frmale Loppuny or something. As I Said they are Y**i
Me being japanese
chibi means midget
the fore gengar is already a chibi no matter wat
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V-Man to Volcarion also thought of either volcanorona or V-Creation you guys and gals can pick I will be fine with any of the three picking on Monday

I honestly think you should stay with V-Man, but if you're changing then I say V-Creation
^ agreed.
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Ok! So I have come up with a gorgeous username:

But I can't choose a fitting star/snowflake (at the end)! Please help me choose one of these:
1) ✢ 2) ✤ 3)✥ 4)❋
5)✦ 6)✧ 7)✩ 8)✰ 9)✪ 10)✫
11)✬ 12)✭ 13)✮ 14)✯ 15)❂
16)★ 17)✱ 18)✲ 19)✳ 20)✴
21)✵ 22)✶ 23)✷ 24)✸ 25)✹
26)✺ 27)✻ 28)✼ 29)❄ 30)❅
31)❆ 32)❇ 33)❈ 34)❉ 35)❊

So comment the star/snowflake (by number) if you want to!
Thanks adventurers! <3

13. [filler]
I thought 20
30 or 11 or 15.
I think the name would look good without the characters.
Number 22, 34 or 35.
Although it's hypocritical saying this since I've used symbols since the beginning of time, I do agree with Sciz - I don't particularly like the symbols in between the names. The other symbols are fine though, like a star at the end. :3
8 [filler]
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gau222 -> |Protean~Froakie|

Because I love Water-types

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I've got a few ideas, but I'll let you decide

  • TheMasquerade - 2
  • Innocence&Instinct - 2
  • Collide - 1
  • Faith&Fear - 1

That's all for now. I'll probably add more later. For now, I'm thinking Collide. It's nice and simple, not all long and fancy like my other names. But, if you all decide something else by a large majority soon, I'll do that.

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The Masquerade sounds cool to me.
Dangit, ya'll need to agree on something.
I'm braking this "stale-mate" :P I kinda like The Masquerade
Innocence&Instinct or Faith&Fear
Going for Collide. Hope ya'll aren't too disappointed.
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Back to InfernapeBurn. BCB isn't really doing it for me. Never got around to my Mono-Bug team, though. Oh well.

For the format, should it be InfernapeBurn, Infernape Burn, or InfernapeBurn?
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Thundurus192 --> Thundy

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