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Username changes are now closed until December.

OK it's that time again!

Name rater

Name changes will be unlocked from Friday 5th Sept and will run until Sunday morning (maybe slightly longer, but no guarantees).

I've opened the thread now so everyone has a heads up. And some people like to ask others for opinions on changes - if that's the case post an answer with the options you're considering and others can comment. (If you definitely know what you're changing to, please don't post until you've actually changed it this weekend.)

Updating usernames is done by going to your user page and clicking "Edit my account" (direct shortcut link here).

Username restrictions:

  • Usernames may not contain 'Pokemaster' in them, nor profanity.
  • Due to technical restrictions these 3 characters cannot be used: @ + /
  • Invisible characters (e.g. zero-width spaces) are not allowed. Regular spaces are fine.
  • The maximum number of characters for usernames is 20. This includes all letters, numbers, symbols and spaces.
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Weren't we supposed to be able to change our usernames at the beginning of December?
PM hasn't gotten around to posting it yet. Be patient, he will eventually.
Oh yeah, it's nearly the end of the month.
End of the year.
Its almost febuwary where is pm?
I hate my username so much, I need to change it!

39 Answers

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Cuz why not?

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To this day forward, I will be known as Wolf.

LordGoomy -> Wolf
It's my favorite animal, so why not? Also, a lot of people say I act like a wolf, anyways...

Such a majestic creature...

So you live in a pack, savagely kill deer and eat raw meat? o.O?
Sciz, I'm not that dumb. I live in a pack, yes, but I savagely kill MOOSE, and eat raw meat FRESH.
Animals that do that remind me of a royal Goomy.
Goomy and wolves are keewl.
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Hawluchinations it is! Goodbye Parzival. I have 2 awesome gravs to use for this name. Please tell me which one u like better or ill just switch when I feel like it :P
enter image description hereor
the one I have now :P

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Parzival or Shadeslayer.
I like Hawluchinations, because it sounds like hallucinations, in which Indigo is o3o
I like Hawluchination too
dat pun doh....
That's such a great Gravatar, the one in the answer. I wonder who made it.
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Something entirely different:
It's a secret! So do you know what my new name will be? Well, now you know.

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You should change to The Mat
No. I like the name I thought of.
He spled the beans. He's changing to querty zoom
I know what it is, it's "a secret!"
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Welp. I have a lot of choices....


  1. Stay as Electridash (With the lightning bolt) 2 votes
  2. Stay as Electridash (Without the lightning bolt)
  3. Change to DraconicUmbreon (If you can, shorten it)
  4. Change to NightClawtheLiepard (Without the 02, too long)
  5. Change to PsychicLucario (Or something along that line)
  6. Go back to GlidingEmpoleon
  7. Change to FlyingEmpoleon (I don't really like it)
  8. Change to ShadowVolt (Again, I don't really like it)
  9. Change to Illusiflare (This looks stupid) 2 votes
  10. Change to Lunaria (Uhm....okaayy)
  11. Change to ScizorCannon (Um........................)

I WILL KEEP THIS FOR ONE MORE DAY!!!(hope there's no tie)

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So someone upvoted and didn't comment...ALL I NEED ARE THE COMMENTS NOT THE VOTES!!!!!
I like what it is right now.
My failed try at shortening Draconic Umbreon: Umbraconic xD
srsly though, I think the current name is already pretty good.
Umbronic you nub
Maybe 'Lunar-something'...
you should be (i know this not on there but whatever) darkenZoroark02  (it does sound pretty cool :3)
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I want to change my name from:
Sceptile_03 to Leafy Blade

EDIT: Change of plans, going to Blade with Leaves instead (seems the same but anyway)

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"I want to change my name"
^ sounds like you think PM changes your name for you
Just making sure you know, you have to change your own name manually.
It says not available yet. When?
5th of this month
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The Blastoise > Chibi Blastoise OR TheUngracefulToad

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Don't be the next chibi o3o
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Qwerty Zoom --> Fated Fathom ♠


The Keyboard demands a break. It got high BP, and is gonna be sleeping through the next season. For now though, I'm gonna use the name my brother uses.

That's right,
Qwerty Zoom --> мαунєм נυηαzαя∂ ☣

(may the haters hate)

Really, no reason, not gonna keep it for a super long time anyways. My whole profile content will completely change as well by the way.

Note: I did in fact use that name for 2 days only, I changed now to...

Fated Fathom ♠

That's right, just one special character, and oh by the way, I'm not reverting back this season :P

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Mayhem Junazard (biohazard sign)
*hands over crocin*
Your name, your game, but you're gonna regret it fo'reals :3
It's annoying Zoom, and the ones who don't think so are usually more annoying, xD
Oh well, not keeping the name for a long time, will revert back before the name change then
i wike u when u were qwerty...
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Back to V-Man and i'm never gonna change it again

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Question: Should my username be changed?

It's great to feel pimp, but I was thinking about something like

Kawaii Piplup


With Terlor being dubbed, someone must take his place as the kawaii one.
kawaai piplup sounds nice
I decided to just stick with Pimplup for now.
how bout kawaii pimplup
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I'm thinking go to either
1.Keep Ssj Magikarp
2. Change Name to Drew
3. Or change it to Le King of Dragons
Which should I choose ?

1. Magikarp jokes aren't funny unless they're funny. And this is not.

2. Is that your real name?

3. I like this one.
well he wont be able to change his name anytime soon until the last day of name change thanks to his ban
I like how Ayan says that and then he makes one of his suggestible names 'MagikarpShouldBeUber'.
Yeah, Drew. xD
Lol but that was funny at the time.
Le King of Dragons.  Or whatever you want.
Le King of Dragons... Le KoD... KoD... copying Sempi imo.
^^ I'm glad I wasn't the only one.
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Ok the moment you've all been waiting for, I'm finally changing back to my first DB name....... Rowr!

Wasn't it Rawr! ?
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Amiable Angemon

I'm so sick of people calling me ange that I wanna throw marbles at them and make "I lost my marbles!" jokes. Actually that's not true, I just made that up.

Digivolve toooo

Yeah, It was better than this name imo tho, can't wait for december so I can go to my next period.

Mild MagnaAngemon

btw, do me a favor and not call me ange or magnaange.. just call me my regular patamon nickname or Magna (mild i guess is ok but it sounds weird)... SERIOUSLY I'm sick of being called ange... lel
ok sorry Ange
Change to Irvin o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o o3o
Ange you sak o3o!
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I am elegant once more...Twilight Prince to...Elegant Espeon. With a little twist, so my new name is ☆Elegantly∞Espeon☆

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I'm dropping the Infernape and adding an Alpha. Which makes me:

Alpha Burn

Alternatively, I could be Alpha Burner. which do you think?

tbh, I liked InfernapeBurn. But if I had to choose between Alpha Burn or Alpha Burner, I would choose Alpha Burn.
Burn not Burner. Burner sounds too long.
But it's cooler too ;~;

And ReadyAimFire is much longer :D?
BURNer is COOLer.

I don't know how I noticed that. xD
But I like Alpha Burn.
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EvilSkillz ----> >(SlashTheDarkness)<

Excuse me, in the words of Giga...
I'M THE ONLY SLASH HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:P Jk ofc
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Eponyta to...

enter image description here

3 of my favourite non-food things!

My self-appointed nickname, however, can be either: Rain, or Raine.

I did have a rainbow ponyta picture.....
i liked when u waz Eponyt..but meh
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Fist Of Justice ----- Dunsparce

Retro style

Kind of a boring name.
I guess you can say it's a bit...sparce.
Fist of Justice was already sparce.
It's dun being sparce now.
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AlphaDraconis --> A Dragon's Roar