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I got this idea from a user. He made a thread dedicated to how you got your username. So i thought "i could apply this to the META section of pokebase" Wait... Is this even allowed? Other people made threads for your username on pokemon showdown! and pokemon online (which you could put on your profile) and didnt get flagged (as of my time on the site) so hopefully is allowed

EDIT: yay it is allowed

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I ndver knew i could get so much answers on my own thread
He removed my "stupid-tags".
You forget he is the "ruler pokemon" he only knows one way hitting people with rulers It's like Smeargle and sketch lol
Lucario12432 came from i like Lucario and highest number 4 marking my fourth year of trying to do Pokémon fanart though its still horrible though i was thinking of garchomp12432...
I don't have a username :(

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I have never known why cats hate flying and we will never know. sometimes I am why cats hate flying, sometimes I am why cats cant fly.

dam i felt this one
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I've been here for a very long time, so I've had a ton of usernames
My first username was Lucky 2000, which didn't really have an origin (just appeared in my mind)
2nd was Dragoonair, because when I was 13-14 Dragonair was my favorite
3rd was Dragoon, which is just short for Dragoonair and an inspiration from Kirby Air Ride(Probably the username that the older users know me by)
After that, I had a lot of other usernames, like #Mega Pinsir, !<-Quagmire->!(i think), Almighty Derpados, The Trapinchinator, Mega Dragoon(old favorite), Sir Dragoon, Mosmero, Mosmic Power, and Electric Z

And currently my username is Meta Ridley, which originated from Meta Ridley

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My username, Nswift involves two relatively simple ideas. The N comes from Nathan, my first name. Then swift represents one of my favorite Pokémon moves, swift. I always enjoyed looking at its attack animation, especially in my first game, Platinum. That's where my username comes from! It's pretty basic, but that's fine I guess.


Oh dang that's cool, I immediately assumed  was Nathan, but that was only because of a dub name (Nathan Swift, I'm serious) from the anime Inazuma Eleven
Emty you're such a weeb
arent we all? (except for the losers)
PX takes one to know one >:(
Oh that’s pretty cool - I didn’t even know that it was and anime-esk name.  Also lol to the rest of the conversation : ]
but technically we're all losers too!
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Finally answering this, don't expect anything too exciting.

My first name!! I was a kid with very few brain cells when I joined this site, and I also happened to really like this Minecraft book series where the main character's name was Gameknight999. So I thought "huh that's kinda cool I think I'll do something like that". Then I opted for the letter X because I wanted to be "cool and edgy". Then I thought about other edgy things from that book series and lo and behold, swords! "XSword999" sounds stupid though, so I went with the far superior Blade. Thus, Xblade999 was born.

Mega-Blade X
Don't have a lot to say about this one. Another user came up with it for me, so I took it. I was originally going to rename myself "Scipio", after the famous Roman general, but I changed it.

Giga~Blade X
Simple change from the last name. Giga Drain is better than Mega Drain, which I guess was my reasoning? I should know this, seeing as it only happened a few months ago, but I forget. Oh well. Blade X stayed the same, and I used a tilde instead of a hyphen because a few months ago tildes were all the rage, so I just hopped on the bandwagon.

Omega-Blade X
If you can't see my pattern yet then I don't even know what to say.

I'll probably update this when I inevitably change my name again.

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much nice
Why thank you
Xblade's origins are amazing.
Thank you lol
I wonder who made squigglies all the rage
Coincidentally I'm studying Scipio and the Punic Wars right now in history class
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My username at the moment is ~MegaCharizardY~ (I want to look back at this post and regret everything :P). Despite my name having "Charizard" in it, I don't like Charizard at all in its base form. I like Gmax Charizard and both Mega's, but Y has gotta be the best.

On April 3rd, 2020, I decided it was a good idea to name myself ~MegaLucario~. I changed my mind. I was thinking of what else I could name myself. Then I remembered a book I wrote when I was in 3rd grade, and have continued writing to this day. In the book, the main character chooses a Charmander as her starter. She gets a Mega Stone in the lab that just so happens to be Charizardite Y.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know this but, I used to love X and really hate how much Y looked like regular Charizard. But while I was looking at their designs and stats, Y really grew on me. And you know what site I was looking at? This one. Actually, this site has supplied me with everything I know about Pokémon. But enough about that. Anyway, while looking at their stats, I was wowed by Y's SpAtk but really disappointed that such a physical powerhouse like X has the same SpAtk as Atk.

So, this is why my name is ~MegaCharizardY~ and not ~Mega Lucario~ or ~MegaMence~ (this was actually an option) or ~MegaCharizardX~. Hope you enjoyed this "incredible" story :)



Point is, my name is ~Chocolatte~! Well, soon it's going to be! Why, you may ask?

This name change was interesting. A few months ago I had decided on *~SerperioritY~*, but recently I started playing Among Us? Anyway, I love Odwalla Mocha Latte protein shakes so I made my Among Us username Chocolatte (chocolate + latte...). Then I really liked the name and made my Discord username Chocolatte~. Finally, for db, I had a poll, ~Chocolatte~ vs *~SerperioritY~*. Right now ~Chocolatte~ has... 4 votes? So I think it's going to win.

Yes this was a weird explanation I know.


It doesn’t feel right not being Y.

So name changes just happened and I decided on ~Bandit~. She’s kinda my “mascot”, you could say.

Who is she? Well, she’s my Yveltal from Pokémon Y. Yes I know Yveltal’s are genderless but sHe’S sPeCiAl.

You see my original name change was going to be ~BanditTheYveltal~, which had a Y in it so I could be Y again. However, that was too long of a name. So I shortened it to ~Bandit~.

After some discussion about being Band YouTube, I decided that people can still call me Y even though there’s no Y in my name.


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When the next name change period rolls around, you should name yourself -VMaxChazoirdZ-. XD

...I'm gonna be killed for that, I can see it. XD
Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know this but, I used to love X

OH MY GOD I KNEW IT- no just kidding this joke is dead im sorry
Excuse me what Flaweon
i said nothing. also who's flareon?
good job x
Hey hey hey guess what
I knew it
Frick you Flaweon

We both predicted the future tho congers!!!!!
this comment section is utterly confusing
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My username is quite boring in origins.

Aurelius is my middle name and Reyes is my “other” middle name. Basically in Filipino culture your Mom’s maiden name becomes a sort of pseudo-middle name.

I’m planning to Change my name and then the origins will be listed

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Kyogre71: In Alpha Sapphire, I have a level 71 Quirky Kyogre, which also happens to be my favorite legendary. Quirky is my personality type too, so that's fun. If I ever trade that Kyogre to you, be careful with me.

This is a little premature, but name changes are this week so...

KyogrePulse: Origin Pulse is Primal Kyogre's signature move, and Water/Dragon Pulse are some of my favorite moves. Pulse is also just fun to say.

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About time I answered this. One Day, I had to create a name to play an Online Game I liked. I didn't like any of the pre-chosen names,an Adjective and an animal, so I started typing random letters. About 3 or 4 times of that and I got Jhnfui. I liked it, so I started using it for everything.
Apparently, it sticked, so here I am today. Anticlimactic, probably. Boring, most definitely

Now my name is J™. I deciding to hop on the ™ train like half of the database with the name changes in October. I just kept the J from Jhnfui and added the ™. Well, boring again lol.

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there's no way your username is more boring than mine lol
I'm sure mine is more boring. XD
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So, BlazeGamer came from the fact that my favorite element is fire, and 'Gamer' is that I like video games. Enough said.

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Here's the origin of my name.

One Christmas, I got Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness. I really enjoyed it, so one day, I did what any kid would do: make a toy version of it. I had some pokemon toys and some other random toys that I used and after a while, I stopped. (Starter was Chansey and partner was Carbink, but that has nothing to do with this.) I had been coming up with loads of ideas in my head for dungeons and stuff, so I wanted to put my ideas on paper. I'm not finished yet, only a couple pages in, but here's the cover.

Now let's take a trip to Honey Hive treetops. During the main story, you would get 2 eggs. One which would hatch into a Igglybuff (which also isn't important), and one that would hatch into a Cutiefly. It's a different colored one, but not shiny. You take it to Honey Hive, beat a Vespiquen's workers, and heal Cutiefly, and get a Shiny Combee. Skip after the post game and you go to another dungeon. I don't know the name for this one yet, but you go to the top, fight in a Arena, beat a level 70 Ribombee, and it's revealed that the Ribombee is the mother of Cutiefly. Now how did Cutiefly get lost?

Wyndi Cliff Valley.
You go through the plot and find that an enraged Mega-Absol set off some strong winds that blew Cutiefly's egg away. Noticed how I said enraged? How did Mega-Absol get enraged?

Viper Plains.
Now we're getting somewhere. The leader of this place are three Seviper, the boss being shiny. I decided that the name of this sly snake would be The Viper. I really like Seviper and it's shiny, so this is why I decided to go with Seviper as my mascot. Back to the name. It's kinda a playoff of Randy Orton's name that people call him, but I wasn't thinking about him. I just liked the idea of The Viper. Now for the "Da" part. I just thought Da sounded and looks a whole lot better than The.

This is how I got my name. (Spoilers: The boss is Darkrai.) As for Showdown, I'm a master with Kirbys in Smash Bros 64, so yeah. I was going to go with MFT, my fictional character that has a ridiculously overpowered Fearow (based on my Leafgreen Fearow, but I never got a chance to use Kirbymaster64. (BTW, MFT stands for Mysterious Fearow Trainer.)

Thanks for reading all this.

Very interesting.
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my username fits my personality and taste in pokemon, dark and misleading

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When was the last time you thought about your shadow?

I'm pretty sure that almost nobody thinks about their shadow very much. I am much like a shadow. In the corner of a dark room, forgotten. And Primal creatures often have to unleash their power, some with rage, and some have other methods. It takes a lot to unlock my rage, and it isn't gonna go away very easily without something to stop it.

Also I like Darkrai and Darkrai is a literal shadow so yeah :/

This is a bit e d g y .
"Darkrai is a literal shadow"

Marshadow: That's where you're wrong kiddo
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I got my username from my OC, Raiden Nakano, and TheSworded because I love swords and plus I own one, a katana :]

• Raiden (Rai 雷 + Den 電 literally mean "Thunder and Lightning" in Japanese)
• At first, I wanted to name it like this: RaidenTheSworded 【雷電剣】but it wouldn't fit :(

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I chose PKThunder because I like the earthbound/mother series.10 is because I'm 10.

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Matthew is my irl first name. Matt is my nickname, but both names were taken already, so I just made my name "Matt." with a period.

Sorry, it's not really interesting :/

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I guess I'll answer this, and probably get downvoted because of a certain game that I'll mention.

The "A Noob" part of my name dates back to when I used to play Roblox (pls don't hate me for that lol, I stopped playing it two years ago). In late 2017, I really wanted to change my username, because my old one had started to make me cringe and question what I was thinking (and I will not mention it here), and I began using the Noob skin, forming a Noob Gang among some friends. Two months later, I saved up enough to get my username changed to "JustAnElementalNoob", referencing my favourite Roblox game at that time, Elemental Battlegrounds, and that fact that I still had the Noob skin, except with cosmetics representing fire, ice and electricity. About a year later, I stopped playing Roblox.

Then the "Without A Name" part of my username. In April 2019, which was around the time I lost interest in Roblox, I started playing Pokémon Showdown. I didn't really know what to make my username. Even if my Roblox username didn't go over the character limit (which it did) there's no way I would've went with it. I wanted to keep the "Noob" part in, but had no idea what else to put in my username. Eventually, because I couldn't think of a name, I settled with "ANoobWithoutAName". That name has stuck with me since.

Ever since I created my Showdown account, every username I've made since then have been either the same as it somewhat similar to it, depending on the character limit. Part of the reason it's stuck with me is because of the potential for jokes. I remember once while I was playing something, someone said to me: "I'm gonna call you Billy" (I don't have a screenshot sadly), and Frozen Inferno 火 has already made a few jokes about it, including but not limited to this:

When you become a AHaxerWithoutAName XDD
commented Mar 26 by Frozen Inferno 火

So, yeah. That's how I got my username. I'm not very creative so it's likely that I'll never change it. If one day I do change my username, it'll probably be something related to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, my favourite video game of all time. But no guarantees.

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my name used to be KirbyCuteKing which i liked but the problem was it has 13 letters and the name limit for most games are 10 to 12. so i shortened it down to KirbyKing and i stuck with the name cause i liked it more

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OK, since people have been answering this thread, I will too! I dunno if people care, but here ya are.

Flowersun was my first name. It was inspired by the Warriors series, which I like. I got it when choosing my username for the Warriors website, and it sounded cool, so I decided to use it here, minus whatever numbers were on the end of it.

Glazio Kawaii was my second name. Gladion's my favorite character, and Glazio is his Japanese name. Kawaii means something along the lines of cute. "Glazio Kawaii" was kinda my catchphrase for quite a while, so it seemed fitting. This name really grew on me, and I actually like it more than Flowersun.

Gladion Aether was my third name. Once again, Gladion's my favorite character, so I decided to name myself after him. I'm completely convinced that Gladion's last name is Aether. Why? Because it makes sense. Although it is kinda weird because I named myself after Gladion when I'm not even a boy.

Giru-Rūku is my current name. I'm going through a massive Harvest Moon phase, so I named myself after Gill and Luke. Giru is Gill's Japanese name, and Rūku is Luke's Japanese name. At least, I think it's Japanese. The two of them are my favorite Harvest Moon boys, and I have become obsessed. They're both adorable.

So there's the short history of my usernames. :3

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My name was actually identical (Kinda) To an already existing name.
One day I wanted to be a part of Pokemon Database. I didn't know what to name my account when I found somebody named "Blissey Boy" And you can basically patch the rest.
And that is how I got my name ;)