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I got this idea from a user. He made a thread dedicated to how you got your username. So i thought "i could apply this to the META section of pokebase" Wait... Is this even allowed? Other people made threads for your username on pokemon showdown! and pokemon online (which you could put on your profile) and didnt get flagged (as of my time on the site) so hopefully is allowed

EDIT: yay it is allowed

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When I was making my Showdown! account, I was afflicted by decision paralysis, and I was worried that I would pick a name that I would not like later. So I asked, "what is the most generic possible name I can come up with?" And now this.
Taco y u retag??????
I ndver knew i could get so much answers on my own thread
He removed my "stupid-tags".
You forget he is the "ruler pokemon" he only knows one way hitting people with rulers It's like Smeargle and sketch lol

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My name always has been and always will be FlappersFlappers. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to explain this because it's an inside joke, so it'll probably sound dumb since you weren't there, but basically it's this.
My family is very silly and one of funniest members is my Uncle, who will find something that piques his interest or something that strikes him as humorous and stick with it for a while making all kinds of sassy jokes about it. We're always laughing at what his "new thing" is and about half the time have no idea where it comes from. Apparently at one point he learned about what a duodenum is, and for weeks on end it was just stuff like "my stomach's a little weird, I think I got a case of those duodenum flappers not working". The best part was the little 'one-hand clapping' hand motions he'd make. To this day we joke about the 'flappers', sneaking it into stuff whenever we can. I started associating it with the little wings the dumbo octopus has on it's mantle (because they are precious little squishes). Thus the dumbo flapperpus was born. Well actually it's always been there, you just didn't know it before ;)

I took the joke so far that I made the banner for my GameFAQs page, which everyone tells me I need to show my uncle --

I spent way too much time on it and am way too proud over it, haha.

Why are people upvoting this? Is it because of the banner? Please tell me if it's because of the banner.
I Upvoted because of the banner. :P
I'm so happy
I learned what a duodenum is when I heard a 3 year old asking a 26 year old for her duodenum...
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My nickname is a Pun between Stakataka and cool. Storytime: Why Stakataka? Well, as you can imagine, I was hyped for Ultra Sun/Moon's release, and I knew I wanted Ultra Moon. And I was intrigued by the UB's from Sun/Moon. So, when I heard some more were released, I instantly looked at the Ultra Moon exclusive. I saw that it had monstrous defenses and pretty high attack. Then I saw its typing. Sure, it was x4 weak to Fighting and Ground, but its only other weakness is Water, and it looks way cooler than Blacephalon. It grew on me like a fungus, He is a cool wall creature. So, I decided that I liked it so much that it is my favorite UB. I decided I wouldn't care how much of an underdog it was (and knew Game Freak would make it OP in the TCG), it is too good for being cast aside. So I wouldn't cast it aside. I would use it and praise it more than anyone else, because many will see it and turn away...

And in the end, It is not the worst UB (cough Guzzlord cough); It is in UU and is viable in n OU (mostly trick room teams).

(I actually like Guzzlord for Similar reasons; I use both of them casually all the time :P)

I named by Stakataka "Blarney"
The Blarney stone is an ancient stone in a medieval castle in Ireland that supposedly gives good fortune to those who hang upside down and kiss it. Imagine the fear of going upside down to kiss a Stakataka and seeing over 100 glowing eyes looking at you. The invasion of personal space would likely result in an immediate crushing :P
I know I would cave myself in if I were the Stakataka in that situation.
Does that count as suicide?
Holy cow, this actually makes me what happens if the 'bricks' separate too far from each-other? If they're independent organisms they wouldn't die, would they? What exactly are the organisms before they form a Stakataka? Does each one have a unique purpose to serve a function of the overall creature? How are more made?
I'm freaking out!
it looks like they can be apart a bit (the one that is swinging its arm) :P
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Where to start ah lets see Joltiemon GoAt or it's scientific name *Evoejoltomic-Gohorniddoking (Evo-jole-tomic-go-horn-nidoking) stands for a lot of things. If you didn't already know I'm a stickler for cyphers & in turn my name is one. the three caps JGA stand for Johnny Green which is my Showdown The A stands for answers which is what I do. Uh Jolteon was my first pkmn, Joltiemon Is my gender classification across the Internet. It's goat because Goats Can be Mountain goats king of the hill is cool, king of the mountain is cooler goats have horns there by stating my favorite pkmn Is Nidoqueen. Clearly lol in goat the ot is original trainer the first for worst or better which also Clearly states my tribution to the first pkmn song that got me hooked and brought me to where I am now.The go states I play pkmn Go. Tiemon is a fictional pkmn I made for my father that Irons and cleans up coffew stains itself lol.Jolt stating my addiction to speed to always be faster I've been running track for 5 years. the last one is impossible to connect unless you made it so look at this JOlTiemon GOat the caps turn them around they state OJ T OG I really liked the "juice" even if he was before my time thats all! really liked this thread upvoting now you will never look at my name the same again lol.

Up-voting for clever ciphering and reasoning; I never would have known that :P
ummmm sir i think your a little too smart for this site
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My original username, WhoGotzDaFud, was a suggestion my father gave me. I eat a lot.

No, I am NOT fat.

And I am pretty much always hungry. One of my favorite "Me eating too much stories" is:

About seven years ago, we were on a trip one day, and my mother had packed a lunch for my father, my brother and I. We each had a nice sandwich, an apple, one of those big 24 ounce milk jugs, a few bags of chips, raisins, and carrot sticks. My father saw a Mcdonald's, and thought to himself "Man, I'd love some coffee"
He asked us if we wanted to stop in and pick up something (He'd pay for it.) provided that we got coffee for him.
My brother went in, and got two ice cream cones; I got three McDoubles.
When we came back out, My father said "Son, why did you buy three McDoubles? You literally just ate. You can't POSSIBLY be hungry enough for all three of those." (Remember, I was about eleven. Couldn't eat as much back then.) I said "I got one for all three of us". My dad said "Other, younger son? Do YOU want one of those burgers?"
My little brother: "Shakes his head"
Dad: "Self, do YOU want one of those burgers? No, self, I do not. Well, kid, looks like you're gonna have to eat those burgers by yourself. And you better eat 'em. If you can't, you'll pay for them."
I said: "Okay."

And I did.

For OrangeMan, I wear A LOT of orange. I mean a TON. It's my favorite color. I have at least one of each type of clothing that is completely orange, except for underwear.

OrangeWigMan, I combined OrangeMan and WigDif.

That's it.

I can gift you a orange underwear.
That... would be very strange. Also, amazing.
I might have to switch my gravatar to a pair of orange undies now.
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It's entirely Hellfire Taco's doing. One day he asked if he could call me Felix (not my real name, btw) and here we are.

I refuse to believe his name doesn't at least contain taco in it
You can't even rearrange the letters in my first, middle, or last name to make it spell taco.
not yet we can't
Any idea when this feature will be available?
hopefully by the end of june. rumors spreaded that covid has stopped progress on it, but who knows...
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I felt I wanted to make my name into PokémasterLorika. Because I thought I was a pokémaster, and I used my own name after it. But I totally ain't one lol. People where posting on my wall to change it, so I did so. I changed into SmartYoungsterLorika then. Made of SmartYoungster (because most Youngsters in Pokémon are...... Uh...) and my name, Lorika.

Username Change Season came in. I felt like I wanted to change my name. People could choose what name (forgot the most but the one who got points where TheWhiteTiger727(TheWhiteTiger727 for shiny Incineroar and it's 'dex number) and SeeYaLater(Most people called people SYL and someone said SYL as shortening for SeeYouLater, so I got this name)) I should get. And I got SeeYaLater !

That's all!

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say "No" to xxxSeeYaLaterxxx?
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For my first username, Sceptile_03, I used my favorite Pokemon, then added my birth year 2003. Then I got A Geeky Jawa while I was away from the site, had to think hard about it since I wasn't that creative about usernames, but I was proud of it. When I came back I changed it to that.

Then I got Gekky when ~Rex/Empty Boxes mistyped it in the chat. Liked it, then changed to it. Although I might change it back to Jawa sooner or later.

Also I have some bonus Name for a Day names. Also typed something in the chat after changing to them.

  • You should've gone for the head -> Infinity War reference and I typed You should've went right in the chat or maybe vice-versa.

  • Don't forget Padraig -> Xenoblade Chronicles 2 reference.

I think I had more but I don't remember.

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Wow. Also sceptile4life
o yay look ma im referenced, my life is complete. <3
idk why this uplifts me so much :')
keep gekking, gekky :3
*Thumbs up*
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First, my first name.

Second, I am an Eeveelution fan, so I added that into it.

Third, continuing with the previous username, but incorporating the idea of Fusion.

Fourth, continuing with the idea of Fusion, but adding the factor of a fake trainer class into it.

Fifth, focusing on Shedinja's Wonderguard with a little German twist.

Sixth, reverting back to Eevee, plus a little fun with using Unicode lettering.

Seventh, sticking to Eevee and sandwiching it with another word, referencing Fusion.

Eight and finally, continuing to stick to Eevee, but adding a new contender in Nickit.

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Btw, what type was Amalgeon supposed to be?
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Sure, I'll answer.

My first and current name is X-Scizor. It combines the Pokémon, Scizor, and the move, X-Scissor. I thought X-Scizor was unique, so I made it my name for this site. My gravatar is a shiny Mega Scizor because well... why not? It's shiny isn't awful at all!

Then, I decided to change my name to eXcess. I don't really know why. I mean, X-Scizor sounds like Excess when you just say the first two letters (credit to OrangeWigMan). So yeah, I decided to make it my actual username. The capital X made it more eXcessive.

Other names I go by:

  • LycanPaul: Lycanroc and my name combined. Lycanroc is my second favorite rock type btw. My first is Aggron :P (because of Hoenn nostalgia)
  • PikaPaul900/9000: My name, Pikachu, and a number. The 900 is there because on basically everything, PikaPaul is taken. And I had to add a 0 for Pokémon Go.
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I stole my username from gekky's old username.

The end.

Jks, even though it was his old username, i asked for perrmission and he said yes. I'm 99.9% sure it is leaf blade but with a y after leaf like the youtuber.

I downvotes for 2 reasons
1.) You watch LeafyIsHere (ok not really a valid reason to downvote)
2.) You can’t BA your own answer that’s the same thing as making w accounts and up voting yourself. Please don’t BA anyone on this type of thread. Remove your BA and I will remove my downvote.
No you only get 2 Points if you BA yourself ETN
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KRLW890 is my username on everything. Except Gmail, someone else somehow got to it first (who are you and what are you doing with my username).
KRLW's just my initials. The 890 came from the first time I ever signed up for anything when I was... 8 I think? I don't even remember what I was signing up for (Webkinz, maybe?), but it needed at least four letters, so I originally tried "rosa" (For literally no other reason than it was the first thing I thought of that fit the lowest-character requirement), and when that was taken, I tagged an "eight-ninety" after it because I thought it sounded cool to say. I didn't even recognize at the time that 890 lined up on the keyboard, I just liked the sound of it. After that, I was rosa890 on everything for a few years before running into another conflict (seriously, rosa890 was taken by someone else completely unrelated), so I replaced rosa with my initials and it stuck. Then I signed up for the Database. The end.

So yeah, my username evolved from nothing other than "past me thought it sounded cool, and present me is too lazy to change it." Don't fix what isn't broken. Except maybe jump on the bandwagon and steal PX's TM thing next name change season. I could see myself doing that. Maybe.

Cool, but don't steal TM. there are already 2 people with it and if everyone has it, it will be lame and a dead meme.  :P
Dead memes are best memes :P
In all seriousness though, I probably won't steal it, just because I don't like changing my username.
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I've had such a long history xDDD

Kinda late but better late than never (?)

First I was Emerald Sceptile, because Emerald was my first game and Treecko was my starter, and Sceptile quickly became one of my all time faves. Plus Shiny Sceptile looks emerald-green in colour (or so I believed at the time) and it fit.

Later I took the name Triceratops Rex, simply because I liked both of them dinosaurs. I thought the horns were cool, as was the Rex bit. Not sure how many folks saw it as a combo of two dinosaurs, but that was my name for a while.

Then it became a bunch of things over the years (I've forgotten most), but I recall being ~Infinity at one point, simply because my name means "Infinity" in my language, and I thought ( still think so, fight me) tildes were (are) cool. Anyway, there were others called Infinity and I felt like a change, so I moved on.

Then, for sake of convenience (mine, others') I returned to my old username but dropped the Triceratops and became ~Rex (told you tildes were cool). This I believe is my longest held username, and subsequently, to some of the older users I'm Rex. The only reason I didn't change this before was because I kept missing PM's deadlines Dx

Finally, I settled on Quokka Koala, my two fave marsupials, as well as a pun on Coca Cola. Eventually Eppy and the others convinced me that it wasn't a) as rad and b) as clever as I thought as it was, and c) not many people knew what quokkas are anyway. So then I jumped to Empty Boxes which is a reference to a light novel I had read years ago, and had fallen in love with. I really wanted to have a username showcase my fondness for the light novels, and also have something unique that only other people in the fandom would understand.
Oh, and for a couple of days, I was Firefly Season 2, but decided it was too traumatizing a name to look at every time I used the site. [Cries]

Ok, that was longer than required, but thanks for the trip down the memory lane :)

Changes from Empty Boxes to Emty because my p is silent. I dropped the boxes because I'm have a case of butterfingers.
That's funny.
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how i got my username. i allways liked watching sunsets and i loved staying up late at night and watching the horizon for the sun to peek up over it and so i thought "whats a name that talks about me and isnt too girly ?" and so i came up with horizon175

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So my old name used to be MoonlitMadness, and it has a lot of history too it. So around 2 years ago I got minecraft and back then my favorite Pokemon was Umbreon. So I wanted an Umbroen sin, so I wanted a username too match that skin, so I chose MrMoonlightMan. I used MrMoonlightMan(MMM) for most of my sites, but then one day I decided to sign up for bulbapedia. I meant to MMM but somehow I ended writing MoonlitMadness. IDK how but I did. People on bulbapedia satarted to call em Moonlit for short, and I really liked that so I stuck with the name MoonlitMadness. Then out of the blue, I searched up octillery one day, looked at its XY sprite, and became obsessed with having one. I have no idead why. It was just out of the blue, I just really wanted an octillery. I was checking Octillerys moveset and saw a move called Octazooka, which I liked the sound of, which is how I got octazooka, so yeah.

Honestly your reason for liking Octillery so much is basically how I came to like Shiny Sandslash so much.
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How I got my original nickname badrat
I was looking for a nickname to use for all of my things I was going to do badrapper but it autocorrected to badrat and let's just say R.i.p badrapper 2013-2013 and dis oshowott I got that from a mix of a meme and my favorite Pokemon.

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Eevee was my favorite Pokémon, and when he got his Z Move, I got really excited. So around when that Z Move was revealed, I made my account, xtreme evoboost. Then, when nickname change rolled around, I changed my name to EvilTwineedle, as Twineedle is my favorite move. I loved the Gen 6 animation for it, and I like the gen 7 one too, but the gen 6 animation was definitely the best. I thought it was unique how it could poison even though it was a bug move, and Beedrill is my favorite mega, so I made my name EvilTwineedle. In the same nickname change, I changed my name one more time to EvilTwinNeedle™️. I got the TM idea from PX, but my TM was from an emoji, not $$c

I was wondering why you named urself eviltwinneedle. Thats the reason i made this thread lol
Lol glad I satisfied your curiosity
Ha, I remember being in the chat with you when you left to change it then came back. You did it in like two seconds.
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i was thinking "TheSmasher is a bad name and i like kirby. kirby is cute. then it hit me: KirbyCuteKing!" and that is how i thought of my name

A king with the cuteness of Kirby. Nice.
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I hope I don’t regret this.
When I first joined the db, my username was thecarnapper5. Back when I was 12 or so, my friends and I used mess around on roblox “carnapping” people of their cars on this one life simulator game. We also invited people to “parties” at our houses and then locked them in our garage, because the game let you do that. Good times. There’s a 5 because I was the fifth of the six of us, and so I used that name for the rest of my online accounts because I couldn’t think of anything better.
Then, a year or so after a joined, someone misspelled my name as “cranpper” and I just changed it to that.
and yeah it was also Jimmy for a while thanks to hellfire
also im stupdi

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we're all stupdi for misspelling it to cranpper
Yeah, we should have misspelled it to crappner instead.
I thought you were cool until you mentioned roblox
You should never assume Jimmy is cool
no always assume I am
always assume you are what? stupdi?
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I've been here for a very long time, so I've had a ton of usernames
My first username was Lucky 2000, which didn't really have an origin (just appeared in my mind)
2nd was Dragoonair, because when I was 13-14 Dragonair was my favorite
3rd was Dragoon, which is just short for Dragoonair and an inspiration from Kirby Air Ride(Probably the username that the older users know me by)
After that, I had a lot of other usernames, like #Mega Pinsir, !<-Quagmire->!(i think), Almighty Derpados, The Trapinchinator, Mega Dragoon(old favorite), Sir Dragoon, Mosmero, Mosmic Power, and Electric Z

And currently my username is Meta Ridley, which originated from Meta Ridley

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My username at the moment is ~MegaCharizardY~ (I want to look back at this post and regret everything :P). Despite my name having "Charizard" in it, I don't like Charizard at all in its base form. I like Gmax Charizard and both Mega's, but Y has gotta be the best.

On April 3rd, 2020, I decided it was a good idea to name myself ~MegaLucario~. I changed my mind. I was thinking of what else I could name myself. Then I remembered a book I wrote when I was in 3rd grade, and have continued writing to this day. In the book, the main character chooses a Charmander as her starter. She gets a Mega Stone in the lab that just so happens to be Charizardite Y.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know this but, I used to love X and really hate how much Y looked like regular Charizard. But while I was looking at their designs and stats, Y really grew on me. And you know what site I was looking at? This one. Actually, this site has supplied me with everything I know about Pokémon. But enough about that. Anyway, while looking at their stats, I was wowed by Y's SpAtk but really disappointed that such a physical powerhouse like X has the same SpAtk as Atk.

So, this is why my name is ~MegaCharizardY~ and not ~Mega Lucario~ or ~MegaMence~ (this was actually an option) or ~MegaCharizardX~. Hope you enjoyed this "incredible" story :)

When the next name change period rolls around, you should name yourself -VMaxChazoirdZ-. XD

...I'm gonna be killed for that, I can see it. XD