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(Artwork by Kurt Freundlich on Twitter) (pretend thats a Mew)


Welcome one and welcome all once again to the latest installment of the Pokemon Database seasonal tournaments! I have returned from the depths of near-inactivity to bring you today the Mewtronome Only tournament, from the mind of moderator extraordinaire and known British person, PX!

Rules (modified 2/13/2023)

  • Adapted from Mono Smeargle Metronome Tournament, original rules can be found here.
  • This tournament will be conducted in the Pure Hackmons format.
  • Only Mew is allowed, and a team of 6 is required.
  • All Mews must have Metronome as their only move.
  • You may use any combination of EVs, IVs, and Natures you desire
  • All Mews must have Moody Synchronize as their ability
  • The only permitted item is the Leppa Berry
  • Terastallization will be banned for this tournament
  • If you or your opponent gets the move Imprison, restart the battle
  • If you or your opponent gets the moves Disable, Taunt, or Torment while the other person is down to their final Mew, restart the battle
  • Battles will be best of 1

Other Basic Rules:
- Battles will be conducted on the Pokemon DB Showdown server unless otherwise announced
- Standard Smogon PH battle clauses apply
- Spectators may not influence a player's decisions, nor can players accept outside help during a battle
- Save your replays

Please post all battle replays to the thread here. If a battle between two players is not conducted before the set deadline, then I will decide whether an extension will be granted or if a player will be disqualified for inactivity.

I will be watching each replay to ensure these rules are followed, and should they be broken, the results will not be accepted and the battle must be redone. Further rule violations will result in disqualification.


Please read sumwun's guidelines for tournament participation before signing up.

For those interested in signing up, please post an answer below. Your answer should include your Pokemon Showdown username, your time zone, and what hours and days you will be available to battle normally. As an example of how to sign up:

Showdown Username: Finchwidget
Time Zone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Generally available all day on weekends, or on weekdays after 9:00 PM

Sign-ups will close on Saturday, February 18th at 12:00 AM EST, and first round match-ups will be posted within 24 hours of closing.

Use a time zone converter to help you decide battle times.

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I don’t see why terastallization should be banned as it isn’t any more game breaking than stuff like moody. At least allow tera ghost so if you get hit by Block + Imprison or something you can escape. It would be pretty unfortunate if you were winning but had to restart cuz you accidentally pulled broken moves.

Everyone having moody would be funny, it could create snowballs with good rng but it’s a metronome tournament so yeah. Leppa Berry is also a pretty good idea cuz metronome doesn’t have a lot of PP and it’s pretty realistic to keep pulling moves that don’t really make any progress in the battle.
Just in case you didn't see PX's answer, it said she wanted "normal abilities", which I think means synchronize only.
Noted, will change to reflect that
This command should automatically enforce most of the rules.
/challenge [username], bh @@@ - species clause, - all pokemon, - all moves, - all abilities, - all items, + mew, + metronome, + synchronize, + leppa berry

Also can you please not require restarting battles when someone uses taunt? It's usually easy to switch out of taunt.
I don't think I'll get rid of it entirely, in the event that you're down to your last Pokemon and get Taunt or Torment-locked, but I can tweak it to the effect that you only have to restart if that's the case

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The tournament has concluded! nachos is our winner!!

Thanks to everyone for participating! We had a great turnout for this seasons tour, and I'm glad we were able to kick off Gen 9 with such a bang! With this, the Winter tournament season has now drawn to a close (and just one day before spring starts no less), and planning towards the Spring season can start! If you're interested in hosting, leave a comment below this answer offering to host, and wait for a staff member to approve you. Anyone can volunteer to host, but be sure to check out sumwun's guide to hosting before committing to anything. Thanks again for a great tournament!

Past Battles:

nachos vs. -VoltMadness-

Talos vs. nachos
ANoobWithoutANameツ vs. -VoltMadness-

Second round:
Talos vs. sumwun
PsyKlone vs. nachos
ANoobWithoutANameツ vs. An Asocial Moth
Amethyst vs. -VoltMadness-

First round:
Tensa Zangetsu vs. Talos
Light Hope ♡ vs. sumwun
PX vs. PsyKlone
nachos vs. J™
ANoobWithoutANameツ vs. VinnyHedgehog IV
An Asocial Moth vs. BYE
-VoltMadness- vs. PKBroccoliHead
Amethyst vs. BYE

Did nachos just win without switching at all in the finals?
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This sounds like a tournament I can actually win! About time.

Showdown Username: XScipio
Time Zone: GMT-5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Usually available at all times on weekends. Usually available between 8 and 10 pm on weekdays.

If we're voting on bans, ban Rocky Helmet and Terastallization. If the latter must be permitted, make it so only Tera Psychic is allowed.

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Why only Tera Psychic?
Mew is already Psychic type, so Terastallizing wouldn't be too impactful. I just don't want types to change, though admittedly I doubt it would make too much impact.
Can i sign in.?
@Uros to join, you can post an answer with all the relevant information.
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Showdown Username: HunterBear4
Time Zone: GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Usually anytime between 7 AM and 5 PM on weekends, 5 PM to 7 PM on weekdays.

Are you able to play on Saturday between 1pm - 5pm EST?
Yes. (filler)
I’m online on PS now, should be able to stay on for 5-6 hours
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This sounds like a tournament I can actually win! About time. (Line totally not stolen from Amethyst. No, really, seriously.)

Showdown Username: Seviper38 (had to change due to account issues)
Time Zone: GMT-5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Usually around 5:30 - 10:30 PM on Weekdays. Around 12:00 - 10:00 on Weekends.
Bans: Terastalization, Rocky Helmet.

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A tournament that requires no skill or brains. Perfect.

Showdown Username: Draco_Magnis
Time Zone : GMT +5.5 (Indian Standard Time)
Availability: Available from 4 to 10 P.M my time on weekdays and from 2 to 10 P.M my time on weekends
Bans: Terastallization

Does Saturday between 6-10 PM IST work for you?
I'm online in main PS! as Swas.
does Thursday/Friday 9:30 PM your time work for ye?
If not you pick the time on Saturday, I’m not available outside those hours
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Time for the RNG gods from Gen 8 Metronome Battles to give me good luck to win this.

Showdown Name: Zangoose360
Time Zone: GMT-5(Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: 5:30 PM - 11 PM on Monday-Thursday, 5:30 PM - 12 AM on Friday, varies on weekends

Are you able to play on Saturday/Sunday between 5pm-7pm EST?
I can play during that time.
I’m online on PS now, should be able to stay on for a few hours.
Ok. Will get online in a few minutes.
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Showdown Username: A Geeky Jawa
Time Zone: GMT+8
Availability: In my timezone, Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM to 10PM and Sunday 9AM to 12PM

Are you able to play on Friday between 8pm - 10pm your time?
whoops slr. Probably not, might not be home or will be too tired. Can it be same time but Saturday?
That should work.
I’m online on PS now, can’t stay on for too long though.
Had to go offline. Can we try the same time on Sunday?
Oh god I forgot, sorry. Yeah if you mean later that's fine. Again, sorry, this won't happen again later.
I am now logged into showdown. If I don't respond, feel free to @ me on Discord
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itsa me, px-io

Fresher Than You
Weekdays currently

Sorry I wasn't more clear on rules and stuff, I wanted normal abilities. Not sure on what to ban tho

So synchronize is the only allowed ability?
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EST (GMT -5)
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 3PM - 10PM. Saturday 2PM - 10PM. Sunday 12PM - 10PM.

Allow terrastalization, either unrestricted or tera ghost only (to escape traps). If we can choose items, ban leftovers and rocky helmet. If we can choose abilities, ban wonder guard, fur coat, fluffy, ice scales, magic bounce, moody, neutralizing gas, arena trap, and shadow tag.

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Think it’s about time I have a roll of the dice…

Showdown Username: KrystalInfernus
Time Zone: GMT+0
Availability: Kind of an odd one here, after 5:15pm on Monday-Wednesdays, after 4:30pm on Thursday-Fridays, all day Saturday, no Sundays.

that’s it I guess

Can we try battling 8pm GMT tomorrow (Tuesday)?
i wasnt on that day anyway, when ye wanna do it?
When will you be available to battle?
I'll try to be online then, though I may not be able to or come online by 10 PM my time.
I'm online as Draco_Magnis
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Showdown Username: Swas
Time Zone: GMT +5.5 (Indian Standard Time)
Availability: Generally available all day on Sunday, or on weekdays 5 PM - 9 PM

Should be fine, yes
Oh hey, sorry, something popped up. Are you free tommorow?
It would be better if you replied on my first comment on your answer for the sake of convenience, but yes I'll be free at the same time
You free at 6:30 IST today?
Something urgent came up so I was not able to be present. I could still do now, or take the win.
Now will be alright, Challenge me - I'm online as Draco_Magnis
It says you're offline. I'm on as Swas, challenge me in main PS!.
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Alright, time to test my luck.
Showdown username: Dmub
Time Zone: GMT-6 (Central Standard Time)
Availability: Not available on Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 4 AM GMT-6, but available basically anytime else on weekdays. On weekends, I'm almost always available from 10 AM to 8 PM GMT-6, unless I'm doing something.

Would 6:30PM(GMT-5)/5:30PM(GMT-6) work for you on the weekdays?
Probably, I'll just have to set an alarm to get on, so I might be a few minutes late on showdown
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Showdown Username: ANoobWithoutAName
Time zone: GMT+0 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Availability: 11am - 4pm on weekdays, 6pm - midnight on weekends

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Showdown Username: sumwun
Time Zone: GMT-13
Availability: least busy on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays

Can we try to start Thursday 7 pm?
Sorry, but most probably won't be able to make it till Monday. We'll need an extension, if I'm right
I think I can do Monday 7 pm.
Sounds fine
I'm online in main PS! as Draco_Magnis
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Showdown Username: Jhnfui
GMT -5
Availability: I'm usually free most days after 5pm my time. Weekends it's usually most of the day.