Comfey is a Fairy type Pokémon introduced in Generation 7. It is known as the Posy Picker Pokémon.

Comfey picks flowers and always carries them around. It makes a ring of blossoms and spreads oil from its body on it, which changes the flowers so they emit a soothing fragrance. It has a habit of giving these flower rings to those it’s fond of. The aroma can soothe both itself and its allies. Comfey also helps with the treatment of people and Pokémon at Pokémon Centers and hospitals, thanks to its aroma.

When attacked by other Pokémon, it throws its flowers at them to create an opening, and then it either flees or strikes back.

Pokédex entries

Sun It attaches flowers to its highly nutritious vine. This revitalizes the flowers, and they give off an aromatic scent.
Moon Baths prepared with the flowers from its vine have a relaxing effect, so this Pokémon is a hit with many people.
Ultra Sun It stretches sticky vines out from its head and picks flowers to adorn itself with. When it doesn’t have any flowers, it feels uneasy.
Ultra Moon It picks flowers and sticks them to its body with fluids it produces. The aroma that wafts from its petals has a healing effect.

Evolution chart

  • Comfey does not evolve.

Name origin

cosy, pleasant
Hawaiian flower wreath

Moves learned by Comfey

Comfey sprites

Type Generation 7
Normal Comfey  sprite from Sun & Moon
Shiny Comfey Shiny sprite from Sun & Moon

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Where to find Comfey

Ultra Sun
Ultra Moon
Lush Jungle