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Drakloak is a Dragon/Ghost type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8. It is known as the Caretaker Pokémon.


Pokédex data

National № 886
Type Dragon Ghost
Species Caretaker Pokémon
Height 1.4 m (4′07″)
Weight 11.0 kg (24.3 lbs)
Abilities 1. Clear Body
2. Infiltrator
Cursed Body (hidden ability)
Local № 396 (Sword/Shield)


EV yield
Catch rate
Base Friendship
Base Exp.
Growth Rate


Egg Groups
Egg cycles

Base stats

HP 68
246 340
Attack 80
148 284
Defense 50
94 218
Sp. Atk 60
112 240
Sp. Def 50
94 218
Speed 102
188 333
Total 410 Min Max

The ranges shown on the right are for a level 100 Pokémon. Maximum values are based on a beneficial nature, 252 EVs, 31 IVs; minimum values are based on a hindering nature, 0 EVs, 0 IVs.

Type defenses

The effectiveness of each type on Drakloak.

Evolution chart

(Level 50) (Level 60)

Pokédex entries

Sword It’s capable of flying faster than 120 mph. It battles alongside Dreepy and dotes on them until they successfully evolve.
Shield Without a Dreepy to place on its head and care for, it gets so uneasy it’ll try to substitute any Pokémon it finds for the missing Dreepy.

Moves learned by Drakloak

Moves learnt by level up

Drakloak learns the following moves in Pokémon Sword & Shield at the levels specified.

1AstonishGhost 30 100
1BiteDark 60 100
1Dragon PulseDragon 85 100
1InfestationBug 20 100
1Quick AttackNormal 40 100
12AssuranceDark 60 100
18HexGhost 65 100
30Double HitNormal 35 90
36U-turnBug 70 100
42Dragon DanceDragon
48Phantom ForceGhost 90 100
54Take DownNormal 90 85
61Dragon RushDragon 100 75
66Double-EdgeNormal 120 100
72Last ResortNormal 140 100

Egg moves

Unknown at present.

Moves learnt by TM

Drakloak is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon Sword & Shield:

Moves learnt by TR

Drakloak is compatible with these Technical Records in Pokémon Sword & Shield:

Drakloak sprites

Where to find Drakloak

Lake of Outrage

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