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For example, I would like to get an Alakazam at level 1, how do I do that?

actually i saw in the GTS someone is asking for a level 1 krokodile...is that possible?

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Not many Pokemon can reach their second or third stage evolution at level one. Porygon-Z is an exception. It is the only third stage evolution Pokemon that can be fully evolved at level one. No other Pokemon can do this.

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I find it odd that he got BA in under an hour while the other four answered 10 days ago. Am I the only one thinking along those lines?
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Simple you have to hack your game. There is no other way.

Well there is the exception of Pokemon that evolve by evolutionary stones. Also happiness but I think that requires a Lv. up to evolve.
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There are some Pokemon that you can get in egg in evolved form but not Alakazam.

For example
munchlax/snorlax hold lax incense to breed munchlax
mantine/mantyke hold wave incense to breed mantyke
roselia/roserade hold rose incense to breed budew
Wynaut/wobbufet hold Lax incense

Those are called baby Pokemon otherwise you need to hack your game like Pokewatt said

Baby Pokemon But this doesnt happen with all baby Pokemon btw

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Only with stone evolved Pokemon, like Eevee, that you could get a evolved Pokemon. The one, I repeat ONE, way to a regular evolved Pokemon at level one, cheating. (hacking a game like that is a form of cheating, so no judgmental comments on that please)

dude. you copied me.
Not exactly. I would have to mention X and Y to copy you. Plus if I copied you, then I copied Pokewatt.
The other way is to trade level one shelmet for level one karrablast to get level one accelgor and escavalier. Or as mentioned above use lax incense to get pokemon like electrabuzz and magmar and trade them holding the appropriate item.
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i do this all the time with my Eevee. I give it a evaluation stone as soon as it hatches. then I have a level one eevee. but to answer your question about alakazam: No.
but maybe they will come out with an item that DECREASES your level in X and Y. keep your fingers crossed!

I sure hope so!