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unfortunately, i do not understand what your trying to explain here.
he asked which one to use in Soul silver. if it isn't answerd by this afternoon then i will do it (someone d it please..im to lazy xD)
Where does is say SoulSilver? The game he is asking about is Silver :3
Lazy Chance Breaker is back, Snorlax Style xD

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Slowbro FTW!
So Slowbro is a great choice if it is actually the original Silver.
With a great Satk compared to Gyarados and Quagsire, it can abuse a necessary move ingame, Surf. It also got access to Psychic which is awesome against Koga and Bruno the Elite Four. It also has a myriad of weird and epic moves, such as Zap Cannon, Blizzard, Shadow Ball and Fire Blast!
And what it lacks in Speed, it makes up for in bulk, with excellent 110 Defense and 95 HP, it can take hits from the likes of Golem and Machamp easily. Here is a moveset:

-Water Gun ->Surf (replace Water Gun when you get Surf)
-Confusion->Psychic (replace Confusion when you get Psychic)
-Zap Cannon/ Shadow Ball /Fire Blast

And not to mention its resistances! While Electric and Grass can dent it quite badly, it is pretty much killing anything else. Bugs had no really good move until Gen 3(Twineddle is VERY intimidating though) and with only 4 Ghosts in the entire game, you shouldn’t have to worry. And while the random Bites of Ratata might be annoying, Darks was both uncommon and weak in Gen 2 compared to how they are now.
But it is not all Sunshine for the Bro though. It can be found very early, in the Slowpoke Well, but it also stay Slowpoke for quite a while, until Lv 37 and as I said, its speed is rock bottom, and with no access to Trick Room, it can prove difficult to use.
That is the pure awesomeness of the Bro, fear him, love him, train him!

Just to add a minor thing. You can get Slowking earlier since it evolve using Kings Rock and thus might be a viable option. Its movepool is the same and the stats only have minor changes to it.
Quagsire. Honestly, I'd choose Quagsire because of its moveset potential which is really good. And its type combo.
now that is just dumb. there are pokemon better then him for goodnes sake
Gyarydos looks like it's gonna barf,
Slowbro has feeling problems and Quagsire wants to give you a hug.

That's not weird at all.
But slowbro can't learn the last 3moves you choose in silver, gen 2
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ok. its stat time!

              slowbro    gyarados     quagsire
HP               95          95          95
Attack           75         125          85
Defence         110          79          85
SpAttack        100          60          65
SpDefence        80         100          65
Speed            30          81          35

seeing how horrible quagsires stats are he is out of the question
gyaradose is pretty much the strongest attacker hear.

gyaradose dosnt have weakness to grass, but he has 4 times weakness to electric, so just pull him out as soon as you sniff out a electric attack.

slowbro has ALOT of weakness, and dark types are easy to come by in games, pretty much all high level normal types know ONE dark type move. he will also have weakness to bug and ghost.

but if you want a tank I would use slowbro, as long as you avoid his many weaknesses

in the end gyarados is the stronger Pokemon, I repeat GYARADOS IS THE WINNER!

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