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What are the best locations for getting Effort Values in Special Attack?

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By far the best place is the Old Chateau, where it is 100% Gastly (1 EV) or Haunter (2 EVs) as you walk around.


Surf in Ilex Forest to find Psyduck (1 EV) and Golduck (2 EVs).

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Also if you are at the old chateau night (change the time of day if lazy) and you have any gen 3 games in the ds as well you can fight gengars.
HG/SS: Sprout Tower at nigth - 95% Gastlies
You can also find Psyducks and Golducks in the pond (surf required as well) in the route right above Goldenrod City, but slightly higher leveled.  (quicker level up?)
A better place in Platinum would be surfing at Resort Area. There are Psyduck and Golduck in their level 50's.
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Black / White:

Litwick 1 EV
Elgyem 1 EV
(lower floors are more likely to be Litwicks, while higher are more likely to be Elgyems)

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Black/White 2 - Special Attack spots

Celestial Tower 1F - Litwick (1 EV), Elgyem (1 EV). Avoid higher floors due to Golbats.

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Also in White

White forest has Mareep, Abra, and Ralts at the point i am also it can have Ghastly and Oddish

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