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What are some of the best move combos in Pokemon you have found?

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I breed pokemon in the game and am pretty good at IVs and EVs and such. I have thought of a few good tactics, such as

  • Safe Guard and Outrage/Petal Dance/Thrash (avoids confusion ailment)
  • Mimic and Imprison (permanent Disables last move)
  • Swagger/Flatter and Psych Up/Haze (either gives you upped stats or resets theirs)
  • Defense Curl followed by Roll Out (makes roll out stronger)
  • Rain Dance and Thunder (Thunder never misses)
  • Belly Drum and Rest (works best with a chesto berry. Maximizes attack)
  • Sunny Day and Solar Beam (solar beam no longer needs to charge)
  • Endure and Flail/Reversal (makes the attack moves really strong compared to normal)

What are some of the best move combos that you have found so far? :D
Explain your choices, and why they make good combos.

Please read all the answers before posting, to avoid duplicate answers. Yes, all 100+ of them.

And no full on movesets either, there are separate questions for that :-)

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We already have that combo listed.
Oh. Thanks. (So it *is* a "combo"!)
Wow I never thought this would pass 110...
Exactly 150 upvotes. o3o
I think a snorelax with rest and snore (you can keep hp up and still attack)
supersonic and thunderwave (makes it hard for them to attack)

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I thought I put this one up earlier. guess not. :p
Have Snorlax abuse the move last resort. It'll get 210 base power with STAB. You would obviously need to deal with Steel, Rock, and ghost types first, so earthquake and a super effective ghost move would be perfect. (Golurk anyone?) You could run Earthquake to deal with this, but you wouldn't need a full 4 moves.

You can also use pokemon Like Ursaring or Zangoose, but I prefer the bulk Snorlax offers.

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thanks darktyphlosion dude for editing my what is a good cup moveset for deino :)
What do you mean with Golurk anyone?
I meant that Golurk would make a good candidate to help Snorlax, since he can switch in on fighting moves, resist rock, and get STAB ground and ghost.You wouldn't use a STAB ghost move since you have snorlax out, so he can safely switch in.  I wouldn't like him as much for dealing with ghost types since he is also weak to it, but you could still use him if you wanted.
oh ok, thanks DT.
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In a double battle you could have a ghost type and a pokemon with explosion so it only effects the other persons pokemon.

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in a double battle use substitute with a pokemon with the ability anger point and then your partner uses frost breath on the substitute to activate anger point.

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Another gimmick but using a defense based pokemon with this can be really cheap.

Mean look-Trap the foe

Taunt-Force them into attacking you.

Destiny Bond-Go into a suicide.

This is gimmicky, but great for taking out a pokemon that might trouble your team.

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Or you could simply have a Shadow Tag / Arena Trap* pokemon do the suicide lead.

*Don't try arena trap.
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In a double battle, have both your lead pokemon with the ability Intimidate. This essentially halves the attack of your opponent's pokemon, and due to a lot of the physical abusers in double battles, this can help force switches. This also works well in NU single battles by switching from one intimidate pokemon to another.

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Ok, this one has been figured out on the Chat at 1:27 PM, 13th of July, 2012 by me and Trachy.

To note that this is a Double Battle strategy.

So you start with Mienshao and Whimsicott!

Mienshao Whimsicott

First, use Tailwind with Whimsicott.
With Mienshao, use the move that you want.
Next turn, both of them use U-Turn. Tailwind almost ensures them of moving first and thus leaving untouched.
Put in Seaking and Shedinja.

Seaking Shedinja

Make sure Seaking as LightningRod as his Ability.
With Shedinja, have this moveset:

Shedinja @ Focus Sash
Trait: Wonder Guard
EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk,-SAtk)

  • Swords Dance
  • X-Scissor
  • Shadow Claw
  • Sucker Punch

Note that this moveset is optional. Use the moveset you desire.

With Seaking, use Soak.
With Shedinja, use Swords Dance.

Now, Shedinja only has two weaknesses! Seaking and Shedinja's low Speed Stats are boosted by Tailwind. Shedinja's two weaknesses are Grass and Electric types. The Electric type is absorbed by Seaking and Grass types... well, switch into Whimsicott! Or don't. With Whimsicott's amazing Ability, Prankster, it is guaranteed that he can set Tailwind up before fainting. Though it's better if he doesn't faint. After using Swords Dance with Shedinja, you can use it again and again and then start sweeping. Grass-types are defeated by X-Scissor.

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I JUST Tried this it worked! my friend used shadow ball on shedinja and wonder guard blocked it good thinking JCM!!
Oh, no problem, Psyborg. And also, thank the other brain, Trachy. :P
THANKS TRACHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sorry for caps...)
Ever seen taunt? :P
Ever seen Mental Herb?
Babam! xD
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I'd say groudon with solarbeam
and have a pokemon that know aqua ring and holding leftovers

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Also kyogre and thunder
Manaphy or Millotic are pretty beast with that second set.
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A pokemon with the ability gluttony + sitrus berry + belly drum. You only lose 1/4 of your health but maximize your attack!

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Though sitrus berry already activates at 50% health...
Sorry for commenting at something written years ago
AKA linoone
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Have a pokemon use Stealth Rock, Spikes, then Toxic Spikes. Switch pokemon. Use Roar. Use Copycat. Use Copycat. Use Copycat. Use Copycat. Use Copycat until they are dead. Copycat will have priority!

This is mean!

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darn, I was looking for this answer so i could post it, unfortunately i found it.
Copycat only has priority if your ability is prankster.  Just wanted to point that out.
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In a battle, use Screech, then Pursuit.

Normally, stat dropping moves aren't that useful competitively, but this is still a nice tool. If your opponent chooses to stay, they get hit by a pursuit with half defenses. That's enough to break through a lot of frail pokemon. Should they choose to switch, then they'll get hit by a doubled Pursuit since they switched, in addition to those halved defenses. If they stay, then they'll still get hurt by the attack from halved defenses.

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Burgh's Whirlipede knows this.
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Yawn+Focus Punch
You use Yawn, and the opponent is most likely to switch out. Then you hit them with Focus Punch!

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Give a flying pokemon like a unfezant a power herb, and use sky attack, the attack will launch directly.

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In double battles have a Pokemon with Surf and one with Water Absorb; restores HP to your other Pokémon and damages both opponent's Pokemon.

Also Substitute + Focus Punch; since Substitute takes damage for you, you don't lose your focus!

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contary plus leaf storm
safeguard plus sword dance plus outrage
curse plus gyro ball
cotten guard or iron def plus stealth rocks plus dragon tail
politoad drizzle plus thunder = awwwshum
yah epic combinations

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This is a rather annoying one for double battles,

Have 2 Vaporeon's holding Leftovers, EV trained in Hp and Sp ATk Both set up Aqua Ring, and then surf to their hearts content, both gaining back Hp from Each other's surfs, while damaging the opponent.

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have a triple battle with a rypherior with the ability lighting rod to cover weaknesses and put it in middle with vaporeons on the edges and then rypherior use surf u will be unbeatable
Thats slightly flawed, seeming as He wouldn't do any damage with surf to his opponent, and still has 2 4X weaknesses whlie 3 pokemon can be out at once.
yeah... maybe lanturn with volt absorb and surf?
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Ninjask with substitute. Keep using substitute, his speed rises, and you can pass it on with baton pass.

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Add Protect to that, in case the Sub is not broken right away.
Remember my annoying Ninjask pokemaster? Thats the exact same thing I did xD
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This is really annoying for triple battles.

Have a Seaking in the middle with the ability Lightingrod. Have a Vaporeon on each side with the ability Water Absorb. Seaking should keep using Surf while the Vaporeon use helping hand.

Seaking absorbs electricity and heals the vaporeon!

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I would use Rhyperior instead of Seaking seeing as Rhyperior is immune to electric and Seaking is not.
Seaking has lightning rod. Electricity wont affect it. Rhyperior cant learn surf. I dont realize why this was down-voted.
rydon can learn it
But Rhyperior has crappy SAtk...
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"Sturdy Shedinja Sweeping"

In a triple battle, lead with a Shedinja. It would be a good idea to give him a Focus sash or Lum berry for this.

Lead with:

  • A Pokemon with the ability sturdy. It would be good for them to have support moves or Rapid Spin for Shedinja. [Pokemon 1]
  • A Pokemon with the ability Cloud Nine (ex. Golduck, Altaria)[Pokemon 2]
  • A Pokemon capable of learning Safeguard and Skill Swap (ex. Gardevoir) [Pokemon 3]

Turn 1:

  • Have Pokemon 3 use Skill Swap on your Sturdy Pokemon, giving them the ability.
  • Have Pokemon 1 set up something for you to help out your team. It's not important what. as said before, you could give them Rapid Spin to help out Shedinja.
  • Have Pokemon 2 use Protect or something to keep them safe. You need them around to prevent hail and sand for Shedinja, so don't be reckless with them. If this one also has safeguard, you can just save time this turn and protect Shedinja.

Turn 2:

  • Have Pokemon 1 switch out, and send out Shedinja.
  • Have Pokemon 2 use Worry Seed on him, cancelling out his Wonder Guard ability. Since he would have a Focus Sash, he can last this turn without it. If you had your Cloud Nine Pokemon use Safeguard, this works just fine for him. Make sure the pokemon using Worry Seed is faster than the one with Skill Swap, so this can be pulled off in a single turn.
  • Have pokemon 3 use Skill swap on Shedinja to give him Sturdy.

Turn 3:

  • Have pokemon 3 use Safeguard if you didn't already have your other Pokemon do it the last turn.
  • Have Shedinja set up or attack whatever you want.
  • Do what you can to keep your Cloud Niner safe. You can also give him Taunt so that he can force opponents into attacking, instead of tricky moves that might screw Shedinja over.

Shedinja can't be hurt by direct attacks now, and most status based attacking is blocked off by his teammates. Consider something like heal pulse to support your other pokemon.


  • When Safeguard wears off, you can use protect with Shedinja while setting it back up, since your opponent will likely take advantage of it and try to hit him again.
  • Shedinja is still prone to Mold Breaker, so Pinsir, rampardos, Haxorus, Excadrill, Throh, Sawk, Basculin, and Druddigon can break through him. (He doesn't have Wonder Guard now, so any type can hurt him)
  • Pokemon with the ability Magic Bounce, or Magic Guard can block off some attacks. This means Clefable, Sigilyph, Reuniclus, and Alakazam, as well as Xatu and Espeon can potentially screw you. Luckly, he has the type advantage against most of them, so he isn't completely defenseless against them.
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not pratical but this should be up near the top :D
I was gonna post this....but good job DT..
Wow, just like you to find a way to inviniciblize Shedinja. Everyone else looks at Wonder Guard, but you look at 1 HP :D
You CANNOT skill swap wonder guard!
That's the beauty though. Wonder Guard has nothing to do with the plan...the instructions are right there. You use worry Seed to cancel his Wonder Guard so that you can give him Sturdy. I know you can't skill swap wonder Guard.
Cool, must test this
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I found out this really works for me in doubles!(Almost always works!^^) I get a slow pokemon with levitate like bronzong and have it use trick room. Then I use something like a power switch on shuckle, with trick room, shuckle is a BEAST on the field. I am able to almost OHKO anything that gets in the way with e-quake, stone edge, and gyro ball, toxic just adds up to the fun! ;)

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*uses priority move*
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Gravity+earthquake+a sleep move+swagger = Annoying.
Toxic+Stealth rock+toxic spikes+roar+quick claw= a slow and painful death
Thunder wave+confuse ray + Hex=There ain't a thing you can do about it.

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*Uses rapid spin*
*Uses aromatherapy*
ok i get it but you unless youre prepared for that combo you wouldn't have that combo
lol yes.
why use BOTH toxic spikes AND toxic?
toxic poisons the enemy, if you have already laid down toxic spikes, you can use roar to switch out the opposing team, or force them to switch wih this "annoying" combo
toxic is for those flying types that come in on you