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Also, what are the event moves that the specific Pokemon got?

Pretty sue it is pikachu...
Specific gen or...
No specific generation in particular.
I don’t have a source, but my money’s on Pikachu.
I'm positive that it's Pikachu. I typed "Pikachu" way too many time when answering https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/308124/

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The moves it learns are:
Sing, Refresh, Encore, Teeter Dance, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Present, Extreme Speed, Last Resort, Endeavour, Rest, Protect, Sleep Talk, Yawn, Hold Hands, Celebrate, Happy Hour, Heart Stamp, Sweet Scent

Source: I counted and made a tally for each Pokemon that got more than a few event moves from-

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Isn't Flying Press an event for Pikachu?
Never heard of that, really?
Only on Cosplay Pikachu, which I believe is an in-game thing, rather than an event.
Yup-like surf and fly Pikachu are in-game stuff