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Yeah... I need a lead!

Preferably a fairly fast lead that can learn Taunt, and also a pivot move (U-Turn or Volt Switch) so I can gain momentum. This is for OU.

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Even though it's not OU, Emolga fits your description pretty well
Any reason you need a taunt lead? Just curious, but dedicated leads usually aren't very good because people will tend to try to predict the opponent's first Pokémon and pick the optimal choice for it.
Well basically because when I'm playing, I tend to create teams that are usually a) weak to entry hazards b) have an unreliable Defogger. Therefore, my main strategy is to just keep entry hazards off the field entirely, because if I can't secure a KO without Rocks, the opponent usually can't either.
Good players will just keep their stealth rocker alive anyway though and set them up in the mid game or on a switch in. A taunt lead only helps if you're planning on being insanely aggressive and even then...
How do I play? Try this: 4 Attack Mega Gyarados plus Nasty Plot Mew...
Lele and Heatran usually carry Taunt, but they usually aren't leads either... :P

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The best Pokemon I know that fits your description is Tornadus. This is the set I would recommend.

Tornadus-therian @ rocky helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid nature
- U-turn
- Hurricane
- Taunt
- Defog

Regenerator makes Tornadus different from most U-turn users, because it lets Tornadus easily switch in and out many times in one battle. It can also outspeed a lot of stuff and use defog.

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It's the best taunt lead, fitting your requirements perfectly.
It learn taunt as well as U-turn. It's also effective as a lead due to access to toxic spikes, spikes and useful utility moves such as scald, water shuriken, dark pulse and ice beam.
Try this set:

[email protected] sash
Ability: Protean
252 Spe, 4 Sp.Def, 252 Atk
Jolly Nature

-Toxic Spikes

Pair this up with a Stealth rock user. Try putting in Spinblockers. Your hazards, if set down perfectly, will cause your opponents much pain.

Air Balloon Heatran pairs really well with Greninja. It also checks Excadrill, who will be OHKOed with Magma Storm, which also breaks its sash. It can then set up Stealth Rocks, and then you can use Toxic spikes. It devastates Ferrothorn too.

Mega Sableye and Mimikyu are good spinblockers, the former being for stall teams and the latter for hyper offence. The toxic damage will slowly wear down the opponent as you stall with Sableye. Again, Ferrothorn, a premier hazard setter, is wrecked by Sableye.

However, beware smart players! Don't rely too much on Greninja. You should try to play with your opponent's mind, and make smart predictions.

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I don't think taunt Greninja is viable in OU because many opponents will try to attack it. Also, it needs strong attacks like ice beam and fire hidden power to threaten opponents and not give them free turns.
That's why the sash. As long as it sets up a layer or two of spikes or toxic spikes, it won't matter.
And when did I say that they can't run Ice beam or HP fire? The last moveset is customisable to your needs.
Focus sash means not holding a life orb, which makes Greninja weaker. Greninja also kind of needs U-turn, so the best move to replace with a strong attack would be taunt. Then it stops being a taunt lead.
Also how does Sableye wreck Excadrill? Do you not know what abilities Excadrill can have?
Chill, guys. Chillax for a second!
Superworm, I'm not trying to fight with sumwun, only trying to explain stuff.

In this set, Greninja is a suicide lead, where rather than its offensive capabilities, one utilises it's blistering speed. So Life orb is not required.

I see what you say about mold breaker ignoring magic bounce and disguise. I'll edit it.
I think there could be a more bulky choice, like Tapu Fini..
If you use Greninja as a suicide lead, then it probably gets 2 turns to use spikes, which all get defogged away later. If you use it with real attacks, then it can get a lot more than 2 turns by forcing switches.