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I was using a team in Pokemon Showdown, and this guy's Rhyperior goes for Max Quake. I know that Hydreaigon has levitate, so I don't expect it to work, because Max Quake is the ground-type Max Move. But it HIT. I checked Rhyperior's possible abilities and the data for the move on this particular website. Nothing says that it should be able to hit. So, why did it hit?

Obviously it aimed for the horn.
Any watcher of the anime knows that immunities don't matter as long as your pokemon just wants it enough.
True tbh
Its showdown and its buggy sometimes... yeah, thats all I can think of. if none of the other answers fit then this is the only possible one that I can find
now that i think about it i could have been tricked a ring target. this is a year old question and i dont remember it but thats the only other thing that could possibly be the case

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There is only one possibility I can think of
Let me explain, Galarinian wheezing has the ability "neutralizing gas" which disables all abilities on the field, so Max quake could have hit.
that is an example of me hitting a heidreigon with Max quake

The asker said there was no Weezing.
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Your hydreigon was grounded , meaning it can be hit by ground type moves. It was probably hit by something like Smack down which negates it’s levitate ability. Either that or a Pokémon had previously used gravity, or you had used roost.

They said that did not happen either