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My Pokemon has pokerus and I don't want it...people will call me stupid, ok I really don't care, but I need to transfer these Pokemon over and because they have pokerus they won't transfer to the Pokemon home...I have a shiny Samurott with it and I really wanna keep that but he can't transfer to Pokemon Home because he has pokerus...please help me

Don't tell me it's cause Samurott isn't allowed to transfer over because I have a WHOLE team that has the pokerus including Delphox, Blastoise, Hydreigon, Salamence, and Dragonite. SO no its not cause it's Samurott. They all won't transfer over to the Pokemon home.

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It says this Pokemon is not transferable
Did you try transferring all of the Pokemon you mentioned? Does it let you transfer any of them?
Yes I did, I'll try again in case it was cause of the others but most that I could transfer can't even go in sword and shield yet cause I probably do need the expansion but those transferred over just fine
I removed the notice you added to your question title because people should be allowed to add another answer if they think they can improve upon the existing one/s. Even if they can't, it's no skin off your back.
Thats fine, I just thought if someone else wanted to know, like I did, they know mine was already answered for them instead of having to freak like I did

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Your Unova water type starter can’t transfer over to SwSh.

Of you ones you named, Salamence and Dragonite aren’t in the game as well. The rest should be able to transfer over, assuming they do not know a move that doesn’t exist in Gen 8.

As for curing Pokerus, just leav the Pokémon in your party and it would be cured (although it’s very rare but also somewhat less valuable when cured).

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Knowing a move shouldn't block transfer, either.  Sw/Sh will simply have it greyed out/unusable in battle, and if you look at it's summary it will have a red warning indication by it and suggest you overwrite it.
Thank you, even if it can't go in sword or shield I can have it in pokemon home at least, safe and sound, thats what i wanted but it won't even transfer to Pokemon home because of pokerus...thats why I was asking how to get rid of it in the first place.
I'm glad you got your answer, but your assumption that Pokerus is causing your Pokemon to be unable to transfer to Pokemon Home is utterly false. I have seen plenty of Pokemon with Pokerus in Pokemon Home and its trading systems, and your situation is the only one I've ever seen where somebody has so forcefully asserted that Pokerus is causing the problem. You've completely skipped the possibility it is a coincidence; correlation =/= causation and all that.
Well, I have several Pokémon with Pokerus in SwSh . You can ask me if you want some, even.
I love pokerus but if it forces my BLASTOSIE to not transfer over, I had him since X and Y and I trained him from scratch, then it cant be a coincidence....
It can be a coincidence. Pokemon transfer facilities have hack checkers that are notorious for picking up false positives. It is absolutely a possibility that you've gotten unlucky.
I would love if you could update us as to whether your Blastoise becomes transferable after it is cured.
There is already an update. I re-opened my sun game and i put all of my pokemon in my party...all of them healed besides Blastoise. I believe he was the first one with it so It'll be harder to cure him. All the others are cured just fine which will, hopefully, transfer over fine. And I checked pokemon home and gen five are in the pokemon home...including Samurott...so......
Edit- if they did accidentally false positive me then it should, hopefully, work now once their all transferred. I'll let you know if he moves over successfully or not.
Edit 2 - sorry i had forgotten to mention that when I checked the pokemon home database it shows gen 5 is able to transfer over and that I had a snivy and Tepig transfer over just fine from my pokemon game to pokemon home, so yes thats why I believe it was Pokerus because no other ones gave me a problem until I hit the boxes with pokemon that had Pokerus...which would have spread to all of my starters at some point after opening the game again. But its ok I was also freaking thinking I couldn't use my starters that I worked my butt off to really improve since I had my first gen game :)
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(Deep inhale. Deep Exhale) POKERUS HAS .000000000% to do with this. Samurott is not allowed in the game unless you hack the system. even then it will show up a a pikachu with the name Samurott. you can find this with a quick search on Youtube

Did you not read the rest :) but ya know that was REAL nice dude cause ya know why not just say something like that AFTER someone really did answer me and not in a douche way either :) but if you must know finishing the pokemon home pokedex will give you a special Pokemon...and to do that you'll need ALL the pokemon correct? No matter the gen...even if it can't go into sword or shield it can sit safely in pokemon home.
No, you don’t need every Pokémon to get the Special mythical Pokémon. All you need is every Pokémon in the National Dex...which sadly, does not include Samurott
BUT it does include the others I have named which they all have Pokerus, Blastosie from gen one wont even transfer and he has Pokerus...so why cant he if they offer you a squirtle from pokemon home?
Edit - checked pokemon home data base for national pokedex and it does include gen five pokemon. If my other two, tepig and snivy can transfer then why cant Samurott? That would be stupid to include all but the water type to transfer successfully to Pokemon home...
Exactly, this scoble guy is a dumbass. How is this not closed yet?
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