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There are people on Ebay selling Shiny 6IV Pokémon, etc. Is it worth buying from these people?

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How much does it cost?
@AUG I love how that's the only question you asked. To be fair, I would've asked the same thing
from experience they're like 5-20 USD

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No, they're hacked.

Unless you really want a hacked shinymon, and don't mind. But in my opinion, it isn't worth the money. You also risk never getting it (bring ripped off) or having your info stolen (name, address, credit card).

If you really want hacked mons, you could get them elsewhere for free.

Source: I use ebay too much

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NO. It's never ok to buy Pokemon. You will never know if they hacked or cheated to buy them and that's a risk to get you banned. You have to work for it yourself because it will all payoff in the end.

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