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Both yes and no.
He's species, as PokéDex says, is Legendary.
But, if you mean legendary like eg. Mewtwo, then no.

It also saids that it is a Chinese Legendary on the Pokedex but it doesn't mean that it is Legendary any were else, so yes it is a Legendary at China and no Because it is not a Legendary to the entire World.
um, no it is not a legendary pokemon cause if it was it could not be breeded.also itwould not have any evolution stages( it evolves from growlithe right?) and it would not be obdainable via any normal methods in the game
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As the other answer stated, no Arcanine is not a legendary Pokemon in the sense that Mewtwo, Lugia, Rayquaza, etc. are legendary Pokemon, but its species is classified in the Pokedex as the legendary Pokemon, which could be part of what led people to this misconception. Something else that likely contributed to this misconception is, in the second episode of the Pokemon anime, Arcanine was included on a stone tablet (or something like that) on the wall of the Pokemon Center with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

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Oh. Right. That’s the tablet I saw.