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Yes, I finally decided to take the hints and make a few promotions! Plus a few other changes.

First up, Will and Speed freak have been de-modded since they are no longer active. Nothing against them, it's just because they are not here and using their powers. If they come back they can become mods again. Mike (Hoιγ Σiκe) has stated he's leaving, so he may be de-modded in the future if he doesn't come back. DT has been checking in occasionally and is apparently returning a bit more regularly so he stays a mod.

Secondly, I have given Editors kicking powers on chat. Remember: give warnings first and use it as a last resort.

Thirdly, I have promoted Ninja and Aura Warrior to Moderator. They are very active long-standing members who can easily fill the gap left by trachy and Mewderator being busy for a while. Here is some Moderator info that should be useful including what you can do and how to do it.

Fourthly, I have promoted |SentByRavens|, FizzSwift~, Blobyolo and Hex to Editors. They will now be able to hide & show posts that break the rules, approve/reject posts requiring moderation and kick troublemakers from chat. Some helpful info here about approving/rejecting.

Congrats to the new recruits! As always if you have any questions just ask. Here is a little summary of our structure that I stole from Mew's post:

Super Administrator

Aura Warrior
Hoιγ Σiκe*

Speed freak

The last few in italic there are not very active anymore. So we have 7 mods (including me) and 4 active editors. I may add more editors is I decide we need them, but I think the people we have can handle everything at the moment.

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Whoohooo congrats guys!!!!
My Super Admin is coming.. :P
My nothing is coming
gratz all of you! good for you, and I know you'll make good editors!
BTW Pokemaster, can I bribe with anything for making me one too? :P jk
Will and SF are no more Mods? :(
Congratulations all.
Thanks for the support guys :)
Sweet! Finally! I knew how awesome PM was <3

Congratz everyone!!
Gratz guys. You worked hard for it.
Great job, you guys!
I, im tearing up :'(... no, wait, that's my allergies. but still, good job!
Congratulations to everyone!
Congratulations guys. You have all deserved since you have served the DB loyally and great. Keep doing the great job you guys are already doing and enjoy your new status.
But: "Memento te hominem".

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Thanks Captain.

Well first off, congrats editors! I'm happy.

DT, I would grab a baby duck gif if there were 4 of us :P

And as for myself, I am very happy to join the DB's hierarchy of corrupt mods! :D

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Congrats xD. Can't believe we have been promoted :)
Gratz Ninja
Gratz Blob
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Thanks PM :D
Not sure what else to say without without making some speech or something and that'd be overkill so...congrats guys!

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Gratz Ben!