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Post any problems with the new design here!

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If you've seen an error with the new design, such as missing pages, missing images, or something with the layout like things not lining up properly, post an answer here!

Please don't use the comments on the question because they get out of hand way too quickly. If you just want to comment on whether you like the design, use this questionhere. Thanks.

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Hi Pokemaster,

I like the look of the desktop version of the website. Very clean. However I primarily use this website on my Samsung S3 while on the train. The design looks clean on the mobile however its usability is pretty low. Below are some problems I found while using it on my mobile.

Why is the search functionality hidden on a mobile device? I find that very annoying because I prefer to search for a Pokemon then find out where to catch it / evolve etc from there.

On the location pages (i.e Unova Route 6) when you scroll down to what can be caught in the location, the list does not fit on the screen horizontally. As a result each of the lists (walking, surfing, super rod) gets its own internal window which can then be scrolled left or right. This causes problems when trying to scroll through the page. If your finger lands on one of these lists it stops the scrolling and makes it difficult to move further down the page. Turning the device horizontally does not fix this problem as it just zooms the list in further. This also applies for the advertisements they seem to be squashed into a smaller line and have their own scrolling windows also.

Another issue that was reported above was the rarity pie charts are not visible on either desktop or mobile versions. (Maybe having a text % would be better?)

Since the search function is missing on the mobile version I attempted to go to Pokemon Data > Pokedex > All Pokemon master list. I found it nearly impossible to press and activate the "Name" text entry field to bring up my keyboard to search. The hit box for that text entry needs to be larger somehow. The functionality works fine on the desktop version and suits a solid connection to the internet. Yet on a mobile device and especially on the train where mobile connection can sometimes be patchy the searching is very laggy and sometimes results in a "Unable to find webpage" error message showing up where the refined list should be.

Lastly when opening this wall/comments section on a mobile device it appears the grey stripped right side bar (that can be easily seen on the desktop version) appears to break into the white area and over the top of some of the text. This makes reading some comments and posts really hard (black text on grey background is really annoying).

Hope all that feedback helps improve the mobile version of this website. In the meantime can you add in some way to switch to the full site from the mobile browser? Most sites do this in case the mobile site is lacking for some users.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks for the great feedback! To answer a few points:

- The search is hidden because I couldn't find a good place to put it yet. Will sort that out asap.
- The rarity icons was a simple fix but I'm having some problems with the server meaning it's not updating yet.
- As for tables, they are pretty difficult to do well on mobile, I thought the scrolling was a decent solution. Are you saying it prevents you from scrolling down the page, when on a table? That worked fine for me on iPhone...

I'll look into the other stuff. Thanks.
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The pages are at a bit of a squeeze and with that a runoff

http://i.imgur.com/YQkSfgi.jpg example

On an iPhone :P

Also, having problems connecting to the new site on a iPhone

http://i.imgur.com/QVkZbE4.jpg For all sections

Ok so I was finally able to get on but I needed to be logged into Wi-Fi. Can you fix this? :(

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Yeah the squeeze is on me with the iPhone too... I kinda dislike it. Can you please fix this, PM?
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On the admin page the views have gone for each question. It was much easier approving posts knowing that the question only had 20 views compared to 1345 views.

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Views should not matter. If it is old, but better, approve it.
I mean if its a 1-2 line answer. If they did happen to add info then their answer would be much longer.
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Doesn't show how many votes there are, just answers.

Shows votes, but not the number of answers.

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Something I realised as well +1
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Honestly, not trying to be offensive, but I don't think this Mobile thing is working. It seems like a major hassle to fix it, I'm sure no one cares if it looks like desktop.

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I actually prefer it to look like the desktop ._.
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Not really sure if it's an error,
but in the previous version the balk with "Name/types/category etc." in the Pokémon stats and moves list would scroll with you, so you would always know which numbers are what.
In this new version it won't scroll along with you. It was always quite handy :(

If it's possible, would this be changed back?

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I did have something for that but it didn't work 100% so I turned that off until I can get it to work.
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On the 'Hidden' section in the Admin, it is saying some posts were hidden on January 1 1970. Refreshing the page doesn't fix it.

None of the posts that were hidden before the site upgrade have this problem, so it looks like something broke when we upgraded.

Don't know if it is just this computer.

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Some posts are okay. Are the 1970 posts ones that have been rejected in moderation?
Definitely looks like it. I rejected a few earlier and they all got the 1970 thing. The ones that have it were also all posted by people who don't have enough points to bypass the Admin process, meaning they were probably rejected.
Looks like this is a bug in the Q2A software, which will be fixed in the next version.
K, thanks PM :)
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Users page is broken on Mobile.

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Yeah it's sort of meant to look like that. I changed it so that it was all in one column as it was more broken before. But it could look a lot better.
It is also out of order.
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Adverts are broke and have a run-off on Safari.

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Someone said for me to post a few things on their wall, and it then said i had posted too many posts in an hour.There was something i had typed that he said not to type( oops), so i tried to delete it, and it brought me to a screen saying click to confirm delete. So, i did, and i did again, and ag- well, you get it. So, you cant delete stuff when you post too much stuff. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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Most of the time I use the mobile site on my ipod, and this new design looks great and seems a lot quicker. but the feature I use the most (Quick Search) isn't there.

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The thing I want to point out is the Change Password thing. It's run off from the passwords.

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The Chat has some runoff with long names, on my iPad. This is when I hold it horizontally.
http://i.imgur.com/hcDOAQY.jpg - As seen with Spammerhead's post.

On long posts where I hold it vertically, the text just runs off.

Also, the mobile site is a little laggy on my iPad. Not sure of this is the site's problem, though.

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I am using the mobile version and on pages the ad will either be a green rectangle or be an actual ad. The problem for me is that the ad stretches across the entire screen and covers the material in the margins. I have no idea if this ad stretch is my problem, but there you go.

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I've been having the green rectangle thing, but not the ad stretch problem.
I was gonna post the green rectangle thing, but I thought it was my computer at first.
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On Chrome, when I go to


It says that the page cannot be found. I need to go to the DB sitemap and find the Database from there.

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You need the slash after "pokebase" i.e. `pokemondb.net/pokebase/` but I will fix it soon.
Dat Slash. :3
This is now fixed.
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Well, I'm so proud of myself for finding this out. :3

On the 'About the site' page, the 'tab name' (I guess is what you call it) has a spelling error. Instead of 'Database' it says 'Dattabase'. Oopsies. :3

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The Moveset Searcher Page isn't working. I entered the requested moves and nothing showed up. I waited approximately two minutes, and nothing.

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What moves did you try, and what browser are you using?
First Question: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse and Ice Beam

Second Question: Internet Explorer
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Whenever I Search certain movesets containing Stealth Rock the PoKeBase comes up with 0 specifically Wish+ Stealth rocks and i know of at Least 2 Pokemon with that as a legit moveset. (Jirachi & Blissey)

P.S. I LOVE the new layout

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I don't know if this is for all devices or related to the update, but I noticed you can no longer see someone's questions/answers from their profile page via the "number of w/a links".
Example: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Flafpert
My own profile, you cannot follow the links anymore.
Also, posting this on my IPhone, I cannot find text formatting bottons. Maybe I'm just blind, or is somone else having this problem as well?

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Not sure what you mean by "number of w/a links" but the link to your questions and answers are at the top (grey boxes).
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I cant favorite questions anywhere, and i know its not my browser(but its Google Chrome if that helps) because i could favorite before the new stie update. Anyways just thought i should let you know.

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