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Wow, this thread really blew up!
Hi, I'm Scraf. And this is my story:

Seven-year old me really wanted a Game Boy Advance for my birthday. I opened up a grey, glossy box to find a Spongebob GBA and three games: Arcade Games, Galaga Remastered, and Pokemon Fire Red. I clocked in about 800,000 points in Galaga before I put it down for the next eight years, and Arcade Games was a bit too hard for seven-year old me. Fire Red, however, I didn't quite put down just yet.

I clocked 999:59 into that thing faster than you'd expect. I chose Squirtle as my starter and set off out of Pallet Town. My sister got Leaf Green the year later, and I traded my Lvl. 100 Blastoise over to her game. She restarted it. Nooooooo :D

That over the following three years, I purchased Pokemon Games in quick succession. Pokemon Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver and White all were welcomed into my collection. This was about when I was in Grade 6.

...then I just stopped playing. Pokemon became unpopular. Anyone who played it was the dunce.

Three years later, around the release of X & Y, I stumbled upon this site. The news section helped me out a ton, deciphering all of these new Pokemon, the Fairy Type, why Aegislash looks so great, etc. Then, I discovered Pokebase.

It was like a cool breeze with the smell of freshly fallen rain blew out of my laptop screen that day. There were so many resources and such an amazing community, I quickly identified Pokebase as a safe haven of the Internet.

I quickly proceeded to pump out answers and questions. People generally liked my answers, and I kept getting more points. And then, around January of 2015, I left.

Well, what can I say? I've lost interest in Pokemon for the time being and OR is my last game for the time being. As I listen to YEHEHE, this is my sendoff.

Thanks for being awesome.

That's my story. What's yours?

Post stories about how Pokebase changed your view on Pokemon, rekindled your love for it, or just helped you out overall!
Pokebase, or Pokemon Database, is a great site. A lot of good has happened here so lets tell our experiences of how this site helped us!

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Story time yay!
Au revoir, monsieur. Bon chance dans tes adventures. Aimes ta vie.
Gonna answer this with my story soon.
I think I will answer once my days here are over
i love stories too!

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I'm back for now.
Here's my story.
I was at my friend's in somewhere (Don't wanna say where.) when I saw the pokemon ultimate handbook. (yes, the full of errors pokemon handbook, but I was in, like kidnergarten, so i didn't judge.) It was full of weird creatures that I hadn't heard of, and his mom said I could take it home. Flash forward about 2 years. I recieved Pearl for my birthday, picked turtwig, and, paraphrasing Ice Cube, it was on like Bronzong. The years passed. I gained Black, and SoulSilver, visited bulbapedia, and found this place. It had a HUGE , up-to-date pokedex (thanks, pokemaster), and that was the only reason I came. (Stupid, right?) I found other sections. My pokeknowledge broadened. Then I found Pokebase. Around this time, I had to take a test, and I brought my DSiXL with me. With my games. I went to take the test, came back out, and it was gone. My mom said she saw a dude with a ds indent in his pocket, but he got away. I was as crushed as a guy could get. But enough about that. I found pokebase, a refuge for me. I went in the chat room, answered questions, asked questions, and did a play in the chat room with Crazy Garchomp. The years passed. I got Black 2, Platinum, and X, and I quit pokebase because of COPPA's age limit. (I was 10, and I think you had to be 13.) So I quit. But here I am again. I might come back again. I might not. Only Dialga will know.

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I already made a story, but a lot has changed in the last 5 months since I made it so I'm making a new one :P

I started playing pokemon because I got it for Christmas. I thought pokemon was for little kids, but I didn't want to upset my uncle who bought be pokemon black. As a kid I never collected pokemon cards. I thought they were stupid. I never played any of the games. I thought they were stupid. So when I started playing pokemon black I thought I would play it a little so it looked like I enjoyed it and then forget it forever. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I clocked 999:59 on black without even knowing what EV's, Natures, STAB, IV's or any of that fun stuff was. I completed everything I could find in game. I was able to beat anyone I played. So I went out and bought white 2. I never managed to reach 999:59 on it because I would use it to get legendaries :P

Then I found PokémonDB. I found it at a friend's house when were were googling some obscure pokemon fact. I went home and couldn't find it again xD I googled random pokemon facts over and over again until eventually I found it again :D

I used the site mainly for finding what level pokemon evolved at, what moves they learn and at what level etc. I still didn't know about any of the competitive stuff, until I got Pokémon X. Honestly the only reason I learned about EV's (which led me into all the other competitive battling stuff) was super training. I didn't know how EV's worked yet, but I found something new in pokemon and I had to use it.

That was about when I joined the Database (made an account). I created my account over a year ago, but never really did anything on it. I asked some stupid questions and gave some really crappy answers at the beginning. I never went into the chat room so I was really one of the clueless noobs that are on here.

I found out what EV's were from the community here. That led me to nature's, STAB and IV's. That led to breeding and EV Horde battling. I finally found what the power items did in game XP. For about 2 months I knew what all the stuff was and had competitive pokemon and none of my friends did. I beat them so badly in game it wasn't even funny.

I played in game pretty regularly, but it got boring after awhile so I came back to the community to see what else there was and I found showdown :D

PS! was incredible for me. There were much better players, there was so much more fun and less work. At this time I didn't know we had a showdown server. I just played on the main. I sucked so bad at making teams. I really was only decent at random. So I played random again and again and again. Eventually I found out we had a showdown server (I finally looked at the links on the side of meta) and I found our server.

This is where I finally met some people here. I still sucked at battling (Though I thought I was good). I honestly acted really immature when I first came onto the server, but I learned quickly to be mature.

I started getting decent at competitive battling when semp tutored me (Thanks again semp). I finally started to get good at tiers instead of just random. I practiced a LOT. I battled a good number of people on our server. After every battle against a better opponent than myself I always (and still do) ask them what I could've done better.

Now I spend a lot of my time on our server. I've met some pretty cool people there. I'm on there pretty much daily and now have been a member of this site for over a year :D I still wish I would've found this site sooner, but I found it :P

Well, I guess this is my goodbye not (if anyone even sees it xD)

I'm gonna have to leave the site. Just too many things going on, and I don't really have the same love for pokemon I had in the past. I had a lot of fun here, and will remember the fun we had on the server. I may come back someday, but it won't be soon most likely. I hope everyone else has as much fun on the site as I did.

Again, I doubt anyone will even see this, I'm kind of a nobody, but I feel like I should say something :P

So goodbye for now, or forever world of pokemon

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Hey y'all. Sorry I am late.

In my defence I hadn't seen this till now, and as I read through what everybody has written, I feel I too need to share my experiences, however little they might be.

To start of with, my first interaction with Pokemon was probably the anime on the telly. When I was 7, however, my friend showed me her Pokemon handbook for the Hoenn Region. And that started it all. I borrowed the book, and spent the entire week listing out the 100 Pokemon that I loved the most. I kept increasing the list as and when possible, and wrote a few of the moves the Pokemon learnt.

Cut to when I was around 11-12. Online RPGs became huge in my school, and I soon found myself at Pokemon Vortex. While this doesn't really count like the official stuff, and had nearly all the details wrong. By wrong, I mean, being able to buy Master Balls in the Pokemart, and so on and so forth. This continued for an year, after which I got tired and left. Not left, but, forced to, as somebody hacked into my profile, and made away with all my Legendary Pokemon.

It was in the summer when I was 12, that a friend of mine introduced me to Emulators. Now, I never really had a Gameboy, an had never played the original games, so this was the first time I truly started to play Pokemon. The game was Emerald by the way, which still holds a special spot in my heart. Anyway, novice as I was, I took a year to actually beat the game, without GameShark codes or other cheats.

I forget what happened immediately after, but within a year or two, B/W were released. I still didn't have a Nintendo device, so within a year of its release, bam! I had the emulated version of Black that I proceeded to play (and beat) in the next 3-4 weeks. After this, I slowly started turning my attention to the other games, and downloaded and played them too. But, playing Generation 4 after 5, made it a little weird, so I didn't finish those games.

Anyway, that's about enough piracy in one answer, so I'll move on to my story with the DB.

Database: The Journey

I found this site quite early, like, before it was even a year old, and immediately fell in love with it. Messed around for a full 18 months before knowing about the Pokebase and being able to sign in to it, and ask and answer questions. Once I did log in, I found a whole new world.

For a month, I had no points, then Blob gave me my first up-vote for a moveset for Absol. Following this, I very slowly made a 100 points. Soon after, I became more active, and racked up around a thousand points.

And then I left. It was a pretty stupid move on my part, but I'll come clean, and say that the reason I did it, is because a) Pokemon sort of faded away from my interests, and as I didn't have a 3DS, the arrival of X/Y caught me at a severe disadvantage. And b) My points were stagnated.

I hate to say this, but around that time, I was very much into points (reasons mentioned below). So, while I had strict competition, I backed off, knowing that I was worthless in answering questions relating to the 6th generation. I felt that that was all my potential, and since I couldn't continue my journey with Pokemon X&Y, I decided to take a break. This was in 2k13. Last year, 2014, I came in during January/ February, checked up on things, saw how much everybody else around me had grown (not only in points, but also in friendship), and how things were changed. I still wasn't all that into Pokemon, so I left again.

However, I started playing on PS! and gradually improved over time (Not like Flaf, or MrK, or Dr. Flame), but still above average. This sort of got me back into Pokemon. And now, in 2015 March, I decided to come back. I wasn't sure how I'd fit in, but after answering a couple of questions, I understood that there was still some hope left in me in respect to the Database. And that is where I stand as of now.

Warning: (Sort of) Emotional stuff here:

This is where I talk about my relation with B in the more metaphysical sense, as opposed to the basic factual relations and my comings and comings. This basically, is the main stuff: My experiences as a user.

Note: Some of the stuff mentioned here maybe childish, and I accept that. However, I've changed now, and for the better.

To begin with, my main problem was (and is) having friends here at the DB. Now this was a huge problem because:

  • My time zone meant that when I was on line, not many of the American (or heck, even English) users were on line, and for good reason too. Unless I spent the wee hours logged into the DB, I virtually (pun un-intended) had no one to chat with.

  • Being from a country vastly different from the West, I had very little exposure or knowledge about the things that people liked and enjoyed. I remember awkwardly saying "Hi", in the chat, right in the middle of a discussion of stuff I had NO idea about, only to be lost in the plethora of messages that buried any and all attempts at trying to start a conversation. Of course, this was my fault, but it affected my ability to chat nonetheless.

  • As I didn't (and still don't) own a 3DS or a functional DS (mine broke sometime, and I couldn't get it fixed :'( ), I couldn't exchange Friend Coes, or battle or trade, or generally interact with people at all.

  • I was sot of jealous of some of the users here (I know, very immature, but at this point of sleep deprivation and emotional high, I don't care, as it longer is the case.). Mainly because of how popular they were, how soon they made friends, and accumulated points (again, points, but it was a pretty big deal to me back then, though I never admitted it.). Keep in mind, these were users who joined much after I did. And yet, they were going places, and I... I just.

  • I was very shy on line. Call it paranoia or whatever, but I never really ventured out in the open. I just stood there by the shadows, waiting. Waiting for me to get better. Waiting for me to earn more points, and gain higher ranks, and cough cough respect. Not the OMG, you're that guy, but just about enough to convince people I was worth befriending. That I was worth being a part of their warm, fuzzy family. [Now, this was the major reason why I was so into points. Not because I am general d-bag, I promise]

  • I was afraid. Of the people. Of the atmosphere. Of not being good enough. This was sort of suffocating, but I hung on. I made sure no body knew my age (probably to sound older on line, an thus, you know, be listened to). I never talked much about myself, never bothered to make friends. Now this, this was my ultimate mistake. I was young then (not very, really. Just about the same age group as a lot of people. Younger than the mid-high teen veterans, older than the 11-12 year old novices). This made me very unapproachable (not that I believed anybody would, but still....). I sank further into the shadows, logging in only to answer, to rack up points and help other people, rather than attempt to socialize. I was scared of the "big guns", and the popular ones in the community, that I'd fall in their eyes. And so I never tried.

  • When I logged on during my temporary hiatus, I saw how close people had become, and thus this only confirmed my existence as a misfit of sorts. I was afraid to join among the ranks, as I hadn't been able to rack up enough points to be noticed. When I saw that others had succeeded where I had failed, this only pushed me farther away from the whole business. My only 'friends' were acquaintances on Chat whom I'd spoken to like once, for half an hour. It was that pathetic. Correction: I was that pathetic [No, that wasn't self-pity, but rather a stern outlook on my decisions.]

  • I failed to make it big here. I lost track of this site. I became more involved with other activities, and school took a major portion of my time.

Part 1 of 2.
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What Now?

After returning this year, I saw how much (once again) things had changed. New users. None of the ones I previously idolized. No body I knew (well, I din't back then either, but I had a fair knowledge of who's who). In fact, I haven't once seen the veterans since I turned up. They all left the site, and they were (are) moving on ahead. I am still confused about where what is, as of now.

What I learnt:

[Over the years, I gained lots of bits of advices from everybody here, directly or indirectly. They are things I’ve learned, although I never approached them directly.]

DT taught me to be the best through constant hard work. So much so that people respect you even when you're gone.

Will taught me how cool Pokemon were (Actually, more about the right attitude towards Pokemon, as opposed to seeing them as stats in the meta-game).

Mike taught me that I could still be a part of the community even if I wasn't social. In fact, once, on chat, he (and a few others) trolled me, and half-convinced me that I would be kicked out. Or banned.

Mew taught me that it doesn't who you are, as long as you constantly improve yourself to be the best you can.

Speed Freak taught me that points aren't everything, and that other things in life are important too (like studies, and making friends and all)

trachy taught me love books, and be proud of that, and that the Mods were (and are) very down to earth.

Ninja taught me that no matter how old you are, you can always stay young at heart, and do your best to help everybody if and when they need you.

Pokemaster showed me, that Goats are Uber.


I have come a long way since the beginning of my journey. After so long, I see the flaws in my approach, and will try and correct them. I see a lot of new users, and hopefully, I'll be a better person for them to know me. I have grown as a person, thanks to this site. I longer have the inhibitions I had, nor the feelings of mistrust, jealousy and all that stuff that simply is too stupid to exist in the first place. I have realised that it is far better to make the world a better place by helping others, than to help yourself, waiting for people to notice you.

And here, I really want to thank Pokemaster for making this site, and proving that you don’t need to be complicated like Serebii to be very successful.
Finally, a declaration, and a promise to devote more time to this awesome site.
Long live the Pokemon Database!

In the end though, I hope all the DB members come back, for one more time. All those who left due to academical pursuits, or those who (temporarily) lost interest in the games. And when do, I'll be waiting for them. They are, after all, the closest I ever had to a family on the internet.

Part 2 of 2.

I doubt if any body will read all this, but thanks for bearing with me.
Read all of it. Pretty interesting. Also Goats are Uber, this is common knowledge anyway. I expected you to know this before you were born.
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Pokemon Database, occasionally Pokemon Dramabase.

This post is a mix of my time here, and the end of it as well. But for story-telling purposes I'll start at the beginning.
I was an avid Rugby player, but around 2-3 years ago I got owned by another player who tackled me and in the process did some serious damage to my back. It put me in hospital for a few weeks, but this is how I found this place. I had my phone, the Wi-Fi in the hospital and a whole lot of boredom and I remember stumbling across this community. One of the first user encounters I had was with a user named Hex, he scared the hell out of me. He seemed so old and experienced - even on a Pokemon site - and I spent a lot of time trying to make friends with him for those reasons.
I failed for a while.
I decided to post my first question on the Pokebase as I did have my DS with me and so I gingerly made it:
I'm sure that a lot of users have looked back at their first post and cringe, am I no different.
Anyway, I started meeting new users in chat such as Mew, Ayan, Flare, Mike, SpeedFreak, Starpower, Absol and Lenub (I'm sorry if i missed someone) and I started talking. I remember getting involved in SF's cafe, which at first really confused me because I've never Roleplayed before nor heard of the idea and so the idea someone had a Cafe on a chat room bewildered me.
There were multiple "Poke-Wars" which were pretty fun, however they normally got ended by a Mod as they resulted in a lot of caps and irritated people, much like today when people RP.
I started posting more answers to questions on the Pokebase and RMT (I used to be alright at battling, ok). Within a couple of months I believe I hit expert, and have stayed there ever since. Being on the first page of each section is good enough for me.

Alongside Pokemon DB, I also got introduced to a site named PokemonShowdown, a site that was very bare at the time with only a few only servers (Kupo and Oriserver :D) and I started mingling with the community there. After becoming so fond of the community at PS, I started wondering why the DB didn't have their own server to complement the RMT and the DB tours, and so I talked with one of my friends (Havinfun85) who said together they'd co-own and host the first Pokemon DB server! It was pretty awful as HF couldn't always host it 24/7 and neither of us really knew Javascript at the time, but we tried our best.
Unfortunately, around 4 months later it died :(
But that was not it, SentByRavens (aka Ben, aka fellow member of the Beautiful Girls club) and I made a post on the Meta looking for possible users to host the new server in which I would do the backend work and they would do the hosting, to my surprise Pokemaster replied saying he would do it when he had the time. It appeared PM was very busy as it took around another 5 months before the server was up under PM's vps.
However, it was worth the wait as I had been learning Js for a while and now I had a platform to put it to use and PM as well as Ninja would also help work on the server.
Not long after this I created a monster (yes I admit it), Scizbot v1!
The concept was good, and fairly new at the time, however the execution was horrific as it would mute a user for 2 lines of text with the reason "Muting".
That too died, but not for long! I'd been working on a Scizbot v2 which is still on the server. I'm pretty proud of it, but you lot still insist it's tyrannical :).
Side note: Currently working on Scizbot v3 :D

But yeah, during the DB server, I feel I became a little more well in the Pokebase community because I had the "~" in front of my name, and that gave me power >:D
I met more great people and together, that group became known as the "DB vets". Well, we liked to think we were. Quite a lot of that group has left now, and many are edging the same way but we still keep in touch. I have basically left this community, but still reside on the server. And believe me, it's not because I have fell out of love with the community, it's more because of exams and school working pulling me outwards.

I guess I should wrap this up though. Pokemaster, you're an amazing person, very talented and own a community that I hold very close to me. I can't thank you enough for it :)
I will probably still be lurking around from time to time, probably not logged in but whatever.
I'll list all the people I'd like to give a special thanks to below for just being friends and sharing some of the hilarious times we have had with each other.
(In no particular order)

Thank you,
DT, Ninja, Trachy, Mike, SF, Fizz, Kyron, Sempi, Ben, Blob, Star, Aeternis, Flame, Flare, Ayan, MrK, Flaf, CWegz, Mew, Hex, Jofly, Terlor, Slash, Lenub, Once, MonoUmbreon, JCM, Rio, PX, Absol, SM, AD, Lupus, HF, JackZero, Riles, Enoch and of course Scizbot.

I apologise if I've missed anyone. But I've met a lot of people here.
And as some of the older users leave, I'm sure the new members will continue to make this a great community :)

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Finally got around to do this :P

So, where to start?

How about my very first pokemon game?

So when I got this game I was about 4 or 5 I think. I chose Mudkip because it was blue and the game was also blue. When I got around to Fortree City, my friend and I decided to make a trade. My Lv 38 Swampert for his Lv 38 Azumarill. I said yes to that trade and oh man, was that thing powerful. That Azumarill was all I used for pretty much the rest of the game(I ignored how it ignored me :P) when I beat the pokemon league, azumarill was level 92 :o. Ashamed it wasn't level 100, I decided to beat the pokemon league again. It reached level 100 finally. Now what? I decided to catch pretty much all pokemon known to man in that game. A few years later, when I was hopping around in the jagged pass on my acro bike, I stumbled upon an odd looking numel. Not knowing why it looked different, I decided to catch it. That numel looked like this

Then after I caught numel, I taught it fire blast cause why not? Later, when I found Latias I was like "what the-" and when I tried to attack it it ran away! I was so mad, but when I looked in my pokedex I saw that you can find it on a another route. So I went to that route, looked for a while, and looked in my Pokedex to see if I was in the right route. It was in an entirely different route. The chase was on! A year later I finally caught it, but that's not the point. I was focused on a Corphish I found in petalburg city. It was odd looking, so I caught it because it was different. When I looked in the PC, I saw it looked different on the icon than it actually looks. Then I saw that little star...
A long time later, I managed to catch the Regis, Rayquaza, and a Heracross. I caught another and bred them. After a while, when I hatched a pink heracross, I thought it was a glitch and released it into the wild(jk XD). I named it super bug because it was pretty super. After I got a Flygon and a salamence, I decided to put sapphire down for a while.
And now begins the next part...


I made a lot of memories with this game, fun ones too. When I started Diamond I chose piplup because it was blue and Diamond was blue(ish). After I used my friend's action replay on it, I ended up having a completed PokeDex and 999 Rare Candies before I got to Jubilife City. Now I also got the poke radar, which surprised me. When I got to Oreburgh City, I decided to test it out on Route 207. After a couple of tries, I managed to find a larvitar. Using my rare candies, I spammed it to level 55, where it evolved into tyranitar. I ended up using that thing for as long as I can remember. I destroyed Cyrus with it, and beat the Pokemon League, but that's not over yet. A couple of years later, my friend had some really cool pokemon that he wanted to trade to me. I said yes, and a got a shiny Arceus with hydro cannon, wonder guard Lugia with spacial rend, roar of time and judgement(also shiny), a shiny Ho oh that had flame wheel in 2 of its moveslots, and a shiny moltres with aurora beam, flame wheel, and aura sphere. I traded my arceus to soul silver, plus I didn't really use the others.
Soul Silver was a breeze, I hardly remember it.

Black/White and Black 2/White 2

So when I was at the Mall of 'Murica I saw this pokemon thing. When I ran over to it I saw all these people watching the BW anime(it was the episode where Pikachu gets his ass kicked by snivy I believe) and a bunch of people playing BW on their ds'. There was also a wheel thing where you spin it and got a prize. When I got to spin it I got a Tepig Stylus(:3), in which I love tepig but I was sad how I didn't get the Reshiram plush, it looked so beastly. A few days later I got both Black and White(:0). I was so excited and tore open black. I started out with Snivy because he looked cool. A few months later snivy(now a serperior) was just one of my many level 100 pokes. When I googled "What level does Frillish evolve at" I found this site(I've been using that question to find this site for so long :P). I played white too, which was also fun. When I got Black 2 I was literally shaking with excitement. After a while, I got White 2, which I played for so damn long.

The moment you've all been waiting for... begins soon


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I'm going to start when I joined the DB :)
Yay, you lucky ****!

Bring out the rest of it already!
oh my god.. 3 shinies in one playthrough? mad luck
hurry up and finish this gdi
Oh god, this completely left my mind, I was going to write about Y but I was busy with other things. When I have more free time I'll finish this long awaited story
yeah i've been waiting in anticipation for 39 months
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I haven’t answered this so.... why not?

The first taste I had of the Pokémon franchise was the trading cards. When I was in 3rd grade, I liked this guy in my class, and he really liked Pokémon cards, so I told him I was going to start collecting Pokémon cards as well, and he gave me 2 cards. One was a Caterpie and the other was an Ampharos. And then my other friend, he gave me a Trapinch. Then I started going broke buying Pokémon cards, and my favorite card was one of those super common Raichu GXs. Anyway, fun fact, the first ever card I pulled from a pack was a Dialga GX. I did this for about 3 months, but I got sort of sick of buying them, so I stopped collecting Pokémon cards.

Then I got into the XY/XYZ anime, and wow, I really, really loved it. The strategies were so cool, and the concept of dodging and countering attacks really appealed to me. I tried watching the Indigo League, but it never really grew on me. The one thing that disappoints me about the video games, since I’m mostly an anime fan, is that a lot of the super cool strategies you see in the anime won’t work in them. Also, Goodra makes Bide look like an amazing move, jeez.

Once I went into 4th grade, I got super into writing. I started writing Pokémon fan fiction, and I really enjoyed it. The problem was that I didn’t know what stats/moves/abilities each Pokémon had. So this is when I first went to db. I loved the simplicity of this website, and I didn’t get Smogon and I was too lazy to read through all of Bulbapedia. Another thing I loved about Pokémon fanfics was that you could make them with anime style battling, so I found it super cool.

I went this whole time without knowing that Pokemon video games existed, and then...

I was super bored one day, so I typed “role playing games” into the google search bar. One of the first options was Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, and, well, I researched these games for so long. I learned about their version exclusives and signature moves and everything. And this was so new to me, since I didn’t know Pokemon expanded past cards and the anime. Also, my 4th grade teacher was amazing enough to let me use his 2ds, and I played my first bit of a Pokémon video game (Pokemon Moon) on it. The problem was that I couldn’t afford the game.

So, I bought a 2ds just last year in September. A month after that, in October, I finally bought my first Pokémon game, Ultra Sun. It was incredible. I feel like Ultra Sun will always be special to me since it was my first game, even though it wasn’t my favorite.

Then my birthday rolled around in November, and my gifts were all Pokemon games. Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Detective Pikachu. Y was definitely my favorite Pokémon game, and that’s sort of obvious by my nickname here, Y.

After that I bought a Switch Lite and Shield, Pokken Tournament, and LGPE (wow, finally). I will say, Pokken Tournament is my second favorite Pokémon game. Even though it’s a spin off, I loved it so much.

Onto the part about db. I always used this place for in game movesets while playing through my games, so I was still using it. One day, April 3rd 2020, I really wanted to upvote an answer, I think it was on a Gardevoir moveset. So I signed up here. Then I realized you needed points to upvote, so I started doing moveset answers, which I really sucked at. Why? Because I didn’t know competitive Pokémon existed, which I probably should’ve learned about before posting a competitive moveset for some Pokémon.

So I signed up for Showdown!, and I absolutely sucked. Then I dug through a bunch of movesets from the site, and I started actually getting OK, but I still mostly only play random battles, gen 5 to be exact.

I never ever planned to go into the Chat Room, but I did. That’s where I met my best friend, and she introduced me to some incredible people.

Really, why I’m here answering questions is because I want to help the community that helped me so much. This place is so incredible, and I love it here. I went from being a complete Pokémon noob to being fairly knowledgeable in the subject.

So, that’s my story :)

> That’s where I met my best friend, and she introduced me to some incredible people.

she also introduced you to me
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First of all, I will begin with saying that I was a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. I had a nice deck, but I kept on, day after day, beating my brother. Like, I beat him 51 times. And someday, I was really bored. I was bored to always win endlessly. I was also into LEGO. At Christmas, I received a spaceship I had to built with LEGO blocks. My brother had Pokémon White and a DSi XL. He enjoyed it. He accidentally killed Volcarona. I wanted to help him, and he let me try. I loved Pokémon, and asked to get Black. Eventually, this went as I wanted. He introduced me to the Poké-World, a wonderful world. I fell in love with the Oshawott's cuteness. I also loved the Lillipup. I caught le Patrat as well, then released it to try out the "release" button. I also wanted a Vanillite but my bro wouldn't trade, saying I can't give him anything, and I cannot control it. I was vexed, but I eventually knew why. The badges. For my love of Ice Creams smiling at you, I wanted every single badge. And this was the whole storyline. Then, the next Christmas, I had White 2. I chose Snivy for not choosing Oshawott twice. I also caught another Lillipup, but le Stoutland hated me. Screw Adamant level 65 Stoutland. I eventually fell in love with Arcanine, which was settled: My favorite Pokémon forever, with Reshiram. By the way, this means I like dogs, which actually is true.

I knew this site by googling questions, and wanted to register so that I could ask my own questions.

This is my registration to the DB. I was Arcarmon.

Now, I am ßļİƗz oʄ Jûstĭče.

I went first to the RMT section, where I felt I would be helpful. I asked a question, and it seemed like nobody saw it. Recoded explained to me that each question doesn't get an answer. I wanted to change this myself, so I tried to answer as much as possible. To be honest, I did not read the rules. I mean it. If you want to ban me, then proceed; this is what I deserved since the first: I answered one time with what should've been a comment, and then got flagged. I went to flag everyone (I was idiot, I know XD) and then, I had to think a little bit. I passed past that, and continued to answer, but with "good" answers. I wanted to get more points, but I think I got stopped. I was downvoted twice on an answer that the asker BAed. I argued with JCM and Recoded. I let my brother have an account, but it seemed like a dupe. Once again, I went into the wall, and did not say it on the brother account page. I argued with many users because of this. Since then, I left.

But I considered this as an auto-ban, discretly. After 3 or 4 months, I went back and answered. Wall Posts were now disponible, and MrKijani welcomed me. I felt like this time, I will not leave the Database. All was my fault. I think I've waited enough for everybody to forget this. I missed a lot, like Indigo's registration, JCM's ban about which I am happy, without any will to harm him, Ninja being mod and many others.

I wanted to show my potential on the main section, and that's what I am today. In fact, I stopped playing Pokémon White 2, as it was a year, and I had nothing to do. I finished everything. But I kept on answering questions. Until I got Pokémon Y, that I beat in six days, or easier: 30 Monday 2013. Like, I was a fan since 2 years.

Then, Pokémon X & Y came out. Many new accounts, many old users were created and came back. I was sad, because every question (or 90 %) were about X & Y, and I could not get any of them, me living in Lebanon and not having a 3DS. I talked about it to my parents, and they promised me that I would own my Pokémon Y and my 3DS around Christmas. I accepted.
Pokémon X & Y were finally released in Lebanon about one month they were worldwide. My friend bought Y, and finished it at Christmas. It took one month. I couldn't believe how slow he was... He was pretty noobish; Greninja with Waterfall, Surf, Water Pulse and Hydro Pump...
But I wonder how did he beat the game with a such Greninja... Maybe the level 80 Greninja before beating the game... My other friends rekindled their love for Pokémon and all of them were ahead me. I was intimidated. Then, before starting, I asked how would I get an Elegant Vivillon. Fondant answered me with a high quality answer, and thought I would not go to change my region for that. I got Meadow Vivillon. It is okay, I guess. I wanted to make Vivillon my boss. You can see my records against the gyms in Y in my profile.
I can't stop playing Pokémon Y. It has definitively rekindled my love for Pokémons.

NB: I want to apologize about my brother's account, which was counted as a dupe, and about my idioties. Please, forgive me. I really love the site now.

Why do I thank the Pokémon DB ?

The 3 Pokémon sites I knew were Serebii, Bulbapedia and Poké Serebii is my bro's favorite one. I have to say, Serebii is an excellent site with nice infos, moveset and stuff. But guess what ? I cannot read anything in it before to arrange the zoom of the page to 150 %. The font is ridiculously small, and that discouraged me to register there. Bulbapedia had also very nice infos, but way too much infos, even some useless Trivia, like the Gabite who share his Pokédex type with Druddigon: the two cave Pokémons. Seriously, who care ?
Serebii and Bulbapedia had their flaws. was immediatly something else. It was a simple site. I checked it for its nice Pokédex, but not more.
And then, someday, I searched Bulbapedia and Serebii for "how to catch Volcarona if I killed it" but these awesome sites did not say anything about it. I searched Poké, I got my answer 'cuz someone asked this and got answered. Since then, I told myself "Hey, why don't I register so that when I have a question, someone would answer ?"

I thank Poké for 3 things:

  1. The easiest Pokémon site to surf in, and to digest the info, although not being as big as Bulbapedia and Serebii.
  2. The best Internet community there, the chat room was like a second home.
  3. The speed, the efficacy and the simplicity.

Thank you, Pokemaster, for creating this awesome site. Thank you.

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Sorry I'm a grammar nazi. You spelled capische wrong.
Who care ? ^^
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The summer of 2011
It was another great day. I was at my grandparent's house. And when I'm at their house, I like inviting my friends down. Both of my friends were at their grandma's house so I called them up and they came down. We stayed in and played our DS's. I was into Super Mario because I got my first game March 2010. I had gotten my first DS (which was a DSi XL) Christmas 2010. I had always a DS, but my mom waited until there was a bigger model (XL). Back to that day. I wanted to play one of my friend's game. He let me look at their games. He had Pokémon SoulSilver. I put it in my DS and started the game and their first Pokémon was Bayleef. I had no clue what to do so like I usually did with a new game, I figure out what to do. I had fell in love with Bayleef. My friend had to leave, so I gave him back his game. Luckily, my other friend had SS. Also, he had Bayleef. I wanted to play it so much, I wanted to keep playing after he left. Of course, he did not let me. when I went home, I told my mom I wanted Pokémon SoulSilver so much. A few months later, I did.
Summer 2011 - 12/3/11
I wanted SoulSilver SO much. I had bought a hand book that had all of the of Unova Pokémon.
December 3, 2011
Ah, a day I'll never forget. My mom and I went to Target. We went to the video game part to look for SoulSilver. I had found it. I was so excited. I couldn't wait till my mom bought, we finished shopping, and got to the car so I could play it. The moment I got in the car, I opened it open and started playing. I choose Chikorita because it evolved into Bayleef, which was about the only Pokémon I knew.
Christmas 2011
I got Black because I liked Reshiram > Zekrom. I choose Snivy because I liked it the most because to me its family looked the coolest. Also, since the 3DS had came out, I got that.
September 2012
I found the site and I joined this site and on the fifth, I asked my first question.
December 3, 2012
The 1st anniversary of me playing Pokémon. I hatched female Zigzagoons in SS and Black.
I got Pokémon White 2. Choose Oshawott.
Got Pokémon Y. Felt like I did 12/03/11.

So how did the site change me?
I learned so much. I went from somebody who knew only a few things about Pokémon to somebody who completed the White 2 Pokedex, make an OK team, and knows every Pokémon.

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Well, well, well, my turn, is it not?

(Sorry that I'm late! XD

Forget Chapter I, everybody hated it XD

Chapter II

The introduction to Pokemon.

Circa first grade, I met my best friend. For the rest of year, my and my friend talked, and didn't really find something in common that we liked. After that year, over the summer he tried numerous hobbies and activities, while I played my copy of Animal Crossing Wild World nonstop. When I saw the classroom chart, I noticed that we were in the class, so I thought I would give it a shot to find something in common with him. Luckily, we had a 30 minute free-time at the end of the day. I now knew that it was my chance. For the first few months, nothing happened. Then, one day he started drawing. I drew with him. I noticed he was drawing odd creatures, and I asked what they were. He said that they were Pokemon. I was going "Pokemon? Huh?" He apparently had gotten a copy of Pokemon Black from a friend of his. I now knew that he had a gaming system. I found out that it was a DS Lite, and knew that we finally had found something that we had in common! That time was around the book fair, where he picked up a Pokemon guide book. Now this guide was not updated with Black and White. So we drew pictures of our own created Pokemon, with how they evolved and all their types, which was fun while it lasted. When my birthday came, he gave my a Suicune Pokemon TCG Tin, which I enjoyed and learned more about Pokemon. Me and my father battles and soon found out the rules. We enjoyed that for a while. That Christmas, my parents gave me a copy of Pokemon Black! I was overjoyed! I soon noticed that it not have the Pokemon me and my friend has spent months drawing. I still enjoyed it, but I has still not enjoyed the full Pokemon experience.

Chapter III

Time traveling and the DB

So, after wanting the Generation 4 games for a while, I finally got my hands on a copy of Diamond. At first, to be honest, I hated it. I was not used to the weird graphics and such. I was absolutely disgusted to say the least. So Diamond and Pearl were off the list. Next, HGSS. Now before this I watched the Pokemon Anime for a while and wished that I could walk with Pokemon and such with the older ones. Then I found out about HGSS. I bought a copy of HG and loved it. I played it at least three times through. While I was watching anime, I fell in love with the contests, so I bought a copy of Platinum, which seemed better than Diamond or Pear. I played those for a while, and didn't fully enjoy it since I hadn't found the Database. While playing my copy of HeartGold, I watched a video saying how to catch Meowth. I wasn't sure if it was true, since I could not find one. So the first DB page I ever was on was the Meowth Pokedex page. After that, I literally viewed every single Pokedex page. When I wasn't sure on other things, I went to Pokebase. A week or so after, I decided to make an account, in commemoration of my first ever anime episode, I named myself FrostyFrosslass. Then I met my many friends and soon got more involved, and now having seen the other games, I wanted them all. Around that time, I played and played 4th generation, but soon got bored of Pokemon and decided to move on to bigger and better things, and so I did, somewhat.

Chapter IV

**The Database and Me.

I still was on the Database, but during that time I was bored waiting for Black and White 2 to come out. Occasionally I would see what was happening on the DB, but mainly I was playing the TCG. Now now this is DB history not TCG, but after that Black and White 2 came out. Instantly, I was in love. The new repel feature made me really happy, along with other things. Around the Black and White 2 era, I learned about competitive battling and I noticed I wanted all the cool legends and such. Then I found Pokedit, and enjoyed Black and White 1 and 2 for a long time, slowly making my way to competitive battling. As I learned more about it, X and Y was leaking and I soon knew quite a bit about them. Hair. And Clothes. Equal. Love. WHOO! X and Y now has customization! Lol I had to put that in. So X and Y inched ever closer, and I lost interest until that time. I would check the DB for updates and such, but mainly spent my time playing Minecraft.

Chapter 4

Competitive battling

Now X and Y were out and I needed the DB more than ever. I made more friends, obtained the title of a Meowing Mewtwo, and life was good. Then there is Pokebank. Through Pokebank, I obtained the feature to battle competitively, and I did breed a few things, and then I disappeared

Chapter V


Now I am known as the Twilight Prince and am quite active on the DB. I am enjoying chatting with my friends, and can not wait for OR and AS. But until then my friends, that is all for my Gaming/Pokemon/Database history, thank you all for reading, and I ask that you forgive me for the boring first chapters. Happy Databasing!

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Well I find it funny that despite this being your Pokemon Databse story, you told about your entire gamin and Pokemon life up UNTIL the DB. It's a slight bit ironic, eh?
Well I wasn't bored reading it.
"I would check the DB for updates and such, but mainly spent my time playing Minecraft."
I thought the database is Minecraft-Free.
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Okay, so I have been playing Pokemon since gen 2. My first game was Pokemon Crystal, which I never truly caught the full grasp of but still loved. I have owned and played to completion at least one game in every single generation since, and have recently went back in time to Pokemon Yellow and defeated the Elite Four and Blue from then, too.

I never really came across Pokebase until one of my friends, who also served as one of my mentors for Pokemon in general, introduced me to it. I was drawn in immediately. The site was so helpful, even for non-members like my past self.

Then I realized that there was a question that was not posted that had me stumped. Since my friend always resorted to Pokebase when he had a Pokemon-related question, he couldn't help me out.

That was when I got the idea to ask you, the Pokebase, the question personally. I signed up, asked it, and was almost immediately answered. I found the site to be even more reliable than when I wasn't a member.

The community of aspiring and/or current Pokemon Masters is a lot broader than I had thought when I had no idea this site existed. The more help I got from others, the better I became. And it's thanks to Pokebase that I'm on my way to becoming the very best, like no one ever was.

I thought there is only 1 Pokemaster
That's not what he meant >.>
Oh ok.
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Im a lazy typer but...
i joined this site back in hgss era. original name was drakorage. as a young 10/11 year old i was astounded by pokemon. met a few also noobs to the site and remember one who would call me malfoy (harry potter) to this day still haven't watched harry potter. months went by as an active user in an active community and soon was the announcement of pokemon black and white. it was crazy with all the pokemon we were leaked everyone was crazy. i still remember trachy and dt and speedfreak in the chats and others that there names slip me. i was never a boring kid so i decided to bother pokemaster into changing my name into krokorocker for the only reason of a unique name that was poke themed. i spent almost an entire evening searching photobucket for the right krokorok pic. more months went on and i changed my name to my new favourite pokemon flygon. the shiny flygon by the way. and thus began the chapter of my life where i proved my worth to the site by commenting answering and questioning like a mad man until i had plenty of points. unfortunately that was around the time i and many others began to drift away. most people here will leave eventually and end up like me coming back to check out what has happend recently.

honestly im so happy for the site. i came to it while it wasnt at its peak and was there for its biggest moments -getting a meta section - battle subway formed. i remember talking to all of these people and having great days playing pokemon. though i never got into the competitive game, ive always bought the next game. its the best way to hold on to my memories of the site/ my childhood.


i am fifteen now. a highschool student, a straight B+ to be exact. i had a thought to come back to the site for a bit after wanting to draw and stumbled upon this post. as of now im happy, very happy to be exact, not playing pokemon though, ive been busy with so many other games but its pokemon that is the nostalgia that we all need once and awhile. im still having a great time drawing and hopefully can afford a pc next year to begin my dream to animate. i still have hundreds of pencil sketches and drawings that i drew thanks to this site.

although these posts have been made in december of last year i still feel the happiness i remember for years ago, I'm glad that everyone here is still posting and those who havent still take the time to come back to see how things are. if i have a few lasts words they would be

thank you ,no more than that. what i mean to say is there is no amount of thanks i can give to all the mods and people who are the foundation to this site. to all those who were here *first or made their account before me. i salute you, i dont know how you've been but i hope its somewhere great.

to those who are beginning now i hope you're having a great time. i would feel terrible if this site had no activity. even though i wish i could jump back to the past and become apart of this community all over again. i know most of us wish. thank you to all the people who loved pokemon and wanted the feeling of happiness to always stay with the games. unfortunately for me i've found other passions but i will never forget the site. sorry if this is a little too *over the top, but i like to be expressive. to those who are angry at my writing im sorry i have english homework to do and im trying to say a few quick words.

finally i have said thank you so many times but honestly thank you to all the users here. i never made it to my goal of top 10 on the leaderboards but thats okay. i honestly feel sad just because its been so long since ive been on this site. but maybe its better that i left on an amazing note and i will always remember this site as an amazing part of my life i will never forget. goodbye and i hope you can keep your passion for the games and this site. it will always be the best site out there.

farewell friends (actually) cross that. farewell family. maybe ill see you around the internet :D
~Sh!ny :3

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For me, the main thing that pokemon db has helped me with was expanding the pool of pokemon I use. Before, every single one of my team would always have Garchomp or Milotic and that was because I was once obsessed with defeating the battle frontier in gen four at one point

But my real poke journey began in april 2014. My cousin gave me the emulator for a gba along with emerald. I really couldn't play it much because in one week, I was gonna leave my province and I can't bring my grandma's tablet with me. Luckily for me, there was a level seventy Rayquaza that I can catch before the eighth gym. With Rayquaza's help, I was able to defeat the elite four with nothing but a level fifty seven Sceptile to help it. It did take me a couple tries because of freaking Milotic. That thing wouldn't go down to a single outrage until I gathered a bunch of levels that finally allowed Rayquaza to power right through it. It was perfect timing as the next day, I was already leaving the province

It took me a couple weeks to find an emulator for the ds and when I did, I started playing diamond. Halfway through the game however, I realized that diamond was only gonna be a half game so I downloaded platinum. I decided to just repeat my strategy in emerald with just an overleveled starter and the boxart legendary, which was Giratina. This worked, until I ran into Cynthia. That Garchomp ripped apart my entire team and I was trying my hardest not to smash my phone into the wall. Like, how in the world could a dragonshark stand up to a deity? What's the logic in that? I didn't even realized that said deity was taking orders from a being not even half its age. After a few tries, I managed to get lucky and defeat the Garchomp thanks to a dragon rush miss but then Cynthia had Milotic and that serpent sent me crying back to my mom. So I took a break and had to actually analyze the game. Brute force was not gonna work against Cynthia although at that point, Garchomp and Milotic finally caught my interest. Eventually, I decided to just grind the levels of my other pokemon in my party and finally beat Cynthia, the one npc that made me rage that hard

After defeating Cynthia, I moved on and downloaded the gen five games. I couldn't even begin playing the gen five games. The battle animations for the pokemon moves just made me wanna puke. It was so messy when compared to gen four's battle animations. It was also at this point that I found that the emulator had a cheat database so I just activated the 'catch trainer pokemon' cheat and it was hilarious. The battles ended really quickly but that was what I wanted since honestly, I didn't want to see those horrible move animations unless I had to. It was literally the only thing that stopped me from enjoying the game's story but at least the story wasn't half bad. Gen five did teach me one very important thing though. If anything can be known, it is known by google. There is a god and its name is google. I learned this because I was too lazy to figure out the password on team plasma's boat

I then decided to revisit my platinum and found the battle frontier but I couldn't even defeat seven opponents. I had no idea what the moves were about and I couldn't even use Giratina in it so I went, meh. I quit pokemon for a few years after this since there wasn't an emulator for the 3ds and the fact that there was a type that was immune to dragon really grinded my gears. Plus, I'm mainly a pc gamer anyway so I really wasn't used to playing on a handheld device

In mid 2019, I got back to pokemon and this time, it was competitive pokemon and not in game. This was because youtube suddenly suggested me False Swipe Gaming's 'How good was Garchomp actually' video. When I watched it, I realized that Garchomp destroying my Giratina was no coincidence. It was literally one of the greatest pokemon ever released. Since that video also mentioned something about a Tyraniboah, whatever that is, I decided to learn more about the game. That was also the moment I realized why I sucked at the battle frontier. I gave dragon pulse to my Garchomp instead of dragon claw or outrage and I finally understood that stats actually matter. So I decided to experiment starting with the two pokemon that really pissed me off, Garchomp and Milotic. It turns out, both were basically the gods of the battle frontier, especially Milotic. i will admit, I did cheat them into the game with proper natures with perfect iv and infinite vitamins so I don't have to ev train because honestly, there was no way I would spend one whole day looking at my phone breeding these pokemon. That's not even counting how annoying it is to get Milotic. Even though I did cheat, I still used legal movesets for the pokemon

It was at this point that I found out about the db. When searching for a good moveset, the db was always the first result. At first, I was confused by how the moveset threads worked but eventually, I realized that there was no highlighted answer because the one looking at the thread had to choose among the movesets suggested by the members. With the help from the moveset threads, I was able to fight my way through the battle frontier. Most of it was thanks to Milotic. It almost single handedly defeat the entire battle tower all on its own with just the simple toxic stalling or just hydro pumping the ai's pokemon to death. This was basically as close as I could get to competitive battling and I didn't want to go online with a pirated version of the game as that might get my ip address banned

By early 2020, I finally managed to get myself a 3ds. Part of it was because of my cousin yapping to me about the gen seven games. Omega Ruby was my first game and it was pretty meh when compared to how much I raged at platinum but at least there wasn't a level seventy Rayquaza to destroy the eighth gym. I didn't really play the game too much since nobody in the pss ever accepts batles. By february, I finally got my claws on ultra moon and after a few days of raging, I finally beat it. My first course of action was to breed a Garchomp and Milotic, the two pokemon that defined my main battle style, which was balance teams. After that, I also decided to add in some pokemon that were cool looking or had half decent designs. My first time was composed of Garchomp, Greninja, Blaziken, Milotic, Ferrothorn and Metagross. I decided to pawn the guys who spam six shiny legendaries and unless I ran into the primals, it was hilarious. Milotic just stalls the crap out of every legendary I encounter and not even extreme killer Arceus could take it down without a crit. Eventually, I got tired of this team so I just decided to use Mega Garchomp with sticky web support and swords dance to one shot everything in its path. After a few weeks of owning the legendary spamming trainers, I felt bad because most of the ones I battled lately were not using legendaries so I decided to do some team building

As usual, like ninety percent of the time, my team would have Milotic and Garchomp since they were both my favorites and the ones that got me into pokemon. Garchomp being that one that got me hooked after it destroyed me in platinum and Milotic after it was such a big help in the battle frontier. At this point, I found a group that did some battles with custom rules, no legendary pokemon. It was for the most part, boring as I quickly made it known that I spam these two a lot and they would bring the likes of Golurk or Shuckle against me. Around april 2020, one guy figured out that these two were the cores of my main balance teams and destroyed them with Kartana. This was when the db really became a big help to me as they gave me suggestions on how to kill that annoying piece of paper. I was already aware of the rmt so I decided to ask some advice for some of the dumbest teams I've ever made and they were really helpful. It gave me the chance to expand the pool of pokemon I was using. Before, it usually just consisted with either of my two favorites at the center, then some random pokemon that synergize well. However, after asking how Tangrowth worked, I decided to use it a lot and it became the perfect partner for Milotic. I'm really grateful to the db as I finally realized that relying on one pokemon was a really bad idea

With that advice, and me discovering that there is a giveaway on the gts, I basically reigned undefeated in that group until recently. The guys in that group would actually allow me to set up three hone claws and a substitute on Mega Garchomp and it wasn't until recently that they improved to the point where I had to pay attention to the battle. I might be bragging a little, but that was how my battles went

To the present day, I decided to expand my battling style. Battling in those no legendary rules was getting me nowhere. The guys were just so predictable so I decided to find some gen seven discord channels and it was a good thing. Since they play it in smogon ou rules, I finally got the chance to battle on how most competitive players do and I sucked. I was defeated about six times in a row before I won my first match and that match was only a couple weeks ago. It was then that I realized that I didn't suck that bad at the game and the only reason I lose so much is that when I play pokemon, I quickly engage auto pilot mode. My first ou win was the first game that I actually took the time to analyze the situation and my opponent's battle style. Basically the first time I didn't engage auto pilot

To sum it up, the main thing the db has helped me with has always been my choice of pokemon. If I never asked here, I would never even consider using something like Tangrowth, Toxapex or the ultra beasts. I'm usually active on the db and I would answer some questions if I know I could help. The second thing the db really helps me out is the rmt. I could come up with decent teams on my own but having an outside opinion really helps and my team building really has improved tenfold after the db helped me expand the pokemon I use

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When I was 3, my bro wouldnt let me play Emerald. But i did and got past the weather institute for him. So my mom got me a gameboy as well. We shared emerald and i beat it before him. Then Diamond and Pearl came out. My bro action replayed through the game. I was stuck on Cynthia. One fine day Pearl crashed. I told him. Then came the 6 months of emulating. Then my dad got me a 3DS and White 2. I finished it in a day. Then x and y came out. I was still a nub until January. Then i got into competetive play. YAY!


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Well I dropped in and saw this so I figured what the heck, why not?

As a kid, I had an older brother who played pokemon and eventually got me a copy of Pokemon Sapphire, which was legit. I had some issues, but developed a play style as a kid. I really liked water pokemon. Which seemed kinda trivial, but I got a Kyogre and I started noticing things like Thunder hitting more when my Kyogre's rain was on the field.

Basing off of these great memories, I came to this site and had no idea what I was doing. Made some pretty well lasting friends I still manage to keep up with on some level, and rose to expert and eventually editor. Gained the title "TKOR" because of my excellent use of rain teams.
Like there was a point where that was all I could really do it get pretty hard to do anything else lol. To this day I'll go on showdown and use a 5th gen ideal rain team and play some. Decent record for no mega-evos or 6th gen pokemon. Oh whale.

The site helped me through some lower points in life having a bunch of people to talk to. I mean like any other site there were trolls and there were other cool users, but it was great having interaction with other people with a common interest in a pretty cool environment.

Josh... :O
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Professor X sucks Sempiternus is lame

I had only started playing Pokemon like, a month before I created this account, the first game I played was Silver on an emulator (which I solo'd with Typhlosion because why not), because I had just started watching a play-through of it (SlyFoxHound's let's play, for anyone who wants to know).

While playing Silver I wanted to look up info type coverage stuff and that's how found this site and fell in love with the database part, because everything is so tidy and there is no unnecessary information in the Pokedex pages.

I then bought Pokemon Emerald to play on my GameCube+Gameboy and a copy of White to play on my 3DS.
After finishing White i wanted to get some trades going, so i googled "Pokemon chat room" and the first thing that came up was our Chat Room.
i used the chat room for about 5-6 months until i started answering/asking questions on Pokebase.


Etymology of Terlor:

The name Terlor was originally Teh Lord until a friend of mine pronounced it weirdly (Terlor) and we started making fun of him so it kinds stuck :P

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Got into Pokemon after I had an amazing tennis match when I was like 8 lol. Anyways, I got to get a videogame. The sparkly Emerald game package caught my eye, I bought it, and clocked that 999:59 way faster than I ever expected. (This got me into Nintendo all around too, though Pokemon 4ever!) Anyways, I kept playing and bought every Pokemon game.

I forget why I joined the DB in the first place, but it was awesome back then. Still is, of course, but been through a whole lot of changes in just 3 years. I was here for a couple years, made 1 pretty big contribution (Name Rater thread, which is closed now but is currently the 2nd most voted question in the meta, lol) then I got grounded bad (no internet T.T) and lost interest in the site. Just got my punishment broken, and I'm back. I just found out I still suck at competitive. So many things have changed from when I was here, though, that it may as well be a new site and community.

In real life, I started as an anti-social geek/nerd/athlete (the last one was so odd, I was/am better at every sport than most of the top athletes). I'm now starting sophomore year at high school (no way I'm telling where), and have a couple friends. Still single, 4ever alone, all that crap. Pokemon really brought me together with one of my best friends (known him all my life. literally. we were born in the same friggin hospital around the same time). I still remember the Facebook incident early on, lol. Met some great people on here, but never really had a chance to get to know them.

I was here.

I left.

Now I'm back, mwahahahahahaha... (evil laughter)

Dream on, peeps, and never stop loving Pokemon! :D

I'm a-derpin.

My main point of focus on this site for now is going to be nitpicking the pages and bug-checking as an outlet for my OCD.

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Wow... where do i start, First off, i would like to say this story goes back to 2005, when i was 3, which was when Pokemon first met my life, I was on a trip with my mom, and my dad was in the hospital with pancreatitis, it was my distraction, i first played Fire Red then, and i met my all time favorite Pokemon, Charizard. I was able to keep my mind off of my dad, through Charizard and Nidoking. I was addicted. I have played pokemon ever since. Later I started to play gen 4, and i started competitive, at 5 years old, what a precocious little genius i was. I was known as the Master of Fire among my group. I started speedrunning, using action replays, and all that stuff at 6. I played until the end of Gen 4. Then 4 years after HGSS, i met my current best friend. He got me on DB, and i was hooked again. I have done all the things i used to when i was young. DB has taken me in and accepted me for who i am, through a hard time in my life. I am 13 years old and an overweight nerd, and online no one cares. IRL, i am the most hated person i know, i barely am able to stick with the nerd group. But DB has saved me from the hate of the world, and potentially from hurting others and myself, DB is a place where people accept anyone who comes. I know my account is 6 months old, but i have been here for 2 years now. On the internet, the pokemon community, and especially DB, everyone is accepting of everyone else, so i thank my friends, DB, Pokemaster, in particular for creating and maintaining such an excellent site, I hope this site stays around forever. I have over 100000 hours logged between all of my pokemon games, and that is not counting old save files, I would not be me if not for pokemon.

TL;DR: I love pokemon, and DB in particular, and it has saved my life from my own self anger.

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A touching story, mate. Tugs on the heartstrings.
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My pokemon adventure started when i was in year four (not grades im british lol) or year five idk. Pokemon go juet came out AND THERE WAS HYPE EVERYWHERE! people put doen there matchattack cards and bought pokemon cards. I asked for some weak cards (even if i didnt say weak ones i would probs get weak ones anyway lol) and my first cards: nidoran male, colourless energy and esperr. My colection kept growing as some of my class gave me their weak ones and my friends (bradley and dawid which ISNT a typo he is polish lol) got some slightly better cards than me. I was jealous. Then i lost my 4 cards in the PE changing room (come to think of it, why did i put them their anyway?) And left them there and never found them and hated pokemon for another 2 or 3 months. The hype soon died down as pokemon cards were banned but the hype didnt die. There was a black market for pokemon cards and i was part of it (this was before i got my cards stolen). About 3 months later i was introduced to the xy and z anime. I recorded them and when i got my first tablet i installed that pokemon app where you watch pokemon. I became big friends with bradley in spring of year five and we did fake pokemon battles (as in fake because pokemon arent real duh) on the playground at playtime and lunchtime. We had no clue that bulbapeadia or pokemon db existed so we learnt pokemon and their moves from the anime.
About that same time i was introduced to roblox by my friends and found a game called project pokemon. I played and got my first ever pokemon froakie. Then i forgot so save and had to choose froakie again lol. Then i found pokemon brick bronze and bulbapeadia and used and played them (i was bad at breeding and tried to breed a kabuto with a sewaddle lol. I played and studied pokemon much much more and became an expert at pokemon. As i moved to year six pokemon WAS NO MORE!!!!!!!! at my school. Me, bradley and byron (one of my new friends) still liked it and got bullied by logan (one of the popular kids aka vincent and any of his friends) and they were ALWAYS defended because they're popular. But that didnt stop my love for pokemon. I bought my first ever pack of pokemon cards and i got: mewtwo, kakuna, weedle, brocks grit, venusaur sprit link, rattata, rattata, potion and hyper potion. I have at the time of writing over 350 pokdmon cards. Oh yeah byron (who wasnt my friend at the time) stole all meh cards but i got em back). Nothing realy happened for a long long time until i tound this website. I didnt sign up until febuary 16, 2018 because i then got my own e-mail and started asked and answering. Im pretty sure im the most active person on the site now lol. My account has grown a lot since signing up and will carry on to grow. And thats the end of my pokemon story, but whats to come is unknown until we experience it. Thanks for reading, sorry for making it too long and sorry for necroposting.

Nah, im just a meer collecter but thanks anyway
@EvilTwinNeedle™️ Hmmm...... Maybe 50% sure? I spend minimum 5 hours in chat a day. I read all the answers.
PS I have no life too (outside of school).
Im 100% sure without no doubt that I am the most active user That is under 12 years old.
Don't think you're the most active person. When I signed up, everyday I spent 4-5 hours here. But the chat room was always dead.
Me and Helix used to compete for answering questions at times. I gave up because keeping up was too much for me.
And I am glad I did. I don't waste time anymore (or, only when I sneak some comments, answers, etc. in school).
Not that I dislike this site, but I probably shouldn't put all of my time into it :P
Lets stop arguing now
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I watched the Pokémon anime as a kid, but it was only the Sinnoh region I watched at the time. Being the completionist that I was (and still am today), I went online and watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE from EVERY SINGLE SERIES of said anime to up until the beginning of X-and-Y (and, by then, I watched them as they aired). Afterwards, I had a question about the Arceus plates (because I deleted them from my inventory in my Pokémon X game), hence my start on this site. I've enjoyed Pokémon for a long time, but I didn't play the games up until recently 2 years ago. I enjoy Pokémon so much that I thought to myself "Hey, why not fuse some of them?". Hence my start to my previous username, "J. Fuseon (Amalgeon)", as well as the continuation from my current username.

And that's all I have to say about that. :P

Yay gen 4