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Can you channel your little fight and win? With only 2 OU Pokemon allowed, you'll have to go in the likes of UU, RU and even NU. Since these Pokemon are so small, you might have to use NFE Pokemon. No matter the case, best of luck :D


  • Each Pokemon must be either under 2'4" (.7 m) tall or weigh less than 50 pounds (22.6 kg). (Scraf must be a filthy American for not using the obviously superior meters and kilograms) Height and weight will be determined based on Pokedex entries.
  • NO Ubers Pokemon allowed
  • Only two OU Pokemon allowed
  • Showdown! OU format

For reference, the top 12 most viable Pokemon (according to this list) that fit the requirements are Toxapex, Amoonguss, heat Rotom, Ditto, Reuniclus, Hatterene, Hawlucha, Torkoal, Jirachi, Galarian Weezing, Mew, and wash Rotom. (I might have missed a few)

Signups (now closed)

Please read the tournament guidelines before signing up. Signups should be an answer that includes your Showdown! username, time zone, and available times. It should look something like this:

6.00 pm till late on weekdays, waking hours on weekends

Signup deadline is October 2.

Want to suggest your own idea for a tournament or vote on other ideas? You can do that in this thread.

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I would not call it wrecked.  I should try Hawlucha.
Both of your teams probably could have been 6-0'd by a haze Toxapex and maybe 1 or 2 teammates. Y'all need to learn how to properly check a Toxapex. Also why are you using a Klefki instead of a better Pokemon like Celebi (not that it would have helped in that battle)?
You are definitely right about needing a counter to Haze Toxapex and probably just Toxapex in general if Rotom-H faints.  Maybe Reuniclus?   I choose Klefki because I thought that Prankster Thunder Wave and Spikes could provide valuable assistance.  The main reason I choose Klefki was because I would have 3 Pokémon weak to Ghost.  Maybe I am wrong though.
That’s so depressing I was gonna use exadrill and alolan raichu in electric terrain.

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Second Round

KRLW890 vs Jofly
Jhnfui vs KitKåtKK2
Codeine Kiss vs KirbyKing
snom vs (Staka~ vs ProfDelldell)

The deadline is before 10/20.

edited ago by hah this godspeed is a fricking loser
About half of you still haven't battled, so I'm extending the deadline from before 10/17 to before 10/20.
We kind of forgotten that the server is broken so we had to record it down, but it was terribly played by me and Snom won,
Ok.  Thank you.
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First round

(PorygonZangoose vs Staka~) vs ProfDelldell
(melcakes vs ~MegaCharizardY~) vs KirbyKing
Gekky vs Jofly
DarkVoid_Z vs Codeine Kiss
Jhnfui vs Mega-Blade X
t0mbst0n3JACK vs snom
KRLW890 vs Rayquaza2753
KitKåtKK2 vs NebbyY

Battles are due before October 10, and extensions will happen only if both players are actively trying to schedule a battle. Please remember to send all replays to me (preferably by commenting on this answer, unless you really want to keep them private).

Edit: Make sure replays are working before battling on the Pokemon DB server. Use a different server if ours is still broken.

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You are very wrong to assume that he is the only one who is against this. The problem is that it shouldn't be an option at all. You argue that it is fair since everyone has the option to hide their replays, but I must ask, what would be the point of a tournament where every single replay was hidden? It is a given that nobody would want to share their teams so that they can use the same sets each round, yet thankfully most people are choosing not to hide their replays. It's almost as if part of the point of a tournament is to have your battles available to watch by other people.
The point of a tournament is battling your opponents? There are some Smogon tournaments where everyone hides replays until the last 2 or 3 rounds, and I've never seen anyone complain about that.
Either way, this comment thread is probably not the best place for an argument. You should probably post a separate thread for this after the tournament is over.
Also KRLW890 advances because of a coinflip.
i agree, sharing replays should be standard.
"The stuff in this post is not finalized. Please tell me if you think anything should be changed."
from what you said on the guidelines thread
Whatever let's keep it for this tourney, then I guess let players vote about it for the next one. I'll post the replay to all my battles though.
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weekdays after 6, typically all day weekends

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VoltBolt55 / ifimdeadtoyou... (I may use either, but probably VoltBolt55)

UTC-6 (...according to Google) or Mountain Daylight Time if it helps.

Hm, I don't really know. School's in session so probably after 1:15 on weekdays. Send me a wall post and I'll most likely reply in around 15 minutes if I'm available.

Glhf everyone :)

Oh and #FilthyAmericanGang

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filthy americans are the best americans :)))))
Yee :)
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Trippy Soup

I’m available from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM weekdays and varying times on the weekends. :P

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Showdown! Username: Please see “answered by” at the bottom of this answer. Pretend that the special character in my name is a regular a.
Timezone: MDT
Available times: since school is back in session I will be available 4:00 pm until 7:30 pm on weekdays, and 11:00 am till 8:00 pm on weekends. My time.

UUBL shouldn’t count, nor should light metal be included. Just my two cents. (Mostly cause I’m using a uubl mon and an ou mon and want another ou mon
Are you able to battle today?  If not, which is totally fine, what day works for you?
Hey, battles are due today, are you able to battle before 5 today.  If you can't, we'll have to request an extension.
Hey, battles are due today due to the extension.  I am able to battle from now to about 5.  Thanks.
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Sure, I'll join. How I'll feel against whoever I play.

Showdown! Username: Jhnfui
(Is this still On Smogon's Showdown! Server?)
GMT -4 (EST)
6-8 PM on weekdays, except for Thursday. Same time On weekends, but I can do 9-12 AM.
Comment on my answer when you want to battle. I will respond as soon as I can.

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time to win

varies, give me a time and I'll see if I can make it work

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SD username: KRLW890
Time zone: American central
Available mostly in the early afternoons (1-4 PM my time), or all day on weekends. Could also make other times, but my schedule fluctuates often.

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give me a time and i'll see if it works out :)

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Hey snom! So today @7pm I can battle. Let me know if that works for you.
What time should we meet up?
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I'll play, why not?

XScipio / Cosmicog
Almost never on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, generally only at 2 or so. I'm more available the rest of the week, so shoot me a wall post whenever on those days.

Good luck to all!

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Showdown! alt: garbagator
Timezone: CDT
Times I am available: I will be available after 5pm until 7:30pm and then from 9pm to 12am on every day except Wednesdays (where I am only available from 9pm to midnight), Sundays (when I will be n/a all day) and Saturdays (when I am available any time).

This is another fun tournament idea. Hopefully I do better this time. :p

EDIT: never mind, melcakes signed up, I’m doomed XD

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you're not online. Can you tell me when you're absolutely sure you we can battle (on monday or any other day)?
Give me a time and I'll let you know if I'll be there or not. If i'm there, I'll be on the db showdown server
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Guess I'll join

Showdown name: Zangoose373
Time zone: EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
Available times: Since school started, I'll be available sometime around 3:30 p.m to 10:00 p.m on Weekdays. 8:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m, 11:00 p.m to 12:30 a.m on Weekends.

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Meet me on the CAP Project Room on Showdown!. What time/day do you want to do? If you come on randomly and see me in the CAP room and dm me, it is likely I’ll be responsive and able to fight at that time. :P
When can we meet up?
Not until after Zangoose and I fight... I suppose you could plan to go on as we fight and fight the winner, but I haven’t gotten any response from Zangoose yet. :P
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showdown name: GodspeedKK
timezone: aest +10
availability: any time but after 12th i ave school so itll be limited

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Get ready for an easy win.

Showdown! Username: Mageod
Timezone: EDT
Availability: I join later in the day around 4-ish

I'll be on the showdown server at 4 tomorrow @ Codeine Kiss. No worries if you aren't available, just figured I'd offer if you wanted to get it out of the way. If you have another time in mind then I can make it work.
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Showdown name: DellTheTrainer
GMT +8
Availability: Weekdays at 21.00-21.30, Weekends 8.30-9.30, 21.00-21.30, 15.00-16.00

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Kay we can fight now. When are you available?
Im only free really late at night on weekdays, but I'll see if I can do it this Friday (UK timing would be Thursday).
I have school Thursday. Want to do Saturday/Sunday(your time)? Saturday I can stay up late and meet you at 11 am (or 9 pm)(your time) if you could, and I could meet you at 10 am Sunday. :P

Also, keep in mind our time zones are reversed, so asking me to meet a noon your time means midnight my time. :P
Okay, anyway I could not make it on Friday either. We could meet up at Saturday (like last week).
I'm giving you 2 an extension. Please finish your battle before 10/13.
in how many hours will you be ready?
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evenings and during the day

I can battle at around 8:00 pm your time any day this week. What day works for you?
how about friday?
Friday sounds good.
Just a reminder for our battle tomorrow (or I guess later today for you).
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Showdown: Rayquazachu

GMT timezone: GMT 1

Weekends would be best. 4:30 is fine.

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Codeine Kiss
Give me a time and I will make it happen

really sorry almost forgot about this, my schedule is pretty open 4 seems good for tomorrow?
Yeah, I'll be on the DB server at 4 and we can move over to the main server from there since I believe we still can't save replays on our server
So what happened?
Ugghhhhh my memory has reached new lows, you set the time I'll set an alarm.
No worries, I'll just keep showing up at 4 if that works for you
Yup thanks.
Oof I don't think I'll be on enough this week I'll have to forfeit.
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A Geeky Jawa
(on my timezone) 7-9 PM on weekends / 10 AM - 9 PM on weekends