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Hello and welcome once again to the most recent installment in the ongoing series that is the DB's quarterly competitive tournaments! Today I bring you Toucanadian's Sky Battle Tournament, and while the days of Gen 6 are long behind us now, we can still run with it in the present day!


  • This tournament will be conducted in OU format, and all bans of that tier apply
  • Only Flying Pokemon or Pokemon with Levitate whose models do not touch the ground will be eligible to participate (in other words, factoring in OU restrictions, any Pokemon on this list)
  • Some moves cannot be used in Sky Battles, and as such, they are also banned. The full list of these moves can be found here.
  • Stealth Rock is banned for this tournament.

Other Basic Rules:
- Battles will be conducted on the Pokemon DB Showdown server
- Standard Smogon battle clauses apply
- Spectators may not influence a player's decisions, nor can players accept outside help during a battle
- You are not required to have the same team throughout the tournament; you may swap out team members between matches if you so choose
- Save your replays

Please post all battle replays to the thread here. If a battle between two players is not conducted before the set deadline, then I will decide whether an extension will be granted or if a player will be disqualified for inactivity.

I will be watching each replay to ensure these rules are followed, and should they be broken, the results will not be accepted and the battle must be redone. Further rule violations will result in disqualification.


Please read sumwun's guidelines for tournament participation before signing up.

For those interested in signing up, please post an answer below. Your answer should include your Pokemon Showdown username, your time zone, and what hours and days you will be available to battle normally.

Additionally, the original post left room open for bans on certain Pokemon or moves-- namely Cresselia, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Latios, Latias, Celesteela, and Stealth Rock. Obviously, however, the metagame has shifted a lot since the original post was made in 2017, so I'll instead just extend this to say if there's any Pokemon or move that you guys think would be too polarizing in this tour and think should be banned, include it along with your signup. I follow competitive casually, but not enough to have the intuition about how powerful certain Pokemon could be under restrictions like these, so I feel more comfortable leaving it in your guys' hands-- if any one Pokemon or move gets a majority support for a ban, then it shall be done.

As for an example of how to sign up:

Showdown Username: Finchwidget
Time Zone: GMT -4 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Generally available all day on weekends, or on weekdays after 9:00 PM
Further Bans: Landorus-T, Stealth Rock

Sign-ups will close on Sunday, April 10th at 12:00 AM EST, and first round match-ups will be posted within 24 hours of closing.

Use a time zone converter to help you decide battle times.

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I've run a tournament in NatDex OU in the past, and it proved to be somewhat polarizing among the participants, as well as difficult to set up in the server if I remember right. If there happens to be a lot of push to make this NatDex too, then I don't mind making it so, but I haven't seen anything like that this time, so I'd rather keep it to standard OU
We can ban hp moves in that case
@ ignis there will be m-pidgeot, m-aerodactyl, honchcrow, latios and latias (their megas too)
Elektross and many more viable and unviable Pokémon. You can't say only 2 editions and this is a sky battle tour so many Pokémon become viable.
@felix if it's possible please can we do it? If it's not possible you can say so I wouldn't mind :)
I vote for Gen 8 OU.
;-; anyone support vote
Or nvm my idea is prolly bad.
But megas are really fun ;-;
of all those Pokemon you mentioned, only Mega Latias is viable.

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Sign-ups are now closed. Matchups are as follows:

★~ProfDelldell~★ vs. ~Bandit~ (forfeit win)
J™ vs. 湿ったマフィン
KRLW890 vs. Da Viper
Hoenndragon vs. Qyutie
melcakes vs. ANoobWithoutAName
Omega-Blade X vs. PrimordiaISea
ManectricMadness vs. PsyKlone
Kyogre71 vs. DrowsyDrakloak
Stephwheel8 vs. Ignis Aqua Herba

Sixer gets a bye for this round

The deadline for completing your first round matchups will be Monday, April 19th at 12:00 AM EST. Please post your battle replays to the thread before this time.
Additionally, the bans have been counted, and the results are as follows:
Stealth Rock: 10
Thundurus-T: 8
Landorus-T: 7
Celesteela: 6
Thundurus-I: 5
Tornadus-T: 4
Tornadus-I: 4
Cresselia: 3
Multiscale Dragonite: 3
Zapdos: 2
Rain: 2
Corviknight: 1
Rotom: 1

With our 19 participants, only Stealth Rock achieved the majority percentage needed for a ban. As such, Stealth Rock will not be usable for this tournament, and will be counted among the banned moves. The main post will be updated to follow suit.

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I actually think I’m going to withdraw from the tournament, since I’ve got a lot going on and it’ll simply be hard to find a good time for me to battle among other things. I’m sorry, but good luck in the rest of the tournament.
  1 second ago by ~Bandit~

I’d like to apologize for this, I should’ve thought about this more before I signed up. If you would please remove me from this tournament that would be appreciated, I’m sorry about this. Hope you understand.
i feel like im going to have to sit through a lot more cresselia stall before this tour wraps up, lmfao
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PikaPaul900/PsyKlone Wars
Noon-midnight every day for the most part
No bans, I'd prefer stealth rock is allowed because it can punish spamming pivot moves and is countered by heavy duty boots and/or using types other than flying

Honestly there’s plenty of pokemon allowed that aren’t weak to rocks, even if sr is banned people that don’t use anti-rock mons will just get swept by aerodactyl instead
I can see rotom being busted in this
Will Friday around 3:30pm work for you?
Yeah that works
I’m on rn, ready when you are
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weekdays 6-11, usually all day weekends

imo nothing rly needs to be banned, especially not SR, literally everything has defog and hbd is right there, play around it.

even though i have already said no bans, please keep lando t legal, without stab quake, and if u DID go ahead and ban rocks (bad), it's only use would as electric aborber, which i think is important to have in this meta so zapdos/rotoms cant go around unchecked. if im correct only it, thundy t, claydol and flygon are the only mons immune to electric attacks and the only mons resisting it are hydreigon, the latis and vikavolt.
^^^ (filler)
I’m probably going to rebuild my team because of the lack of bans, but I might still be able to battle later today depending on whether or not I finish rebuilding it (and how tired I feel, 6pm your time is midnight for me).

If I’m unable to battle you today, we could do 6-6:30pm your time tomorrow, but there’s a strong chance that I’ll be too tired to battle at that time.
ill actually be in another state for work this week, which i can still play on my phone, but my availability might vary until saturday lol. just post on my wall whenever u think we can battle
Ah, ok.
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Oh hell yes.

Username: XScipio / Cosmicog
Time Zone: EST
Availability: Not on Mondays and Tuesdays, late afternoon and evening Wednesday - Friday, usually almost always on weekends.

I'd like to ban Celesteela, the Forces of Nature, Stealth Rock. It'll make teambuilding so much more diverse, you won't have to use Heavy-Duty Boots, and it can make some Pokemon potentially viable when otherwise they wouldn't be. I'd also like to finally partake in a competitive scene where hazards are nowhere to be found.

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I think every team should be forced to have Spikes.
Uh lol why?
Why would anyone waste a turn on spikes LoL
That's exactly the point.
big brain stuff

always bring spikes to a tournament with only flying and levitate pokemon
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Showdown Username: Groudon72
Timezone: EST
Availability: Anytime except Friday morning/afternoon, Sunday morning, Tuesdays 11-3 pm, and Wednesday 2:30-4 pm.

I honestly think Stealth Rock shouldn't be banned, because 1. Heavy-Duty Boots exist and 2. It's a Flying type tournament. Do you see how many likely-going-to-be-popular eligible Pokemon learn Defog? Corviknight, Hydreigon, Landorus-T, the Rotom forms, Pelipper, Mandibuzz, Zapdos, Moltres, Aerodactyl, etc. Chances are you're going to have a support Pokemon anyway and they'll be able to learn Defog.

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Im ready when you are
But i guess apparently i need to plan a time so can you do like 3 PM my time or maybe 7 PM My time? Ik theyre kinda weird time so feel free to suggest something else
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Showdown Username: Hoennseptile
Time Zone: GMT+ 5:30
Availability: 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm, all days same
Further Bans: Landorus-T, Stealth Rock, multiscale dragonite (if no one agrees don't mind this but I feel it'll be good idea.)

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Showdown Username: ANoobWIthoutAName
Time Zone: BST (UTC+1)
Avaliability: Every day of the week, 6pm until 11pm.
Further Bans: Stealth Rock and the Forces of Nature. Maybe also Cresselia.

NOTE: My schedule will have to change starting from April the 19th. (Will become 10am until 4pm on weekdays, 6pm until 11pm on weekends)

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Showdown username: Zangoose360
Time Zone: GMT-4
Available: Generally available 3:30-5:00 pm on weekday, varies on weekends
Further Bans: Cresselia, Stealth Rock, Forces of Nature, and Celesteela.

Honestly I haven’t started building my team yet and I’m a bit busy this week, I’ll be available starting Friday
Hey, can you message me on discord when you’re ready? You should be able to find me on the server
I'm on the DB server now. I'm ready now.
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Let's get my butt kicked because I can't use Toxapex or Blissey!

Showdown! Username: Jhnfui
GMT -4 (EST)
Availability (In my time): 7-11 am and 6-8 pm On weekends and 6-8 On Weekdays. May be subject to change though.On
Further bans: Celesteela and the Forces of Nature. Stealth Rock should be banned as well to add some variability.

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My first DB tournament I join...
Showdown username: Da Viper mini
Time Zone: GMT -4
Availability: Weekdays 9:30 AM - 12:50 PM
Bans: Stealth rock, Landorus-Therian, Thundurus-Therian, Multi Scale Dragonite, Celesteela, maybe Corviknight

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Showdown: ZenDaruma
Timezone: CDT
Availability: After 4 pm on most weekdays, 3:00-3:50 pm on Wednesdays, around 3:00-6:00 pm on weekends
Further bans: Cresselia, Celesteela, Thundurus-I, Thundurus-T, possibly Zapdos

Explanation: I believe Cresselia is just too bulky for this tournament. 120/120/130 defenses and reliable recovery in Moonlight lets Cresselia set up Calm Mind and then sweep with Stored Power with ease. Celesteela is also very bulky, and it has recovery that also chips. Celesteela almost mandates an Electric type like Zapdos or a Fire type such as Charizard (which is bad) because simply using a non-stab Fire or Electric move like Thunderbolt Latios and Flamethrower Salamence simply does not do enough, and Celesteela can easily Leech Seed the user and recover the damage off with Protect. I'm pretty sure Thundurus-I and Thundurus-T have both the highest Special Attack stat here and STAB Thunderbolt, as well as a great Speed tier, so they are very likely to spiral out of control. I do not think Stealth Rock should be banned, since it prevents mons like Zapdos from becoming unstoppable forces since they will then have the opportunity to slot on Choice Specs or Life Orb. Zapdos performs similarly to the Electric FoN, albeit with Defog, Roost, and Hurricane. I currently do not know anything about rain being broken, but Thunder and Hurricane spam is abusable by Zapdos.

Hf everyone :)

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Username: KRLW890
Time zone: American Central (GMT-6)
Availability: Most of the day on Thursdays-Weekends; Mondays-Wednesdays are much busier, but I might be able to fit in a battle after 6:00 on those days if planned in advance.
Further bans: Stealth Rock

Will you be ready to battle today? If not, Wednesday works really well for me. What time works best for you?
This Wednesday in particular is really busy for me. Evening Tuesday is a lot more open, or Thursday/Friday.
Okay, that works for me.
Tomorrow works best for me. If you need to do it today, that works to. If tomorrow, I'd say 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM my time. I can try to squeeze a battle in somepoint later, and I'm pretty much free on the weekends.
I can make that. I'm also available for the rest of today, so feel free to stop by Showdown anytime tonight.
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Alright why not. This’ll be my first tournament. Time to lose instantly!

Username: 8Stephwheel8
(Someone took Stephwheel8 somehow)
Time Zone: PDT (GMT -7, I think)
Availability: Not stable; around the afternoon (1-5 PM) if I’m not busy.

Ban Stealth Rock

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Hi y'all. I'm 'bout to get destroyed, but it'll be fun while it lasted XD.

Username: 12thmanforlife
Time Zome: East Coast baby (EST)
Availability: Honestly, any time works for me lol as long as it's before 5 PM and after 9 AM.

Stealth rocks would be annoying, however, I understand their presence. I still would like them banned, however, I think most people can work around them.

I just started building BAN STEALTH ROCK NOW PLEASE

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I'm 12thmanforlife can you challenge me? It isn't working for me D:
Are you on Smogon's server or the DB server?
Just do find user and then just say anything lol
ummm I'm joining the DB one one sec
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Showdown: Qyukkadub
Timezone: GMT-5
On weekdays, any time after 2 PM CDT. Evenings on weekends.

Yes, but 7:00 pm in my time would be 5:30 am in your time. I can go several hours later if that would be better for you
I'm messing up with time zones. Can you play 8:45 pm?
If you mean 8:45 pm in my time, then yes
actually my school has started so that time doesn't work. I'm extremely sorry about changing times so much but I can't play 8:45 pm from your time. Can u play 10:45 pm from your time?
That is fine
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Username:dogs my friend
Time zone: PST (GMT-8 i think)
Availability: umm weekends 10-10:30 AM. 7:30-9:00 PM on wednesday. Other weekday time may vary
Further bans: possibly rain (um I may or may not have already made a rain team for this tourney)
Possibly rotom and thundy t as well?

Have fun getting haxed by innaccurate flying type moves everyone!:)

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Rain I can understand but why ban Rotom?
its part electric with volt switch and thunder and bolt for stab, as well as resisting flying for most of appliances. Rotom wash also resists ice and water, ice being semi decent and weather ball from rain
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Awesome! Sounds like a fun tournament
Username: PrimalKyogre555
Time Zone EST
Availability: 10:00 AM-9:00 PM on all days, I’m here 99% of the time, and if I’m not it shouldn’t be for long
Definitely Stealth Rock. Landorus and Thundurus Therian, and Celesteela would be nice to ban, too.

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Showdown Username - VoltBolt55 / ifimdeadtoyou...

Time Zone - GMT-6 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Availability - uh I’m not sure depends on the schedule of some things. Anything past like 10 pm my time is good. 4 am - 5:30 am on weekdays works, and 2:55 - 3:10ish is good as a small time window goes. That’s all more based on weekdays though. On weekends I can probably stay til around 8 am, so something like 5:30 - 8 works. I’ll also be on at random times lol.

Further bans - I’m terrible at meta game stuff I’m here just to have fun so... anything that’ll ruin my fun :D

I suck at this

Good luck

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Showdown username: KitkatKK2
Timezone: MDT
Availability: available about 4:30-7:30 PM on weekdays, available 10:00 am-8:00 PM on weekends
Further bans: all damaging ground type moves and spikes. Seriously, though, I don’t know anything about the meta.

I don't see the purpose of banning Ground type moves and Spikes. Sure, they might be useless, but if they were, then nobody would use them.
I was joking.
oh (filler)
To be clear: don’t ban spikes or ground moves, please
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Showdown Username: DellTheTrainer
Time Zone: GMT +8
Availability: The whole weekend before 10. 30 pm and after 9.00 pm for weekdays
Further Bans: I don’t play OU much but maybe Zapdos? And Multiscale Dragonite? Definitely a Rain team, would make Zappy bird too OP using Thunder

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